Cbb60 Motor Run Capacitor for Water Pump

Cbb60 Motor Run Capacitor for Water Pump

Cbb60 Motor Operate Capacitor for Drinking water Pump  

1&colonWidely utilized to starting and working of AC single-section motors at 50Hz&sol60Hz frequency energy&period
two&colonSelf-healing property&period
three&colonHigh balance and trustworthiness&time period

reference CZPTs GB&solT 3667&period1 &lparIEC65712-1&rpar
Climatic classification forty&sol70&sol21&comma  40&sol85&sol21
Course of procedure Course B &lpar10000h&rpar Class C &lpar3000h&rpar
Class of protection defense P0&solP2
Voltage assortment 200~500VAC
Capacitance assortment 1~60 µF
Capacitance tolerance &pm5&percnt
Dissipation factor 20×10-4 &lpar100Hz&comma20ºC&rpar
Take a look at voltage terminal to terminal UTT 2 Un for 2 CZPTs
Examination voltage terminal to scenario UTC &lpar2Un&plus1000&rparVAC or 
2000VAC-50Hz for sixty CZPTs
Insulation Resistance &geq3000M&ohm&periodµF&lpar100Hz&comma20ºC&comma1min&rpar



specs regimen with screws or pins
450VAC 250VAC 450VAC 250VAC
1µF Φ26&ast52 Φ26&ast52 Φ30&ast52 Φ30&ast52
2µF Φ26&ast52 Φ26&ast52 Φ30&ast52 Φ30&ast52
two&period5µF Φ26&ast52 Φ26&ast52 Φ30&ast52 Φ30&ast52
3µF Φ26&ast52 Φ26&ast52 Φ30&ast52 Φ30&ast52
three&period5µF Φ26&ast52 Φ26&ast52 Φ30&ast59 Φ30&ast52
4µF Φ28&period5&ast55 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
4&period5µF Φ28&period5&ast55 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
5µF Φ28&period5&ast55 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
five&period5µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
6µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
6&period5µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
7µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
8µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
9µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
10µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast72 Φ30&ast52
12µF Φ37&ast73 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast72 Φ30&ast61
14µF Φ37&ast73 Φ34&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ30&ast61
15µF Φ37&ast73 Φ34&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ30&ast61
16µF Φ37&ast73 Φ34&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ30&ast61
18µF Φ37&ast73 Φ34&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ35&ast67
20µF Φ40&ast70 Φ34&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ35&ast67
25µF Φ42&ast80 Φ42&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ35&ast67
30µF Φ42&ast90 Φ40&ast72 Φ45&ast95 Φ40&ast72
35µF Φ45&ast90 Φ40&ast72 Φ45&ast95 Φ40&ast72
40µF Φ50&ast100 Φ42&ast90 Φ50&ast110 Φ40&ast97
45µF Φ50&ast100 Φ42&ast90 Φ50&ast110 Φ40&ast97
50µF Φ50&ast100 Φ42&ast90 Φ50&ast120 Φ40&ast97
60µF Φ50&ast115 Φ42&ast90 Φ50&ast120 Φ40&ast97

Note&colonOther requirements&commasize and terminal outside desk are negotiable&period 


motor capacitor&comma oil capacitor&comma IGBT capacitor&comma aluminum scenario capacitor &comma anti-explosion capacitor  &commaCBB65 motor operate capacitor&commaCBB61 capacitor&comma air conditioner capacitor &commafan capacitor&comma inverter welding capacitor&comma 
The capacitor requires hefty-edge metallized Al&solZn PP film as electrodes and dielectric&interval Its elements are sealed with flame-retardant epoxy resin&interval It has cylindrical define with high dampness resistance and steadiness&period 
Broadly used to beginning and working of AC single-section motors at 50Hz&lpar60Hz&rpar frequency for washers and large performance compressors of refrigerators and many others&period 
CZPT Requirements&colon
Normal&colonIEC 65712-1&colon2001
CZPT attributes&colon
Weather sort&colon40&sol70&sol21 or forty&sol85&sol21
Capacitance tolerance&colon&pm 5&percnt
Insulation Resistance&colon&geq3000S&lparM&ohm·µF&rpar
Dielectric dissipation factor&colontgδ≤0&period002 &lpar50Hz~100Hz&rpar

Software needs&colon
Residual voltage in application &colonless than 10&percnt of rated voltage&time period
Allowed highest voltage&colon considerably less than 1&period1 times of rated voltage
Permissible maximum current&colon less than one&period3 instances of rated current 

Dimensions & specifications &lparmm&rpar&colon

Rated voltage&lparVAC&rpar Nominal capacitance&lparμF&rpar Measurement&lparmm&rpar
four hundred&comma440&comma450&comma600 
12&plus6&comma 10&plus5&period5&comma thirteen&plus6&comma&mldr
30&comma32&comma35&comma40&comma forty one&comma43&comma45&comma46&comma 50 47&comma57&comma65&comma73&comma80&comma84&comma85&comma98&comma105&comma110

Notice&colon1&commaCZPTinal leads are wires or 250&num &lpar187&num&rpar one &lpardual&rpar tab&lpars&rpar&period 
         2&commaOther dimension serials can be specified in pursuance of customer’s ask for&period 


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Cbb60 Motor Run Capacitor for Water Pump