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Electric Motor for Water Pump Motor

Electric Motor for Water Pump Motor

YC sequence solitary-section capacitor start off asynchronous motors With the global
equivalent goods, simple structure, trustworthy procedure, straightforward routine maintenance, outstanding
complex and economic indicators With a high commencing torque, sturdy overload

qualities, the B course insulation, shell safety ranking of IP44, cooling method
for IG411, rated voltage of 220V, rated frequency is 50Hz Extensively utilized in air
compressors, pumps Washing devices, refrigerators, equipment and tools.

1.-CZPT Info

Variety Output Recent Energy Eff Velocity Tstart/Tn Ist/In CZPT/Tn
kW HP (A) factor (%) (r/min)
YC711-two .18 .25 one.nine .seven 63 2800 three six.five 1.8
YC712-2 .25 .34 2.4 .seventy two sixty five 2800 3 six.five one.8
YC80A-two .37 .five three.5 .74 66 2840 3 six.5 1.8
YC80B-2 .fifty five .75 5.04 .74 67 2850 three six.five one.8
YC80C-2 .75 1 six.68 .75 68 2850 3 six.5 1.8
YC90S-2 1.1 one.five eight.93 .8 70 2850 two.8 seven 1.8
YC90L-2 1.5 two eleven.four .eighty two seventy three 2870 two.8 seven 1.eight
YC100L-two two.2 three 16.five .82 74 2900 2.five seven 1.8
YC112M1-2 3 four 21.4 .84 76 2900 two.2 seven 1.eight
YC112M2-two 3.7 5 24.8 .86 79 2900 two.two 7 one.8
YC711-four .twelve .sixteen one.9 .fifty eight 48 1400 3 six 1.eight
YC712-four .18 .24 2.7 .6 50 1400 3 6 1.eight
YC80A-4 .25 .33 three.fifty two .62 fifty two 1400 three 6 one.8
YC80B-four .37 .5 four.69 .64 56 1400 three six one.8
YC80C-4 .fifty five .seventy five 6 .65 60 1400 3 six one.8
YC90S-four .75 one 7.five .seventy two 63 1400 two.8 6.five 1.8
YC90L-four one.one one.5 10.four .seventy two sixty seven 1420 two.eight 6.5 one.8
YC100L-four one.five two thirteen .seventy three seventy two 1440 two.8 six.5 one.eight
YC112M-4 two.two 3 18.5 .74 73 1450 two.5 six.5 1.eight
YC132SA-four 3 four 22.four .eight seventy six 1450 2.2 6.five one.eight
YC132SB-4 three.7 five 26 .eighty two 79 1450 2.two six.5 one.eight
YC132M1-4 5.5 seven.5 32.five .ninety five eighty one 1450 2.1 6.five 1.8
YC132M2-four 7.five 10 43.three .95 eighty three 1450 two.one six.5 one.eight

Why us? 

1.Lower MOQ: It can meet up with your promotional business really properly.
two.Great Services : We handle consumers as friends,supplying 24 hrs a times 7days a week provider help.

 3.Excellent CZPT :We have stringent quality manage program.Very good reputation in the market place.
4.CZPT & Cheap Shipping and delivery: We have huge price cut from forwarder


Q: Do you supply OEM provider?

A: Yes 

Q: What is your payment time period?

A: thirty% T/T in progress, 70% harmony when receiving B/L copy.  Or irrevocable L/C.

Q: What is your direct time?

A: About thirty times following receiving deposit or CZPT L/C.


Electric Motor for Water Pump Motor

Cbb60 Motor Run Capacitor for Water Pump

Cbb60 Motor Run Capacitor for Water Pump

Cbb60 Motor Operate Capacitor for Drinking water Pump  

1&colonWidely utilized to starting and working of AC single-section motors at 50Hz&sol60Hz frequency energy&period
two&colonSelf-healing property&period
three&colonHigh balance and trustworthiness&time period

reference CZPTs GB&solT 3667&period1 &lparIEC65712-1&rpar
Climatic classification forty&sol70&sol21&comma  40&sol85&sol21
Course of procedure Course B &lpar10000h&rpar Class C &lpar3000h&rpar
Class of protection defense P0&solP2
Voltage assortment 200~500VAC
Capacitance assortment 1~60 µF
Capacitance tolerance &pm5&percnt
Dissipation factor 20×10-4 &lpar100Hz&comma20ºC&rpar
Take a look at voltage terminal to terminal UTT 2 Un for 2 CZPTs
Examination voltage terminal to scenario UTC &lpar2Un&plus1000&rparVAC or 
2000VAC-50Hz for sixty CZPTs
Insulation Resistance &geq3000M&ohm&periodµF&lpar100Hz&comma20ºC&comma1min&rpar



specs regimen with screws or pins
450VAC 250VAC 450VAC 250VAC
1µF Φ26&ast52 Φ26&ast52 Φ30&ast52 Φ30&ast52
2µF Φ26&ast52 Φ26&ast52 Φ30&ast52 Φ30&ast52
two&period5µF Φ26&ast52 Φ26&ast52 Φ30&ast52 Φ30&ast52
3µF Φ26&ast52 Φ26&ast52 Φ30&ast52 Φ30&ast52
three&period5µF Φ26&ast52 Φ26&ast52 Φ30&ast59 Φ30&ast52
4µF Φ28&period5&ast55 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
4&period5µF Φ28&period5&ast55 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
5µF Φ28&period5&ast55 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
five&period5µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
6µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
6&period5µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
7µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
8µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
9µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast62 Φ30&ast52
10µF Φ34&ast62 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast72 Φ30&ast52
12µF Φ37&ast73 Φ26&ast52 Φ35&ast72 Φ30&ast61
14µF Φ37&ast73 Φ34&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ30&ast61
15µF Φ37&ast73 Φ34&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ30&ast61
16µF Φ37&ast73 Φ34&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ30&ast61
18µF Φ37&ast73 Φ34&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ35&ast67
20µF Φ40&ast70 Φ34&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ35&ast67
25µF Φ42&ast80 Φ42&ast62 Φ40&ast72 Φ35&ast67
30µF Φ42&ast90 Φ40&ast72 Φ45&ast95 Φ40&ast72
35µF Φ45&ast90 Φ40&ast72 Φ45&ast95 Φ40&ast72
40µF Φ50&ast100 Φ42&ast90 Φ50&ast110 Φ40&ast97
45µF Φ50&ast100 Φ42&ast90 Φ50&ast110 Φ40&ast97
50µF Φ50&ast100 Φ42&ast90 Φ50&ast120 Φ40&ast97
60µF Φ50&ast115 Φ42&ast90 Φ50&ast120 Φ40&ast97

Note&colonOther requirements&commasize and terminal outside desk are negotiable&period 


motor capacitor&comma oil capacitor&comma IGBT capacitor&comma aluminum scenario capacitor &comma anti-explosion capacitor  &commaCBB65 motor operate capacitor&commaCBB61 capacitor&comma air conditioner capacitor &commafan capacitor&comma inverter welding capacitor&comma 
The capacitor requires hefty-edge metallized Al&solZn PP film as electrodes and dielectric&interval Its elements are sealed with flame-retardant epoxy resin&interval It has cylindrical define with high dampness resistance and steadiness&period 
Broadly used to beginning and working of AC single-section motors at 50Hz&lpar60Hz&rpar frequency for washers and large performance compressors of refrigerators and many others&period 
CZPT Requirements&colon
Normal&colonIEC 65712-1&colon2001
CZPT attributes&colon
Weather sort&colon40&sol70&sol21 or forty&sol85&sol21
Capacitance tolerance&colon&pm 5&percnt
Insulation Resistance&colon&geq3000S&lparM&ohm·µF&rpar
Dielectric dissipation factor&colontgδ≤0&period002 &lpar50Hz~100Hz&rpar

Software needs&colon
Residual voltage in application &colonless than 10&percnt of rated voltage&time period
Allowed highest voltage&colon considerably less than 1&period1 times of rated voltage
Permissible maximum current&colon less than one&period3 instances of rated current 

Dimensions & specifications &lparmm&rpar&colon

Rated voltage&lparVAC&rpar Nominal capacitance&lparμF&rpar Measurement&lparmm&rpar
four hundred&comma440&comma450&comma600 
12&plus6&comma 10&plus5&period5&comma thirteen&plus6&comma&mldr
30&comma32&comma35&comma40&comma forty one&comma43&comma45&comma46&comma 50 47&comma57&comma65&comma73&comma80&comma84&comma85&comma98&comma105&comma110

Notice&colon1&commaCZPTinal leads are wires or 250&num &lpar187&num&rpar one &lpardual&rpar tab&lpars&rpar&period 
         2&commaOther dimension serials can be specified in pursuance of customer’s ask for&period 


Our business&colon
HangZhou Andwin CZPT Corporation Limited
Incorporate- No ninety one Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Highway New District HangZhou CZPTsu China

CZPT One-Quit Getting Support-In Air-conditioning And CZPT CZPT

Principal item
Copper Tube — Aluminum Tube Coil
Brass Pipe — Steel Sheet — Copper Fitting
Enthusiast Motor — CZPT– Hand resources
Valves Gauge– Air-conditioner — CZPT
Wash CZPT — Condenser Device – Vacuum Pump– PE Tape

Make contact with
Aimee Chen

Telephone- 18015803382

Cbb60 Motor Run Capacitor for Water Pump

Canned Motor Non-seal Sea Water Submersible Pump

Canned Motor Non-seal Sea Water Submersible Pump

Specs of Canned Motor Non-seal Pump
one). Capability: Q up to 1200m3/h
2). Head: H up to 800m
3). Fluid Temp. Range: -two hundred to 450°C
four). Materials: 
   CZPTc: SS304/316316L Hastelloy C4, C276 etc 
   Insulation: H, C, Tremendous-C, and so on
   Gasket: PTFE, Steel Spiral Wound etc
five). Flange Regular: ANSI, ASME, HG, DIN, JIS, GB, SH etc (two instances API nozzle loads)
six). Common Ex-evidence terminal box: Exd IIC T1-four, Exd IIBT1-four
seven). Substantial effectiveness and cavitation efficiency layout. Optional inducers accessible for least  NPSH specifications.
8). CZPT axial thrust harmony design

Software of Canned Motor Non-seal Pump

Be used in petroleum, chemical, drugs, Textile, nuclear electricity, armed forces industry, shipbuilding and town drinking water provide and drainage, fireplace-preventing pressurized, substantial-rise buildings pressurized h2o supply.

Description of Canned Motor Non-seal Pump
1).No Leakage
Suited for dealing with flammable, explosive, poisonous, corrosive and pricey fluids hermetically.
Suitable for dealing with vacuum tight system ,fluids that respond to speak to when speak to with air.
3).No Shaft Seal
Ideal for managing large strain method, higher or decrease temperature fluids, higher melting stage fluids.
4).No External CZPT
Self-lubrication layout,no lubrication needed  for motor bearings and no lubrication amounts to check or preserve.
five).Compact Layout
Modest, compact and self contained, set up costs are reduced with minimum foundation demands.
six).Minimal Sound & Vibration
Totally enclosed with neither motor enthusiasts nor exposed bearings.


Canned Motor Non-seal Sea Water Submersible Pump

DC 24V Brushless Magnetic Drive Micro Motor Circulating Water Pump for Hot Water

DC 24V Brushless Magnetic Drive Micro Motor Circulating Water Pump for Hot Water

DC 24V Brushless CZPTic CZPT Micro Motor Circulating H2o Pump for Scorching Water 

About Bluefish Pump Organization:As one particular of the foremost modest DC water pump businesses in China, we produce brushless DC pump from 2009. We ship our particular goal circulation pumps to producers, retailer, and firms globally. We are based mostly in the technological heaven of HangZhou, China. We make sure that our items provide greatest good quality and CZPT to its buyers, OEM/ODM provider is offered. Seeking ahead to creating a healthful business romantic relationship with you!
CZPT Support Content:
· 1. The label on the surface of the H2o Pump.
· 2. Box of the Pump.
· 3. Electrical power Cable Length.
· 4. Variety of Connector Plug.
· 5. Water-proof Electrical power CZPT.
· 6. Drinking water Lack CZPT.
· 7. Other individuals, make sure you talk with us.
CZPT Quantity Specifications: 100 pcs
Added Expense:
We will not charge any extra costs other than the price of raw supplies. Generally, the device price will be only a small higher than the normal CZPT design pump.




  Rated  Voltage(V)         Electricity Usage(W)   Max Raise(M) Max Stream Rate (L/H) Dimension (MM) Diameter of Outlet (MM)     Internet Fat(g)
Acquire-241005 24 28.8 five 1000 90*forty six.4*seventy two.four twenty 270

1.DC 24 powered, 1.2A max. loading existing, 1000L/H max. movement fee, 5 meters max. carry, 28.8W energy intake.
two.Substantial effectiveness, long support lifestyle and low sound level.
three.Ceramic shaft and carbon graphite seal, reduced coefficient of friction.
four.Brushless, no mechanical wear, electronic commutator.
5.The electrical elements are sealed with epoxy, 100% waterproof and leakage proof.
Contact me If you have any concerns about merchandise!



Why Pick Us?

one.CZPT Management
To make certain the quality of our pumps and other goods,Our QC staffs do rigorous supplier evaluations,in-coming inspections,in-approach inspections,last inspections and pre-shipping and delivery inspections.The most crucial is that we hear to what our consumers say and are always seeking for techniques to enhance the top quality of our goods via steady enhancement.

two.OEM Potential  
We have developed secure and prolonged-time period cooperate relationship with supermarkets,we can also offer ODM,OEM and Agent companies to our clients over the entire world.

3.Parts Offered
We have spare areas for instant delivery to anywhere in the planet.Whilst our pumps grow to be CZPT with more functions than anyone else, we also provide a lot more optional elements for our pumps than anybody else.

4.Very good Guarantee
We consider buyer satisfaction and solution quality as the very first priority for us. We offer reliable warranties and very good after-income providers.


1.*Q:Can I get samples from you?
 A:We are honored to supply you samples for good quality examine.

2.*Q:What elements are created by you?
A:eighty% of frame components are produced by us.Spare components are from China prime 10 CZPT suppliers.

three.*Q:What’s the leading time?(How prolonged do you need to have to put together my products?)
A:ten times for sample orders.30 times for mass generation orders(based on diverse portions)

four.*Q:How long do I require to wait prior to my products get there?
A:three-5 days for worldwide specific.five-7 days for air transportation, 35-forty days for sea transportation.

5.*Can you place my brand name name(logo) on these merchandise?  
A:Indeed,or container order.Sticker purchase qty over 100pcs.

6.*Q:What payment strategies do you accept?  
A:T/T,L/C,CZPT CZPT,Money Gram,and many others.

seven.*Q:What certificates do you have?
A:Since CZPTe and CZPTica are our main marketplaces,all of our merchandise are with CE/ISO certification.For some types,the certificates are currently available.For other models,we will need your guidance to use the certificates.

eight.*Q:What is your item good quality?
A:Our raw supplies are obtained from qualified suppliers.And we have a robust top quality handle group to assure our quality.We usually treatment what you treatment!!

9.*Q:What is your guarantee?
 A:Our guarantee is 24 months right after delivery.We often spend higher interest to following sale service!!

ten.*Q:How are components availability?  
A:We hold stock of spare parts and make certain all areas accessible anytime you want.

DC 24V Brushless Magnetic Drive Micro Motor Circulating Water Pump for Hot Water

CE Three Phase Asynchronous AC Induction Electric Gear Reducer Fan Blower Vacuum Air Compressor Water Pump Universal Industry Machine Motor

CE Three Phase Asynchronous AC Induction Electric Gear Reducer Fan Blower Vacuum Air Compressor Water Pump Universal Industry Machine Motor



  • Y2 Sequence a few-period electrical motor is specifically made for CZPTean marketplace, whose terminal box is positioned on the prime of motor housing,can be also located on facet. This motor with a extremely compact framework and attractive visual appeal. The measurements and mounting dimensions are created in accordance to the IEC 60034-1 CZPT. The motor has some excellent characteristics, these kinds of as large effectiveness, strength-saving, substantial commencing torque and simple routine maintenance.they are largely utilized for machinery and tools.this kind of as blower,admirer,pump, development device,transit technique,equipment resource, agriculture equipment, meals equipment and CZPT.

Technical specs & Datas:

one.Frame dimensions: sixty three-355L

two.Rated energy: .eighteen-315kw

three. Rated voltage: 220/380V,380/660V,400V,415V,460V or on your request

4. Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz 

five. CZPT class: IP44,IP54,IP55

6.Insulation course: B,F,H

7.CZPT: forged iron,Aluminum

eight..Poles: two, four, 6, 8

9  CZPT strategy: IC411 (overall-enclosed fan-cooled kind)

ten.Mounting types: B3/B5/B14/B15/B34/B35

eleven.Functioning manner: S1

12. Connection: “star” sort for 3kW and downwards, “Delta” kind for 4kW and upwards

thirteen.Ambient temperature: -15°C < θ < 40°C

14.The altitude should be lower than 1,000m over the sea level 



Our Providers:

one. CZPT Manufacturing is obtainable.

2. CZPT for OEM and ODM,OTM solutions

3. one hundred% tested  before shipment

4. Certification and Guarantee: ISO 9001 and CE.

five. bundle: carton,wood circumstance,plywood case or pallet

six. IE1,IE2,IE3 motors

seven.  Motor frame ousing can be cast iron,or aluminium.

8. Most sensible cost

9.twelve-18 months Assure period of time

10. Special motors can be designed in accordance to customers’ specifications

eleven.All copper wire windings


A:What is your MOQ of this product ?

B:20 pcs for every merchandise.


A:What is our direct time ?

B:20-35 days.


A:What is your payment?

B:T/T, L/C at sight, D/P at sight, 


A:Can we sort our brand on it ?

B:Of course of program.


A:Where is your loading port ?

B:HangZhou port or ZheJiang port.


A:What is your firm’s accessible generation ability ?

B:About one thousand PCS for each working day.


Ordering data

1.Please indicate the motor kind,rated output,rated voltage,rated frequency,synchronous pace,Explosion evidence Mark,mounting sort,rotation direction(check out from the shaft extension facet)Use of the environment(indoor or exterior)If the user havn’t position out the rotation and surroundings,normailly we think is CW roration and employed indoor.

2.when user have specific requirments,For case in point:Dispose the stator,bearing explosion evidence and bearing temperature sensors,place heater,Plateau use,specical frequency,mounting dimensions modify,particular output,the user should ,get can be validate soon after signing the technical settlement with engneering section .

3.The catalogue is only fpr reference,and there may be versions.

4.This variety of motor can also be manufactured into Variable-Frequency motors,the variety of frequency of which is -100HZ,the output and overall proportions should be confirm separately.


CE Three Phase Asynchronous AC Induction Electric Gear Reducer Fan Blower Vacuum Air Compressor Water Pump Universal Industry Machine Motor

Cpm 130 Centrifugal 0.5HP Water Pump Motor Price Brass Impeller Pressure Pumps

Cpm 130 Centrifugal 0.5HP Water Pump Motor Price Brass Impeller Pressure Pumps

one.The pump have a compact dimensions and easy to use.
two.Large duty steady perform.
three.Ambient temperature up to 40º C.
4.The thermal protector is mounted if required.
five.The shaft is forty five# metal or stainless metal and not straightforward to rust.
6.220-240V 50Hz electricity which is safer for your employing.
seven.The stator is a hundred% copper wire with high good quality.

Working Problem
one.Liquid temperature up to 60
2.Ambient mood up to 40
three.Whole suction raise to 9m
4.Constant responsibility


Pump human body:Forged Iron
CZPT seal:CZPT/ceramic/CZPT Metal

One Stage
Weighty Responsibility Constant Perform
Motor Housing:Aluminum
Shaft:CZPT Steel/ CZPT metal
Insulation course:B and F
CZPT course:IP44 or IP54
CZPT:Externally air flow

Technical Data(220-240V/50Hz)
Energy:.37KW/ 05.HP

OUR Purpose
We usually consider the duty of “Pursue Pleased CZPT and Develop the 1st Brand name in Chinese Pump CZPT”, continuously enhance technological advancement and innovation capability, continuously create superb products and companies.
We welcome globally retailers to be part of us for common improvement!

Design Solitary-section Motor N=2850r/min Inch Package DIMENSION&G.W PACKING QTY
Enter max Output electrical power Recent Q.Max H.Max Suct.Max
L W H Kg 20′ CONT
KW KW HP A L/min M M
CPM-130 .six .4 .56 two.nine ninety 22 9 1”*1” 310 370 230 eight.nine 2300PCS
CPM-146 .75 .fifty five .75 3.eight a hundred 28 1”*1” 340 210 260 twelve.2 1600PCS
CPM-158 one.1 .75 1 five.two one hundred ten 32 1″*one” 340 210 260 13.8 1600PCS
CPM-a hundred and seventy one.1 .75 one five.2 260 16 one.5″*1.5″ 370 220 270 16.eight 1500PCS
CPM-a hundred and eighty one.five 1.1 1.5 7 four hundred 18 1.five”*one.5″ four hundred 220 280 21 1200PCS
CPM-two hundred 2 one.5 two 9.six five hundred twenty 2″*2″ 420 220 270 23 1100PCS


Make contact with information

Our firm


Cpm 130 Centrifugal 0.5HP Water Pump Motor Price Brass Impeller Pressure Pumps

12V Brushless Motor Electric DC Water Pump

12V Brushless Motor Electric DC Water Pump


NO. Merchandise Specs
1 Dimension and bodyweight 106mmx97.5mmx71.5mm480g
two External diameter of outlet one/2″ thread(M20)
three External diameter of inlet one/two” thread(M20)
four Driving mechanism Brush-considerably less, magnetic isolated design
five Material of pump shell Ab muscles,PES/SPS/PPS/PA66+thirty%GF (Optional)
six Problem of use Can continuously operate, submersible or land use (not self-priming)
7 Appropriate medium H2o, oil, or normal acid/ alkaline liquids
(Pre-take a look at essential for particular liquid)
eight Max operating temperature 60ºC(for T sub-sequence) or 100ºC(for S/A sub-sequence)
9 Power usage 2.5W~48W(for T sub-collection) or two.5W~86.4W(for S/A sub-sequence)
10 Rated voltage 12Vdc or 24Vdc
11 Operating voltage variety 5Vdc ~ 14Vdc or 5Vdc ~ 26Vdc
12 Max load existing two.0A (for T sub-collection) or 4.5A(for S/A sub-collection)
thirteen Max horizontal stream fee 32L/MIN(for T sub-collection) or 40L/MIN(for S/A sub-sequence)
fourteen Max static lift 4M(for T sub-sequence) or 8M(for S/A sub-series)                                  
fifteen Noise class <40dB
sixteen Watertight class IP68(suitable for submersible set up)
17 Daily life span >30,000hrsIP68(suitable for submersible set up)
18 Electrical power supply Ideal solar panel, batteries, adapter or other energy resource
19 CZPT purpose Dry-operate defense, lock protection(CZPT operate)
20 Electrical power regulation function Velocity adjustable by PWM signal, ~5V analog sign or potentiometer (functions are optional for customization)
22           Attribute
  • small measurement with large efficiency,maintenance-totally free
  • Use ceramics shaft and carbon fiber sleeve
  • CZPTly h2o proof (IP68)
  • Brush-significantly less dc control without pollution, lengthy daily life span
  • OEM and ODM support settle for
  • Offer you Pump related management method design

Pump Composition

CZPTtrical parameters (only for reference,parameters CZPT for certain needs)

Model No. Voltage Max load present Max static lift Max movement rate Energy use
  V(dc) A M L/H w
DC50C-1230T 12 2. 3. 1680 24
DC50C-1260S 12 4.five 6. 2100 54
DC50C-2440T 24 2. 4. 1920 forty eight
DC50C-2480S 24 3.sixty 8. 2400 86.four
  •  Information which includes constant working time, operating temperature and medium is essential to be pre-verified with specialists pump are not able to operate with high temperature or corrosive fluids.
  •  When pump is linked into circulation method, load present will be diminished to 70~eighty five% of Max operating current (opening outlet existing).
  •  The head indicates the Max vertical lifting top of drinking water,the circulation is 0L/MIN@max head.
  •  The max flow fee implies circulation charge with no lifting height(according to the curve bellow)

CZPTence among 2phase & 3phase brushless DC pump

(T sub-sequence)
 Hall sensor driving, circuit board should be positioned inside of pump physique
(S/A sub-collection)
  • Be aware that 3phase dc is completely distinct with 3phase AC 3phase DC implies three pairs of magnetic polarity & sensor-less, electricity supply  the very same with common DC pump
  • CZPT software-driving, sensor-considerably less, circuit outdoors of pump human body (major factor that pump can be substantial-temperature resistant)
  • Velocity adjustable by PWM, ~5V sign or potentiometer(optional)
  • Lock defense,reverse-linked safety, more than-vol.&more than-existing protection,
  • Delicate begin, no recent affect, can be get in touch with straight with solar panel

Proportions of pump

generation check

Exploded diagram of the product 


12V Brushless Motor Electric DC Water Pump

Electric Motor High Suction Self Priming Water Pump

Electric Motor High Suction Self Priming Water Pump

Why select us?

  • Specialised generation Manufactory for Self-priming Pump
  • Target on technological innovation, In excess of CZPT top degree
  • Very good knowledge at Domestic and oversea market place
  • Very carefully paint  for Excellent physical appearance
  • Many years of CZPT support CZPTs, Engineer one-to-one particular provider

SPH Self priming , Dry-priming up to 9.5 m
In depth applicaton flexiblility hading sewage slurries with solids up to 75 mm.
CZPTtric motor Large suction Self priming h2o Pump
Our Edge
•Standard sump pumping
•Slurry & semi sound substance
•Well pointing – high vacuum pump capacity
•Dry working programs
• 24 hour dependability
• Developed for substantial ambient environments
• Creating & CZPT – well pointing and sump pumping
• H2o & Waste – over pumping and methods bypass
• Quarries & Mines – sump pumping
• Crisis Drinking water Control – sump pumping
• Docks, Ports & CZPTs – sump pumping and stabilization of hundreds

Pump CZPT specs:
  Capacity up to 4500 m3/h
  Head up to two hundred m
  Temperature assortment -20ºC~ 80ºC
  Suction head up to 9.5 m.

The place can use our pump ?
MultI-goal resolution:
• Standard sump pumping
• Slurry & semi reliable substance
• Nicely pointing – high vacuum pump capacity
• Dry operating purposes
• 24 hour reliability
• Made for large ambient environments

Industry Sectors:
• Constructing & CZPT – well pointing and sump pumping
• Water & Waste – over pumping and programs bypass
• Quarries & Mines – sump pumping
• Crisis Drinking water Control – sump pumping
• Docks, Ports & CZPTs – sump pumping and stabilization of loads

Far more details for CZPTtric motor High suction Self priming h2o Pump please speak to Tongke.

Refer Project for Oil filed Well Level Venture

Packing & CZPT
CZPT: Conventional CZPT suitable for by sea or lengthy length transportation.
CZPT: twenty-45 doing work times right after obtaining the deposit of the units

Firm details:
ZheJiang Tongke movement engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional technologies and energy-preserving items R & D, item the substantial efficiency pump , vertical turbine pump , self priming pump ,movable pump station , and energy conserving provider of the national higher-tech enterprises. Belong to Tongji University CZPT Park and there is 3 industrial bases positioned in ZheJiang , HangZhou and CZPTsu.

CZPT ensure
ZheJiang Tongke stream technologies Co., Ltd. often foucs on the CZPT style, The company’s gist is different operation and the goal is the high-good quality, high-performance products. We strive to become a trustworthy professional automobileseat cushion company. We passed the TUV registed ISO 9001 and items is handed SGS inspection.
CZPT Certification
We have passed the certification to the ISO9001 ISO 14001  international quality system, the Germany TUV and SGS tests. 
For certification report make sure you contact Tongke for specifics.

Twenty many years layout and engineering encounter and Far more than ten years above sea industry Expertise. Tongke provide most professional and thoughtful Pre-revenue and Soon after provider.
CZPT training                   CZPT analysis
Installation and debugging     Troubleshoot
Maintenance                           Update and enhancement
Determination to the provider
one.One-year warranty. Provide technological help totally free all-lifestyle of the goods.
2.Preserve all-existence making contact with with customers, get feedback on use of the products and make the goods top quality continually perfected.
three.Sizzling-line of provider is available in 24h, responded in 8h.

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for our CZPTtric motor Higher suction Self priming h2o Pump

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Electric Motor High Suction Self Priming Water Pump

Advanced Design Electric Motor Energy Saving Swimming Pool Water Pump

Advanced Design Electric Motor Energy Saving Swimming Pool Water Pump

CZPT Design and style CZPTtric Motor CZPT Saving CZPT Pool Drinking water Pump 

CZPT pool water pump, is suitable for normal swimming pool filtering system, whichcan perform the best function, with high flow and high lift, the heavy duty high performance motor ensures quiet operation, which will not be easily overheated, all the components have the property, ensuring its durable lifespan, and it is the best choice for swimming pool installation.

Anti-rust crust can cease water penetrating the motor. Enough electricity, substantial head,big flux and high effective circulation. Smaller sound and run quietly. The pump include bears higher airtight avoiding the leaking. The main portion of the pump is created of specific plastic which is anti-higher or minimal temperature so it is tough. Handy to manage, effortless to sustain, with the providing of spare components.

Photograph of AS Water Pump

Specification of AS Water Pump

Model Water inlet 
Water outlet 
AS-a hundred 40 40 533 240 335 .75 220
AS-one hundred fifty forty 40 533 240 335 1.1 220
AS-two hundred 40 forty 533 240 335 1.five 220

Features of AS Water Pump
one. Designed for medium head installation in medium pools or domestic pools
two. Anti-corrosive
three. Using import bearing
4. Extremely quiet
5. External heat sink to ensure normal working
six. Specially made CZPT or incorporate both metric and imperial measurement CZPT
7. Superior high and medium head performance
8. More efficient and dependable than any other pumps
nine.Improved 1,1-1/two, 2HP flow
10.Anti spin-off impeller
11.CZPT strainer basket
twelve.CZPT steel port reinforcement

Use and Routine maintenance
one.You must make the pump operating in the CZPT rotate speed in use procedure, will not velocity up at will, in purchase to stay away from potential protection hazard and impact the beneficial daily life of the pump.

two.Direct coupled variety pump units:the chassis must continue being secure, so as not to injury the coupling.
Belt wheel type pump units:the two pulleys need to be aligned, the belt unfastened or tighten need to be average. If the pump doesn’t turn, it is generally due to the fact the impeller-ring get rusty, you can use the mallet knocking the coupling axially.Pump mounting height(in get to suction the drinking water tank as the base)ought to be much less than the permit cigarette smoking on 1-2meter substantial vacuum.

3.You ought to cease the engine if you find out abnormalities(such as sounds, shock, hydraulic discharge descend and so forth.),and focus the bearing heat up, the temperature cannot exceed 75°C.
If stop making use of for a lengthy time, you should discharge the water in the pump, overhaul and oil, hold it in a dry and ventilate shade. 
In winter, you ought to discharge the water at after when you cease utilizing it in situation frost crack.Soon after the pump every single 1000 several hours working time, you need to just take down and clear the bearing, and exchange rapid-use parts.

Our sevice
1. We give you 100% guarantee item and service, one particular 12 months guarantee from the dispatched time.

2.Many a long time experiment for  producing sand filter pump.we have been accomplished several massive assignments and recognized by several businesses.

three.Profession on Export: Authorized import & export licence, we have specific persons to manage this portion.

4.CZPT & Cheap Delivery: We have long term cooperation forwarder, who can deliver our product  to every corner of the world with competitive freight.

Company Information
Business Overview: 
HangZhou CZPT Sauna CZPT Co., Ltd, proven in 2005, skilled in generating and promoting sauna equipments, swimming pool equipments, SPA equipments and fountain equipments.and many others. 

Striving in producing, good quality and support for these many years, we have possessed our possess brand, in the meantime, have developed our international marketplace of about one particular hundred nations as well as created a income community covers most of the jap huge metropolitan areas at property. 

We manufacture equipments and components of our brand names. We also have obtained the consultant authorization of some CZPT brand name in these regions. 
CZPT can be divided into sauna collection, steam collection, swimming pool sequence and outdoor fountain sequence. 

Manufacturing unit:
The manufacturing facility is found in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. district of HangZhou, about 5 minutes to HangZhou Airport by vehicle. Established in 2005 and now occupying an location of about 10000 sq. meters, much more than 100 workers and 11 production strains. Beneath the systematically management and rigorous good quality control, we have earned great reputation between the sector. 

We give clientele with companies as merchandise sourcing, design and engineering, OEM production, quality management, cargo inspection.

one). Are you a factory or a trading company?
A: we are a factory over many years experience in MUSIC FOUNTAIN, SWIMMING 

two). What certificate do you have?
A: we have CE and SGS, ISO9001

3). What is the main products you do?
A: our main products are stainless music fountain, sauna equipment and swimming 

four). Where is your factory? Can I visit there?
A: our factory is located in HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. District 5 minutes from HangZhou 
Airport. Welcome to visit our factory. 

5). Can you do OEM or ODM?
A: Yes, we accept OEM and ODM

six). What about the delivery and payment?
 A: Delivery: By sea, By air, By Express Courier, It is up to you.
     Payment: Paypal, CZPT CZPT, HSBC T/T

If you are interested in our merchandise , pls do not hesitate contact us now . We will offer you the best items with the service .

Advanced Design Electric Motor Energy Saving Swimming Pool Water Pump