Ztd Series Horizontal Fgd Desulfurization Slurry Circulation Pump

Ztd Series Horizontal Fgd Desulfurization Slurry Circulation Pump

Biref introduction:
ZTD flue gasoline desulfurization pump was elaborately made to fulfill the specifications of damp procedure FGD of limestone(lime) and gypsum for coal fired electrical power plants.The hydraulic designs of ZTD desulfurization pump is optimized created by CFD,and its passage is designed underneath the theory of abrasion of slurry pump.The wetted parts substance for ZTD desulfurization pump is an anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive substance which was developed by HangZhou Pump itself. The largest diameter of ZTD series is 900 mm at existing, and it is extensively used in the flue fuel desulfurization and denitration process of electrical power plant and other setting safety projects. 


  1. Flow rate:Q=seven hundred~14000 (m³/h)
  2. Total head:H=15~63 (m)
  3. Speed:n=420~980rpm
  4. S.g.:γ ≤1.5 
  5. Temperature:T=~120ºC 
  6. Pump diameter:300~900mm


  1. Elaborately designed based on the characters of flue gas desulfurization of thermal power plant to meet the requirements of a facility below 1000 MW.
  2. CZPT models are CFD optimized to have excellent performance of anti-cavitation.
  3. Specially designed mechanical seal for flue gas desulfurization process. 
  4. The impeller position can be adjusted by the bearing housing,this brings a shortcut to recover the pump performance under a slightly abrasion.
  5. Axial adjusting structure to maintain the distance between impeller and front cover plate to keep a high efficient operation.
  6. The specially designed anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive duplex stainless white iron for FGD process,which has the advantages of both duplex stainless steel and white anti-abrasive iron alloy.


  1. All metal materials for pump set,without any lining rubber or other high polymer material.
  2. Pump casing adopts duplex stainless steel of 2605N and 2205,which have excellent resistant performance of chloride ions and sulfate ions,and therefore is the first choice of desulfurization pumps.
  3. Front and back open structure,the rotary part can be removed from the casing without dismantling the pipelines.
  4. Cartridge mechanical seal with internal or external flushing plans.
  5. The bearing part is back pull structure,which is assembled in the bearing housing.
  6. Transmission: directly coupled and gear box drive.

Structure drawing is as below

1.bearing cover 2.filler cover 3.shaft 4.filler 5.vice-impeller 6.pump body 7.impeller nut 8.front pump cover 9.impeller 10.back pump body 11.shaft sleeve 12.bearing box 13.bracket 14.bearing box 15.bearing 16.bearing gland 17.shaft 



  1. Mainly used as circulation pump of gypsum slurry of absorbing tower of FGD process.
  2. Slurry pump of ammonium phosphate
  3. Other applications of big flow rate and low head.


Ztd Series Horizontal Fgd Desulfurization Slurry Circulation Pump


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