V. W Horizontal Twin Screw Pump for High Viscosity Liquid

V. W Horizontal Twin Screw Pump for High Viscosity Liquid

 Twin screw pump Efficiency scope 

one The maximum pressure four.0MPa 
2 Ability variety one~1000m3/h 
three Temperature selection -twenty~120º C 
four Thee ciscosity of the medium one~3000mm2/s, when decrease the pace of the rotation it can be up to 106mm2/s 

The viscosity of the medium will largely influende the twin screw pump, the nominal discharge of the pump implies the discharge below the particular ciscosity situation, in buy to make certain the pump to operate on the higher performance functioning issue, wehn the test is not ample, we recommend to pick the velocity of the fotation according to the pursuing viscosity. 

The viscosity of the mediumcSt Pace r/min 
<400 1500 
four hundred ~1200 1000 
1200~3600 750 

When the viscosity of the medium is increased, the customer should make contact with with the company for the speed of rotation and motor electricity. 

Software example 

1 Oil field: Utilised as the multiphase mixed transporting pump and crude oil transporting pump and the like which can transport oil, gas, water, small strong particullate. 
two shipbuilding: Using as maritime loading pump, ballast pump an sewage treatment method pump, principal machine lubricating pump and gasoline oil pump. 
three CZPT market: Making use of as loading and transporting pump which can transportation all kinds of resin, pigment, paraffinwax, paint, rinting ink, emulsoid, all kinds of oil crude oil, hesvy oil and the like. 
4 Energy plant: Employing as large oil, crude oil transporting pump, main machine lubricating pump. 
5 Food sector: Making use of as transporting pump which can transport liquor, honey, syryp, juide, fixde oil, milk, slurry oil. 

Construction characteristics 

This variety of pump adotp double-suction construction, each ends of screw are in the very same strain cavity, axial pressure an be balanced instantly. The bearing of both finishes adopt external installing, an becoming lubricated a lone by using lubricate, so it is not going to be affected bu the medium. A pair of synchronous gears are uwed to push the screws, so the screws surface can’t touch at all, an there is a very small chearance between the two screws. The impurity in the meditm can not fray the screws surface area straight(escept scour). 

Except some significantly less discharge ppumps (under the 2w. W four.), usually, inside safety valve will be set up on the pump physique, when the discharge force is more than the rated value, it will have certain safety operate. There are two entrance-exit instructions, one particular is horizontally enter and horizontally exit The other is horizontally enter and vertically upwards exit The person can pick according to thir own needs. 

CZPTal steel 

II: Mainly adopting the martensitic corrosion resisting steel 
III: Mostly adopting the austenite corrosion resisting steel 
Materials of the principal parts 

Content type Parts title  I II III 
Pump casing twenty 0Crl3 0Crl8Ni9 
Drving, driven shaft 45 3Crl3 lCrl8Ni9 
CZPTs 38CrMoAl 3Crl3 lCrl8Ni9 
Insert QT600-three ZGlCrl3 ZG0Crl8Ni9 
If some other materials essential, make sure you consult with the manufacturer. 


Design Strain
1450r/nin 950r/min 720r/min
30cSt 75cSt 150cSt 300cSt 450cSt 750cSt 1500cSt 2500cSt
m 3 /h kw m three /h kw m three /h kw m three /h kw m three /h kw m 3 /h kw m three /h kw m three /h kw
two.five-fifteen .six two.4 one.five three 2.2 three.two two.2 three.3 two.2 one.8 one.5 one.eight two.2 1.three two.2 1.3 2.two
one. 1.7 two.two 2.six 2.2 2.9 3 three.1 3 1.7 2.two 1.7 two.two one.2 two.two one.2 2.2
two.five-20 .four three.9 1.five 4.three 1.five 4.4 2.2 4.5 2.two 2.6 one.five 2.6 two.two one.nine 2.two 1.9 two.2
.6 three.4 one.5 four two.2 four.2 2.2 4.3 2.two two.5 two.two 2.5 two.2 one.8 one.5 one.eight two.2
two.8-eighteen .six four.3 two.two 4.eight 2.2 4.nine 3 5 3 2.9 two.two 2.nine three two.1 3 2.one three
one. 3.7 3 4.four 4 4.7 4 4.8 four two.seven three two.7 three two 3 two four
2.eight-24 .four 6.three 2.two 6.six 2.two six.seven 3 6.8 three 4 two.two four 3 2.nine two.2 two.nine three
.6 5.9 2.2 6.four 4 six.five 4 six.six four three.eight 3 3.8 three 2.seven 3 2.seven three
3.one-22 .six 7.seven 3 8.two 4 8.3 four eight.four four five 3 five four 3.7 3 3.seven 4
1. 7 4 seven.8 5.5 eight five.5 8.1 5.five four.8 4 four.eight five.5 three.five 4 three.five 5.five
3.one-thirty .four 11.one 3 eleven.four three 11.five 4 11.six 5.5 6.nine 3 6.9 four 5.1 three 5.1 four
.six 10.six four eleven.one five.five 11.three five.5 11.four five.five 6.7 four six.seven five.5 four.9 4 4.9 5.five
3.two-eighteen one.6 four.8 7.five 5.8 seven.five six.3 7.five 2.four five.five 2.4 five.five .nine four. .nine five.five
2. four.2 7.5 five.five seven.five six.one eleven two.three seven.five 2.three 7.5 .9 4. .nine 5.5
2.5 3.4 eleven 5. eleven five.eight 11 two.1 seven.5 two.one 7.5 .8 five.five .8 5.five
3.2-24 1. 5.5 5.5 7.six seven.five eight.four eleven 8.7 11 four.6 five.5 four.six five.5 2.seven five.five 2.7 five.five
1.25 four.six 7.5 seven.two eleven 8.two 11 eight.five 11 4.5 five.five 4.five 7.five 2.six five.5 two.6 seven.5
one.6 three.four seven.5 6.7 eleven seven.eight 11 8.3 eleven four.3 seven.5 4.three seven.5 two.five 5.5 two.five 7.five
three.2-thirty .6 9.7 five.5 11 5.5 11.five five.five eleven.7 seven.5 six.8 5.five six.eight five.five 4.three five.five four.3 five.five
1. 8. 7.five ten.2 seven.five ten.9 seven.five 11.2 7.5 six.5 five.five 6.five 5.5 four.three 5.five 4.3 5.five
3.two-44 .4 16.four five.5 17.5 seven.5 seventeen.9 7.five 18.one seven.5 11.2 4. 11.3 five.five 8. 4. 8. 4.
.6 15.2 seven.five seventeen 7.five 17.4 seven.5 seventeen.six seven.5 ten.nine five.five eleven 5.five 7.eight five.five seven.eight five.five
3.four-24 1.6 7.four eleven nine eleven 9.8 eleven 5.seven 7.five 5.seven 7.5 four.three seven.five 4.3 11
2. six.five 11 eight.5 11 nine.five fifteen five.five 11 five.five eleven four.1 7.5 four.one 11
two.five 5.3 fifteen 7.8 fifteen nine.1 15 5.one 11 5.1 11 three.9 eleven 3.nine 11
3.four-30 1. eight.three 7.5 eleven.four 7.five 12.four eleven twelve.nine 11 seven.six 7.5 seven.six seven.five 5.six 7.5 five.6 seven.five
1.twenty five six.nine eleven ten.seven eleven twelve.1 11 12.six 11 7.4 7.five 7.four eleven 5.5 7.five five.5 eleven
one.six five eleven 9.9 eleven eleven.five eleven 12.3 fifteen 7.1 eleven seven.one eleven five.three 7.five 5.three eleven
three.4-forty .six 14.8 five.5 16.8 seven.5 seventeen.5 7.5 seventeen.eight 11 10.six seven.five 10.6 7.5 7.8 7.five 7.8 7.5
1. twelve.2 11 15.five 11 sixteen.six 11 17.two eleven 10 seven.5 ten 7.five seven.4 7.five seven.four 7.five
three.four-fifty six .four 21.8 five.five 23.two 7.five 23.7 seven.five 24 eleven 14.three five.5 fourteen.four 7.5 10.5 5.5 10.5 7.5
.six twenty.2 7.5 22.five eleven 23.1 11 23.4 eleven 13.eight seven.five thirteen.nine seven.5 10.1 7.5 ten.1 seven.five
4.-26 1.6     twelve.four fifteen 14.six 15 fifteen.7 18.5 9.three eleven 9.3 fifteen 7 eleven 7 15
2.     11.2 15 thirteen.9 eighteen.five 15.3 22 nine fifteen 9 15 6.eight fifteen 6.eight 15
2.five     nine.6 eighteen.five 13.one 22 14.eight 22 8.6 15 eight.6 15 six.six fifteen 6.6 fifteen
four.-32 1. 13.nine 11 18.two fifteen 19.6 15 twenty.3 15 12.2 eleven 12.two 15 nine.one eleven 9.one 11
one.twenty five 12 15 seventeen.three fifteen 19.1 fifteen twenty eighteen.5 eleven.9 11 eleven.nine fifteen 8.9 eleven 8.nine 15
one.6     sixteen.one 18.five 18.four eighteen.five 19.5 22 11.five 15 11.five 15 eight.six eleven eight.6 fifteen
4.-44 .6 24.6 eleven 27.four 11 28.three eleven 28.8 fifteen seventeen.three eleven 17.3 eleven 12.eight eleven twelve.8 eleven
one. 21.1 15 twenty five.7 15 27.two 15 27.9 eighteen.5 sixteen.6 eleven 16.6 fifteen 12.three eleven twelve.3 fifteen
4.-sixty four .four 37.two eleven 39.one 11 39.eight eleven forty.one fifteen 24.1 eleven 24.2 11 seventeen.8 11 17.eight 11
.6 35 eleven 38 fifteen 38.nine 15 39.4 eighteen.five 23.5 11 23.7 eleven seventeen.three eleven seventeen.three eleven

V. W Horizontal Twin Screw Pump for High Viscosity Liquid

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