Twin Screw Type Marine Cargo Pump

Twin Screw Type Marine Cargo Pump

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one. Transient introduction of Twin CZPT Sort CZPT Cargo Pump
   This huge ability hefty oil pump is a twin screw variety pump,it is pushed by the shaft meshed with the spiral sleeve and the pump body or kind a sealed cavity lining flat volume consistent, with the rotation of the screw axis of the medium ended up despatched to the pump body, the two jointly, eventually serving the outlet of the pump, so as to achieve the objective of conveying pump. Double screw pump has two types of sealing and non sealing, in accordance to the media from one end or from both ends into the meshing area, the double screw is divided into two suction and solitary suction structure of two. Twin screw pump, screw pump meshing, which employs mutual engagement, do not touch the two screws for pumping liquid. Twin screw pump is a double suction non airtight twin screw pump. One end of the lively screw outside the house the pump is driven by the primary mover. The driving screw and the pushed screw have different rotating threads. CZPT and pump human body near with each other. The pushed screw is driven by an energetic screw through a synchronous equipment.

2. Structural attributes of Twin CZPT Sort CZPT Cargo Pump

    1, The inlet-outlet civility adopts specific layout to make positive that sufficient medium is remained in the pump. Even when the medium in the suction pipe is all discharged, the pump nevertheless has really great self-suction overall performance. 

2, The pump entire body adopts unique-structure circular valve, which will open up when the outlet stress is higher than the working stress. Then, some medium will back to the inlet of pump or conserving can by way of this round valve. In the meantime, the pump can commences under full pressure situation therefore greatly lessen the torque. 

3, Use synchronizer equipment to transfer toque from initiative screw to loafer screw, which makes certain no metal speak to and energy transmission in between transferring aspects. So the transferring aspects have substantial reliability for any medium and the pump can free of charge from injury of dry rotation in a short time. 

four, When the pump is working, the meshing screws form a sealed civility in the pump body, subsequent the rotary movement of the screws, the liquid in the sealed civility does axial movement with the sealed civility and transferred to the outlet of pump steadily and constantly. Since the capacity of the sealed civility never ever adjustments in the functioning pump, there will be no pulsation when the pump deliveries liquid. 

3. The Application of Twin CZPT Kind CZPT Cargo Pump

    1, oil discipline: utilised as the multiphase transportation pump for medium combined with oil, gasoline, drinking water and small solid particles.

     2, shipbuilding industry: utilised for ship loading pump, bilge stripping and sewage treatment, principal engine lubrication pump, gas oil pump.
    3, the petrochemical business: used as loading and transportation pumps for different resins, pigments, paraffin, paint, ink, latex, different types of oil, crude oil, weighty oil and other.
 4, thermal electricity plant: utilised as hefty oil, crude oil delivery pump, principal engine lubricating oil pump.


4. Manufacturing Line:

2WSeries: 2HM Collection
2W2-12,2W2-18,2W2-24,2W2-36,2W2-48 2HM280-20,2HM280-28,2HM280-forty,2HM280-56
2W3-twenty,2W3-28,2W3-40,2W3-fifty six 2HM560-twenty five,2HM560-34,2HM560-fifty,2HM560-72
2W4-twenty five,2W4-34,2W4-fifty,2W4-seventy two 2HM800-30,2HM800-forty,2HM800-60,2HM800-80
2W5-thirty,2W5-40,2W5-60,2W5-80 2HM1400-38,2HM1400-50,2HM1400-seventy five,2HM1400-96
2W6-38,2W6-fifty,2W6-75,2W6-96 2HM2500-43,2HM2500-56,2HM2500-eighty five,2HM2500-112
2W7-forty three,2W7-56,2W7-85,2W7-112 2HM4200-fifty,2HM4200-67,2HM4200-a hundred,2HM4200-128
2W8-50,2W8-67,2W8-100,2W8-128 2HM7000-80,2HM7000-one hundred,2HM7000-128,2HM7000-one hundred fifty, 2HM7000-one hundred sixty
2W9-eighty,2W9-one hundred,2W9-128,2W9-a hundred and fifty 2HM9800-eighty,2HM9800-a hundred,2HM9800-128,2HM9800-150
2W10-80,2W10-100,2W10-128,2W10-a hundred and fifty 2HM9800-one hundred forty four,2HM9800-160
2W11-128,2W11-a hundred and sixty,2W11-176,2W11-192,2W11-250 2HM18000-176,2HM18000-192,2HM18000-250

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Twin Screw Type Marine Cargo Pump

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