Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps A2FM80 61W-Npb030 A2FM107 160hydraulic Motor in Stock

Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps A2FM80 61W-Npb030 A2FM107 160hydraulic Motor in Stock

Product Details 

Depth Product Amount(The adhering to versions are for reference only, remember to contact us for much more details)

Item Description R957140049 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-K R957143204 A2FM80/61W-VZB100
R909611293 A2FM80/61W-NPB030 R957140149 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-SK R957138079 A2FM80/61W-VZB100
R9096 0571 5 A2FM80/61W-NZB571 R957131495 A2FM80/61W-VAB188 R957137573 A2FM80/61W-VZB100
R957114319 A2FM80/61W-NZB190 R95716 0571 A2FM80/61W-VAB188 R95716 0571 A2FM80/61W-VZB100
R957157653 A2FM80/61W-PAB571 R957126123 A2FM80/61W-VAB188 R957137885 A2FM80/61W-VZB100
R909442329 A2FM80/61W-PAB571D R957169866 A2FM80/61W-VAB188 R957137888 A2FM80/61W-VZB100
R957171414 A2FM80/61W-PAB571 R957193265 A2FM80/61W-VAB191J R957137884 A2FM80/61W-VZB100
R957133242 A2FM80/61W-PAB571-S R957122001 A2FM80/61W-VAB191J R957138459 A2FM80/61W-VZB100
R957160043 A2FM80/61W-PAB571-S R957160969 A2FM80/61W-VAB191J R992001356 A2FM80/61W-VZB100
R909427329 A2FM80/61W-PAB080 R957196948 A2FM80/61W-VAB191J-K R957160367 A2FM80/61W-VZB100-Y
R909603427 A2FM80/61W-PAB181-SK R957111703 A2FM80/61W-VAB192DJ R957131446 A2FM80/61W-VZB100F
R957182289 A2FM80/61W-PBB571-S R957135012 A2FM80/61W-VAB192DJ-K R957178974 A2FM80/61W-VZB100FJ
R909442530 A2FM80/61W-PBB571D R957197887 A2FM80/61W-VAB192FJ R957182064 A2FM80/61W-VZB100FJ-K
R909446564 A2FM80/61W-PZB571-S R957198439 A2FM80/61W-VAB192J R957178976 A2FM80/61W-VZB100FJ-K
R9 0571 8398 A2FM80/61W-PZB571D R957198438 A2FM80/61W-VAB192J R957155642 A2FM80/61W-VZB100H-S
R9 0571 3818 A2FM80/61W-PZB571 R957197641 A2FM80/61W-VAB192J R957148340 A2FM80/61W-VZB100V
R9571361 A2FM80/61W-PZB080 R957118469 A2FM80/61W-VAB192J-K R957127170 A2FM80/61W-VZB106
R909604859 A2FM80/61W-PZB181-SK R957180506 A2FM80/61W-VAB192J-SK R992000037 A2FM80/61W-VZB106
R909603644 A2FM80/61W-PZB181-SK R99205713 A2FM80/61W-VAB192J-SK R957137540 A2FM80/61W-VZB106
R909603699 A2FM80/61W-PZB192 R909610666 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R957137539 A2FM80/61W-VZB106
R909428675 A2FM80/61W-VAB01 R957138064 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R909441569 A2FM80/61W-VZB180
R909422638 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957133208 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R90965710 A2FM80/61W-VZB180-S
R957193113 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957138457 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R957197976 A2FM80/61W-VZB180-S
R95716571 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R95716571 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R957134849 A2FM80/61W-VZB181-K
R957168641 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957115496 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R957149084 A2FM80/61W-VZB182-K
R957137918 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957174403 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R957161039 A2FM80/61W-VZB188
R957103363 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R9571786~thirteen 0571 88828 13858117778 A2FM80/61W-VBB571D R957193180 A2FM80/61W-VZB188
R957137909 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957135026 A2FM80/61W-VBB571D R957123218 A2FM80/61W-VZB188
R957137917 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957138065 A2FM80/61W-VBB571D R909603698 A2FM80/61W-VZB190
R957137919 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957133428 A2FM80/61W-VBB571D R957121677 A2FM80/61W-VZB190J
R957143150 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R9571786~thirteen 0571 88828 13858117778 A2FM80/61W-VBB571D-K R957175069 A2FM80/61W-VZB191J
R957147438 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957178593 A2FM80/61W-VBB571F R957147304 A2FM80/61W-VZB191J
R957145903 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957122372 A2FM80/61W-VBB571F R957114321 A2FM80/61W-VZB191J-K
R957137912 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957178595 A2FM80/61W-VBB571F-K R957136554 A2FM80/61W-VZB191J-K
R957137920 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R95715719 A2FM80/61W-VBB016 R957121679 A2FM80/61W-VZB192J-K
R957137921 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957184449 A2FM80/61W-VBB016D R957114231 A2FM80/61W-VZB192J-SK
R957161322 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R909610667 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R909441918 AA2FM80/61W-NBD527
R957155534 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957139978 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R957104430 AA2FM80/61W-NQDN520-S
R95716 0571 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957137958 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R90961571 AA2FM80/61W-NUDN016-S
R957137922 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957138455 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R909610956 AA2FM80/61W-NUDN526-S
R957138452 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957137963 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R909441532 AA2FM80/61W-VBD510
R957138170 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957101346 A2FM80/61W-VBB571-S R957149719 AA2FM80/61W-VBD510
R957127733 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957138126 A2FM80/61W-VBB571-S R909423205 AA2FM80/61W-VBD520
R957137907 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957143821 A2FM80/61W-VBB571D R957145895 AA2FM80/61W-VBDN520
R957137911 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957137580 A2FM80/61W-VBB571D R95715717 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN188H-Y
R957137906 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957167871 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R957135137 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN510
R95716 0571 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957137617 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R957193571 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN510
R957170708 A2FM80/61W-VAB571-S R957137585 A2FM80/61W-VBB571 R957137572 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN510
R957161411 A2FM80/61W-VAB571-S R957180966 A2FM80/61W-VBB571D R957170049 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN510
R957161246 A2FM80/61W-VAB571-S R9571 0571 three A2FM80/61W-VBB571D R957161041 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN510
R957137586 A2FM80/61W-VAB571-S R957101428 A2FM80/61W-VBB571F R957161078 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN510
R957157717 A2FM80/61W-VAB571J R957101430 A2FM80/61W-VBB571F-K R957151731 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN510
R957199056 A2FM80/61W-VAB571J-S R957161019 A2FM80/61W-VBB571F-Y R957160962 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN510
R957197860 A2FM80/61W-VAB571J-S R957106556 A2FM80/61W-VBB030D R95716571 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN510
R9 0571 4950 A2FM80/61W-VAB016 R957135004 A2FM80/61W-VBB030D R957137571 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN510
R957135036 A2FM80/61W-VAB016D R957119980 A2FM80/61W-VBB040D R957133197 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN510
R909611119 A2FM80/61W-VAB016D R957114011 A2FM80/61W-VBB100 R957116830 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN516
R909422089 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957135571 A2FM80/61W-VBB100D R957111966 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN520
R909428149 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R95713 0571 A2FM80/61W-VBB100D R957191833 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN520
R957127623 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957115756 A2FM80/61W-VBB100F R957137512 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN520
R957137901 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957115758 A2FM80/61W-VBB100F-SK R957160946 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN520
R957165959 A2FM80/61W-VAB571D R957138034 A2FM80/61W-VBB100H R957192159 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN520-E
R957137804 A2FM80/61W-VAB571D R957198484 A2FM80/61W-VBB191J R95715713 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN520-S
R957107812 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F R90945719 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957161139 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN520-S
R957138135 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F R9 0571 8730 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957161345 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN520-S
R957107814 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F-K R957147382 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957111755 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN520-S
R957134899 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F-K R957137576 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957137507 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN520-S
R957155978 A2FM80/61W-VAB571H R957135002 A2FM80/61W-VPB571D R957182329 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN520D
R957198358 A2FM80/61W-VAB571H R95715716 A2FM80/61W-VPB571D R957136814 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN526
R957161441 A2FM80/61W-VAB571I R909429527 A2FM80/61W-VPB016 R957124517 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527
R957193183 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R9 0571 8701 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957196026 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527
R95716571 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R9094 0571 1 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957161324 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527
R957137897 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957137810 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957161073 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527
R957129412 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R99200 0571 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957192815 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527-E
R957137905 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R99257110 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957147326 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527D
R957153804 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957135416 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957192272 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527D-E
R957137902 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957161416 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957192273 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527D-E
R957137903 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957137797 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957192562 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527D-EK
R957138460 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957137806 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957192477 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527D-EK
R9571 0571 2 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957138199 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957149093 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527D-K
R957129011 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957137704 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957184097 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527F
R957115331 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957137801 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957184099 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527F-K
R957137899 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R9 0571 9727 A2FM80/61W-VPB571-S R957115898 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN527J
R957137896 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957138014 A2FM80/61W-VPB571-S R957132640 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN691J-S
R957137892 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957106979 A2FM80/61W-VPB571D R957132837 AA2FM80/61W-VQDN691J-S
R957137894 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957135008 A2FM80/61W-VPB571D R9 0571 6864 AA2FM80/61W-VSD510
R957137889 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R95717171 A2FM80/61W-VPB571D-K R957137827 AA2FM80/61W-VSD510
R957137904 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957106981 A2FM80/61W-VPB571D-K R957137826 AA2FM80/61W-VSD510
R957104989 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957199350 A2FM80/61W-VPB571F R909420708 AA2FM80/61W-VSD520
R957142485 A2FM80/61W-VAB571-S R957137536 A2FM80/61W-VPB571F R957137882 AA2FM80/61W-VSD520
R957161035 A2FM80/61W-VAB571-S R957199352 A2FM80/61W-VPB571F-K R957105710 AA2FM80/61W-VSD527
R957138090 A2FM80/61W-VAB571-S R909423827 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957193011 AA2FM80/61W-VSD527
R95716571 A2FM80/61W-VAB571-S R957161311 A2FM80/61W-VPB571 R957133242 AA2FM80/61W-VUD527
R95716571 A2FM80/61W-VAB571-S R909611003 A2FM80/61W-VPB571D R957107263 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957160950 A2FM80/61W-VAB571-S R957135030 A2FM80/61W-VPB571D R957171671 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN016-S
R957161297 A2FM80/61W-VAB571-S R9094 0571 3 A2FM80/61W-VPB030 R957171525 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN016D-S
R957135571 A2FM80/61W-VAB571D R9 0571 7470 A2FM80/61W-VPB030 R957135042 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN016D-S
R909610980 A2FM80/61W-VAB571D R957160884 A2FM80/61W-VPB030 R957145048 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R909448570 A2FM80/61W-VAB571D R95716 0571 A2FM80/61W-VPB030 R95712 0571 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571
R957137566 A2FM80/61W-VAB571D R957143983 A2FM80/61W-VPB520 R957168544 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957138152 A2FM80/61W-VAB571D R957192007 A2FM80/61W-VPB520-ES R909605866 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957149050 A2FM80/61W-VAB571DJ R957142399 A2FM80/61W-VPB520-S R957193263 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957149052 A2FM80/61W-VAB571DJ-K R957152161 A2FM80/61W-VSB571-S R957155809 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957101879 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F R957137678 A2FM80/61W-VSB571-S R957161278 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957138130 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F R957148225 A2FM80/61W-VUB571 R957153872 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957101881 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F-K R957168548 A2FM80/61W-VUB571-S R957150627 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R95712571 A2FM80/61W-VAB571H R957138098 A2FM80/61W-VUB571-S R957153506 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957157831 A2FM80/61W-VAB571J R957122189 A2FM80/61W-VUB571J-S R957150655 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957174161 A2FM80/61W-VAB571U R957168547 A2FM80/61W-VUB571-S R957155549 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R909428184 A2FM80/61W-VAB026 R95716571 A2FM80/61W-VPB030 R957161056 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957135571 A2FM80/61W-VAB026D R909429361 A2FM80/61W-VPB040 R957161571 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957130628 A2FM80/61W-VAB026D R9094 0571 five A2FM80/61W-VPB040 R957160016 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R909429487 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957126297 A2FM80/61W-VPB040 R957196211 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R95715 0571 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R9 0571 4207 A2FM80/61W-VPB100 R957138005 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957160685 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957145075 A2FM80/61W-VPB100 R957107473 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571-S
R957138000 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957161212 A2FM80/61W-VPB188 R957131282 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571U-S
R957138002 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957136558 A2FM80/61W-VPB190J R957138149 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571U-S
R957198493 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957136560 A2FM80/61W-VPB191J-K R957126870 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571U-S
R957137998 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957137591 A2FM80/61W-VUB571-S R957171398 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571U-S
R957198326 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957173730 A2FM80/61W-VUB106-S R957126872 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571U-SK
R957161163 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957168562 A2FM80/61W-VUB180-S R95713571 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571U-S
R957161227 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957168642 A2FM80/61W-VUB180-S R957161449 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571U-S
R957161151 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957188623 A2FM80/61W-VUB181-SK R957160012 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571U-S
R957103296 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957168546 A2FM80/61W-VUB181-SK R957193362 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571U-S
R957138001 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R95715714 A2FM80/61W-VUB188 R957160018 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571U-S
R957137996 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957104966 A2FM80/61W-VUB188 R957130709 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN571U-SK
R957161104 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957111537 A2FM80/61W-VUB188 R957127728 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN100
R957127534 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R90945718 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957137546 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN100-S
R957135034 A2FM80/61W-VAB571D R992000549 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957135038 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN100D
R909611103 A2FM80/61W-VAB571D R99257109 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957116940 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN100D
R957168607 A2FM80/61W-VAB571DJ R957137785 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957171865 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN100D-K
R957168609 A2FM80/61W-VAB571DJ-K R957138061 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957124777 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN100D-K
R957182173 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F R957151888 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957153500 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN106F
R957198436 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F R95715571 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957143926 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN510
R957161139 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F R957137783 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957138091 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN510
R957182175 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F-K R957137672 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957137930 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN510
R957188682 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F-SK R957137778 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957138115 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN510
R957155913 A2FM80/61W-VAB571H R957160506 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957192252 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN510-E
R957138173 A2FM80/61W-VAB571H R957138161 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R95715 0571 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN510D
R957138107 A2FM80/61W-VAB571H-S R957137784 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957106944 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN516
R957127494 A2FM80/61W-VAB571J R957137780 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957149362 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN516D
R957168939 A2FM80/61W-VAB571J R957137779 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957145719 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN520
R957147208 A2FM80/61W-VAB571U R957161369 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957156030 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN520
R957174516 A2FM80/61W-VAB571U R957137782 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957137578 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN520
R957174517 A2FM80/61W-VAB571U R957161185 A2FM80/61W-VZB571-S R957137579 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN520
R957143307 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957193272 A2FM80/61W-VZB571-S R957171672 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN526-S
R957126287 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957143061 A2FM80/61W-VZB571-S R986115717 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN526-S
R957117546 A2FM80/61W-VAB571 R957135018 A2FM80/61W-VZB571D R957114372 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527
R957129208 A2FM80/61W-VAB571F R957171537 A2FM80/61W-VZB571D R957105826 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527
R9 0571 4208 A2FM80/61W-VAB030 R957155973 A2FM80/61W-VZB571H R957133056 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527
R909423206 A2FM80/61W-VAB030 R957106512 A2FM80/61W-VZB571J R957191681 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527
R909428748 A2FM80/61W-VAB040 R957145555 A2FM80/61W-VZB571U R957192882 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527-E
R9 0571 7067 A2FM80/61W-VAB046 R909603905 A2FM80/61W-VZB016 R957163553 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527D
R909605449 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R9094 0571 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957160040 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527D
R957126397 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957126379 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957126668 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527D-E
R957138060 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957137793 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957160465 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527D-K
R957138058 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957156311 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957182392 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527F
R957141640 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957148103 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957193543 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527F
R957145944 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957137794 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957192438 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527F-E
R957138013 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957137711 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957192840 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527F-EK
R95716571 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957137791 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957192817 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527F-EK
R9571571 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957135168 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957182394 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527F-K
R957122286 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957137665 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957121718 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527U
R957138059 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957155525 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R95711571 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527U-E
R957137928 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957137795 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R95711571 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527U-EK
R957174251 A2FM80/61W-VAB100 R957129111 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957121720 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527U-K
R957180824 A2FM80/61W-VAB100-S R957155595 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R95715711 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN527V
R957167615 A2FM80/61W-VAB100-S R957137789 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957173599 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN690-S
R957160337 A2FM80/61W-VAB100D R957108825 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957173598 AA2FM80/61W-VUDN691-SK
R957165766 A2FM80/61W-VAB100F R957137574 A2FM80/61W-VZB571 R957132601 AA2FM80/61W-VZDN520
R957133437 A2FM80/61W-VAB100F R95718 0571 A2FM80/61W-VZB571-S    
R957165768 A2FM80/61W-VAB100F-K R9 0571 9726 A2FM80/61W-VZB571-S    
R957137915 A2FM80/61W-VAB100H R957148084 A2FM80/61W-VZB571F    
R957151884 A2FM80/61W-VAB100U R957147191 A2FM80/61W-VZB571H    
R95717 0571 A2FM80/61W-VAB100V R957111648 A2FM80/61W-VZB571H    
R909446215 A2FM80/61W-VAB106 R9 0571 3122 A2FM80/61W-VZB026    
R957149487 A2FM80/61W-VAB106D R909446848 A2FM80/61W-VZB571    
R909446722 A2FM80/61W-VAB180 R957160507 A2FM80/61W-VZB571    
R957161298 A2FM80/61W-VAB181 R95716571 A2FM80/61W-VZB571    
R957169796 A2FM80/61W-VAB181 R957161099 A2FM80/61W-VZB571    
R957188780 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-K R957135032 A2FM80/61W-VZB571    
R957121785 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-K R957138054 A2FM80/61W-VZB571    
R957167792 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-K R957115448 A2FM80/61W-VZB571    
R957199131 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-K R957140332 A2FM80/61W-VZB571-S    
R909610623 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-K R957161363 A2FM80/61W-VZB571-S    
R95718571 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-K R99200571 A2FM80/61W-VZB571-S    
R957197851 A2FM80/61W-VAB188-S R957126895 A2FM80/61W-VZB571-S    
R957161571 A2FM80/61W-VAB188-S R992000613 A2FM80/61W-VZB571-S    
R957168646 A2FM80/61W-VAB188-Y R957145145 A2FM80/61W-VZB571D    
R957168709 A2FM80/61W-VAB188U R957182427 A2FM80/61W-VZB571F    
R95717571 A2FM80/61W-VAB188U-S R909610306 A2FM80/61W-VZB571S    
R957111702 A2FM80/61W-VAB190DJ R957193000 A2FM80/61W-VZB571U    
R957135007 A2FM80/61W-VAB190DJ R9094 0571 two A2FM80/61W-VZB030    
R957118467 A2FM80/61W-VAB190J R957137812 A2FM80/61W-VZB030    
R957182340 A2FM80/61W-VAB190J R9 0571 7810 A2FM80/61W-VZB036    
R957196946 A2FM80/61W-VAB190J R9094 0571 4 A2FM80/61W-VZB040    
R957184176 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-K R9571713 A2FM80/61W-VZB100    
R957131776 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-K R957161312 A2FM80/61W-VZB100    
R957131577 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-K R957137886 A2FM80/61W-VZB100    
R957145286 A2FM80/61W-VAB181-K R957145963 A2FM80/61W-VZB100    


Dimensions   12 16   28 32 forty five   sixty three eighty ninety 107   one hundred sixty one hundred eighty 200   355 500 710  
Displacement Vg cm³   12 sixteen   28.1 32 45.six   63 80.4 90 106.7   one hundred sixty.4 180 200   355 five hundred 710  
geometric, per revolution
Nominal pressure pnom bar   400 400   400 400 four hundred   four hundred 400 400 four hundred   400 four hundred 400   350 350 350  
Maximum pressure pmax bar   450 450   450 450 450   450 450 450 450   450 450 450   four hundred four hundred 400  
Maximum speed nnom 1) rpm   3150 3150   2500 2500 2240   2000 1800 1800 1600   1450 1450 1550   1320 1200 1200  
nmax 2) rpm   6000 6000   4750 4750 4250   3750 3350 3350 3000   2650 2650 2750   1600 1500 1500  
Stream at nnom qV l/min   38 fifty   70 eighty 102   126 a hundred forty five 162 171   233 261 310   469 600 852  
Electrical power at nnomand pnom P kW   25 34   47 fifty three sixty eight   84 ninety six 108 114   one hundred fifty five 174 207   273 350 497  
Torque 3) at pnom M Nm   seventy six 102   179 204 290   401 512 573 679   1571 1146 1273   1978 2785 3955  
Rotary stiffness c kNm/rad   1.25 one.59   two.ninety three three.twelve 4.eighteen   six.twenty five eight.seventy three 9.14 eleven.2   17.4 eighteen.2 fifty seven.3   ninety a hundred and forty four 270  
Minute of inertia for rotary team JTW kg·m²   .0004 .0004   .0012 .0012 .0571   .0042 .0072 .0072 .0116   .571 .571 .571   .102 .178 .fifty five  
Greatest angular acceleration   rad/s²   5000 5000   6500 6500 14600   7500 6000 6000 4500   3500 3500 11000   8300 5500 4300  
Scenario quantity V l   .seventeen .seventeen   .two .2 .33   .45 .fifty five .fifty five .8 two.7   three.five four.2 8  
Weight (approx.) m kg   6 six   nine.five 9.5 thirteen.5   18 23 23 32   forty five forty five sixty six   one hundred ten 155 325  

Much more Particulars About Us

CZPT service one.We can support consumers style particular merchandise or produce goods according to buyers’design
two.We can print logo according to buyers’ requirement
our rewards one.We are one of the most full hydraulic pump equipment manufacturers in the china, we have been engaged in hydraulic pump add-ons for much more than ten years.
two.Our price tag is lower, the supply time is rapidly, the model is total, because we are a factory.
Buyer Support

1.You may email us by way of the make in china messaging program if you have a question

or would like to post a comment.

two. CZPTly, e mail will be responded to inside 24 several hours apart from on every Sunday

and vacations. We will reply as soon as we again in place of work.

3. If you never see what you are looking for, just send out us an e-mail with image/photo

and we will be happy to help you.

4. Good comments is quite essential to us.

Shipping and delivery Information
one.We can pick different techniques of transportation according to the wants of the buyers, both by commercial categorical or by air and sea.
two.The delivery cycle of equipment is typically about one months,but we have numerous spare elements in inventory
, the shipping cycle of the pump is typically a single to a few months, based on which design.
CZPTions you possibly inquiry

Q1:Could you customized items?

A:We can manufacture it in accordance to your drawings or samples.

Q2: I want to acquire your goods, how can I pay out?

A :You can pay out through T/T , WEST UNION or other payment phrases we attain agreement.

Q3: How can you ensure the quality?

A: One particular year’s guarantee from B/L day.

If You satisfy with good quality issue, we promise to dependable for it.

This autumn: If we will not discover what we want on your site, what ought to we do?

A: You can e mail us the descriptions and images of the goods you need to have, We will check out no matter whether we can make it.

Q5: Can we buy one computer of every single merchandise for high quality screening?

A: Sure, we understand good quality check is important and we are happy to ship 1pc for high quality screening.

Q6: What is the direct time?

A: For this item, usually 3 days,three days and guide time is calculated from the working day we get your deposit.




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