Rexroth A10vg28ep4d 10L-Nsc10f015sh Hydraulic Pump in Stock, for Sale

Rexroth A10vg28ep4d 10L-Nsc10f015sh Hydraulic Pump in Stock, for Sale

CZPT A10VG28EP4D/10L-NSC10F015SH CZPT Pump in Stock, for Sale

CZPT axial piston pump A10VG18, A10VG28, A10VG45, A10VG63


Closed circuit
Control products: High definition, HD3, HW, DG, DA1, DA2, EP3, EP4, EZ1, EZ2, etc.
Nominal force 4350 psi (300 bar) Peak stress 5100 psi (350 bar)
Handle system: MD, Hd, HW, DG, DA, EP, EZ, and so forth.
The A10VG variable axial piston pump of swash plate design for hydrostatic shut circuit transmission
– Movement is proportional to travel pace and displacement and is infinitely variable
– Output flow increases with the swivel angle of the swash plate from to its maximum value
– Flow course adjustments easily when the swash plate is moved via the neutral situation
– A extensive range of highly adaptable manage units is offered for different manage and regulating features
– The pump is outfitted with two stress-aid valves on the substantial strain ports to shield the hydrostatic transmission (pump and motor) from overload
– The large-stress aid valves also operate as enhance valves
– The built-in increase pump acts as a feed and manage oil pump
– The highest boost stress is restricted by a developed-in boost strain reduction valve
CZPT Data 
Table of values (theoretical values, with no effectiveness and tolerances values rounded)

Dimensions A10VG18 A10VG28 A10VG45 A10VG63
Displacement  variable pump Vg max cm3 18 28 46 63
boost pump (at p = 20 bar) Vg Sp cm3 five.5 eight.6 14.nine
Speed  maximum at Vg max Nmax rpm 4000 3900 3300 3000
constrained highest one) nmax minimal rpm 4850 4200 3550 3250
intermittent highest 2) nmax interm. rpm 5200 4500 3800 3500
minimal nmin rpm five hundred five hundred five hundred five hundred
Flow  at nmax continuous   and Vg max qv max l/min seventy two 109 152 189
Electrical power 3) at nmax and Vg max Δp = three hundred bar Pmax kW 36 fifty four.6 seventy five.9 ninety four.5
Torque 3) at Vg max
Δp = three hundred bar CZPT Nm 86 134 220 301
Δp = a hundred bar T Nm 28.six 44.6 73.2 a hundred.three
Rotary stiffness
Shaft finish S c Nm/rad 25714 32143 53404 78370
Shaft conclude T c Nm/rad 73804 92368
Instant of inertia for rotary group JRG kgm2 .00093 .0017 .0033 .0056
Angular acceleration, max. 4) α rad/s2 6800 5500 4000 3300
Filling capacity V L .forty five .64 .75 1.1
Mass approx. (without having by means of generate) m kg fourteen(18) 5) twenty five 27 39


Rexroth A10vg28ep4d 10L-Nsc10f015sh Hydraulic Pump in Stock, for Sale

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