Powerful Big Aggregates Diesel Power Concrete Pump with 80 Cubic Meter Per Hour Capability

Powerful Big Aggregates Diesel Power Concrete Pump with 80 Cubic Meter Per Hour Capability

strong massive aggregates diesel power concrete pump with eighty cubic meter per hour capability 

HBT DHBT-collection concrete pump


Solution Description

Based mostly on the mature electric control reversing concrete pump, SAINTYOL DAWIN Company has developed the entire hydraulic manage concrete pump with outstanding efficiency soon after years of efforts. This hydraulic technique pump has been deleted the four most vulnerable components of the prior concrete pump, that is, PLC, continual strain pump, accumulator, and proximity switches, the transfer drastically enhanced the all round dependability of the equipment, lowered the servicing charges in the latter portion, ensured that the device can function safely and securely in harsh circumstances. The principal variety of merchandise is all varieties of motor (diesel) concrete pumps featuring throughput: thirty-120m³ / h, concrete supply pressure: five-20MPa

Radiator: Adopts the air-cooled plate-fin radiator to make certain that the technique could run in a maximum temperature allowed. 
The major oil pump: Adopts the German Hawe / CZPT / Japanese CZPT series. 
Lubrication technique: Adopts the automated multi-level lubrication engineering featuring one to one particular lubrication with better effectiveness and the extending support lifestyle of sporting areas. 
Energy system: The energy of motor series employs the well-acknowledged domestic and international makes: HangZhou motor, HangZhou motor, Siemens Beide motor. 
Diesel Sequence: Electrical power method employs the CZPT Volvo and Lovol diesel engine. 
CZPTtrical areas: The primary electrical goods adopts Schneider, LG items to the dependability of the digital control program. 
CZPT Hose Fittings: Adopts the US Eaton products to ensure the basic safety of the hydraulic technique, no leakage. 
Big cylinder seals: Massive cylinder seals adopts the US Parker items. 
S valve: Utilizing the manganese steel overall casting, the donning surface adopts use-resistant supplies showcasing the dual benefits of pressure and abrasion resistant. 
Eyeglasses plate reducing ring: Glasses plates and reducing ring inlaid adopts the carbide hard to ensure a durable layout. 
Pistons: Adopts the imported supplies and precision machining, with excellent characteristics: Hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. 

Item Device Parameter Parameter Parameters Parameter
Whole machines efficiency Theoretical max. Discharging volume M³/h 40 50 60 eighty
Theoretical max. Delivery strain MPa 07 twelve 15.seven twelve.five
Max. Shipping and delivery frequency Occasions/min 24 twenty 22(low force) 13(large strain) 26(reduced force) 16(large pressure)
Theoretical max. Shipping length Vertical M a hundred and twenty 150 250 180
Horizontal M 300 350 a thousand 700
Distribution valve type    S tube valve S tube valve S tube valve S tube valve
Specification of supply cylinder mm Φ160×1000 Φ200×1200 Φ200×1650 Φ200×1650
Specification of major oil cylinder mm Φ100/Φ70×1000 Φ125/Φ80×1200 Φ140/Φ90×1650 Φ125/Φ80×1650
Oil tank ability L three hundred 300 420 420
Hopper capacity L 600 600 600 600
Feeding height mm 1400 1400 1400 1400
Outlet opening diameter mm Φ125 Φ150 Φ150 Φ150
Interior dia. Of shipping and delivery pipe mm Φ100 Φ125 Φ125 Φ125
Energy technique Principal motor electrical power Kw forty five fifty five a hundred and ten 110
Rated voltage V 380 380 380 380
Rated velocity R/min 1480 1480 1480 1480
CZPT program CZPT oil circuit type    Open circuit Open up circuit Open up circuit Open up circuit
Max. Oil strain of pumping program MPa 28 28 32 32
Max. Oil strain of mixing technique MPa fourteen fourteen 14 14
Max. Mixing velocity R/min thirty 24 24 24
Other parameters Allowed range of concrete slump mm 80~two hundred 80~200 eighty~two hundred eighty~200
Max. Diameter of aggregates mm thirty Pebble 40, crushed stone thirty Pebble 50, crushed stone40 Pebble 50, crushed stone40
Dimension(length×width×height) mm 4970×1680×1870 5270×2000×1840 6170×1800×2100 6170×1930×2100
Overall excess weight Kg 3200 3500 5200 5200
Pulling pace Km/h ≤8 ≤8 ≤8 ≤8

XBS, DXBS collection of goods is the mortar transportation equipment specially produced for the features of flooring heating construction, suiting for wonderful mixture concrete stuffed layer during floor heating engineering or the huge spot and higher performance design of mortar filling layer. XBS series goods are also ideal for all types of building initiatives in the transportation of good stone concrete, refractory, insulation supplies transportation, the transportation of environmentally friendly soil in the ecological setting construction and pressure grouting of a variety of basis piles. 
XBS-sequence fine stone pump have remodeled from the CZPT Φ80 supply tube to Φ100 shipping and delivery tube, which can transportation the <3cm concrete, so XBS-series fine stone pump has more versatile function. (like transport mortar, fine stone and large aggregate concrete). 
CZPTtronic control technique: Large diploma of automation and reliability, significant appliances adopts Schneider, LS. 
CZPT program: Adopting the automatic multi-stage lubrication technology featuring a single to 1 lubrication, with greater efficiency and the extending service existence of donning parts. 
CZPT method: The new software of liquid management reversing technology tends to make pumping much more reliable and lower failure rate in the hydraulic system. It can configures the valve specifically manufactured for the liquid management system, functions with large flow and have reduce electricity and considerably less influence and longer daily life. 
The major oil pump: Adopts the continuous energy variable plunger pump of the joint venture brand, so that the constant energy manage could properly avoid motor and diesel overload and could stand up to greater pressures and hundreds than standard gear pump, so as to make sure the method working smoothly and reliably, the overpressure relief operate can efficiently defend the primary pump and the diesel motor. 
Electrical power method: The electric powered wonderful stone pump adopts the well-identified domestic and overseas brands: HangZhou motor, Siemens Beide motor, the wonderful stone pump of diesel engine adopts low-electricity high-efficiency ZheJiang Lovol, Yuchai. 
Hopper unit: Elevated quantity, additional the fence, equipped with vibration motor, to fulfill the needs of wonderful concrete pumping. 
CZPT technique: Adopts the air-cooled, drinking water-cooled twin cooling system, which not only adjusts to the chilly weather, but effectively controls the hydraulic oil temperature so as to ensure the protection and trustworthiness of products procedure. 
CZPT pipe fittings: The hose is imported from Italy and the joint is the US Eaton items, the hose connector assembly sets is supplied by Eaton, aiming to guarantee the basic safety of the hydraulic program. 
S valve: Adopts the manganese steel all round casting and the sporting area adopts dress in-resistant resources that includes the twin rewards of force and abrasion resistant. Lumen transition is easy, supplying with unimpeded stream of concrete, so that the pumping performance has been additional enhanced. 
,: , . 
Glasses plate: The slicing loop was created by cemented carbide with tough support. 
Eyeglasses plate chopping loop: Glasses plates and chopping loop inlaid adopts the carbide challenging to ensure a durable design. 
The features and benefits of the full hydraulic manage hydraulic program: 
Extending part existence: Adopts full hydraulic control reversing hydraulic methods, pumping, S tube is assigned to the alternate motion with no involving in the electrical sign with much less reversing effect and decrease sounds and can drastically enhanced the services daily life of hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve. 
Bettering products reliability: Entire hydraulic control system eradicates the intermediate hyperlinks of electrical control sign and the move greatly increases the dependability of the entire tools. 
Decreasing the failure frequency: The full hydraulic management program adopt the centralized valve plate, puts the principal hydraulic valve method to the valve plate and reduces pipe cross-join, so that the system gets to be more compact and lows leakage odds. 
Reducing routine maintenance fees: The method deletes the four most very easily broken factors in the electric manage commutation method and minimizes the servicing charges of the tools.  

  Merchandise Device Parameter Parameters Parameters
Entire device functionality Theoretical max. Discharging quantity M³/h twenty five forty thirty
Theoretical max. Supply pressure MPa twelve 13 13
Max. Delivery frequency Moments/min 24 30 thirty
The kind of distribution valve    S tube valve S tube valve S tube valve
Specification of supply cylinder mm Φ140×800 Φ140×800 Φ140×800
Specification of major oil cylinder mm Φ80×Φ50×800 Φ80/Φ50×800 Φ80/Φ50×800
Outlet opening diameter mm Φ125 Φ125 Φ125
Hopper capability L 300 three hundred three hundred
Electricity technique Rated voltage V ~380 ~380 ~380
Main motor energy Kw thirty forty five 37
Rated pace R/min 1470 1470 1470
Assistant motor electricity Kw three 3 3
Rated pace R/min 1430 1430 1430
CZPT technique CZPT oil circuit type    Open circuit Open circuit Open up circuit
Max. Oil strain of pumping system MPa 25 twenty five twenty five
Max. Oil strain of mixing program MPa 9 9 nine
Max. Mixing speed R/min 24 24 24
Oil tank capability L two hundred 200 200
Other parameters Max. Diameter of aggregates mm ≤25 25 twenty five
Interior dia. Of shipping and delivery pipe mm Φ80 Φ80 Φ80
mm 4100×1500×1500 4300×1500×1500 4300×1500×1500
Total bodyweight Kg 2000 2100 2100
Pulling speed Km/h ≤8 ≤8 ≤8

Adopts XBS25-twelve-33 fantastic stone concrete pump for transporting mortar. The comparison of mortar and good stone transported by wonderful stone concrete pump and mortar and fine stone transported by building elevator: 
,: , , , 3.2m2, . 
As for the very same operating situation and development framework, let us take the ground dealing with of one particular website in HangZhou metropolis as an instance: Both of them have 3 units with 32 flooring and the complete region is 32000 m2, the following is the thorough comparison in between good stone concrete pumps and design elevators for conveying. 
one. Personnel allocation for wonderful stone concrete pumps as demonstrated as the following: 
one, 2(4), 2, 2, 2, 4, 15. 
One particular wonderful stone concrete pump operator, two sets of blenders and two operators for every single blender (completely 4 persons), two people for concrete giving, two persons for floor cleaning, two individuals for concrete pouring, and 4 folks for smoothing floor, entirely 15 people. 
, 12m³/h(, 20m³/h), 12m³/h*8h=96m³, 5-6cm, 1920, 128, 17. 
CZPTly, the typical conveying potential is 12m³/h (the info includes machine shut down time, and the theoretical conveying ability of fantastic stone pump is 20m³/h), conveying ability of each working day is 12m³/h*8h=96m³, and design area is five-6cm in thickness, so every working day can make 1920, and the regular work for each men and women is 128, which totally demands seventeen times for finishing this work
two. Personnel allocation for development elevator is shown as the pursuing: 
two/2/two/8/2/4/two, 22., 6, 120.06m³, 1612, 8, 12*.06*eight*four=23m³, 460, 21, 70. 
Two people for two sets of blenders, two individuals for concrete supplying, two persons for carrying sand and stone, 8 persons for transportation, two cleaners, 4 folks for concrete pouring, and two folks for ground smoothing, totally 22 persons. Typically, development elevator can carry two transporting cars at each and every time, reduced-increase flooring expenses 6 minutes and high-rise floor takes twelve minutes for one particular lifting and each vehicle can have .06m³, so every hour there can be twelve vehicles in 6 times of transporting, if we take 8 people divided into four teams for counting: twelve automobiles *.06*eight*4=23m³, so each working day can have 460 and per capita is 21, which needs 70 days for finishing this function. 


Use S-valve to switch the path, for fantastic stone concrete conveying
Good sealing S-valve, installed with floating wear resistant ring
High-good quality put on resistant alloy elements for extended services-lifestyle
Higher shipping and delivery stress for demand from customers of substantial-increase and lengthy distance tasks
Double-loop open circuit hydraulic system, make certain fast direction switching velocity and substantial efficiency
Air cooling method, without having dependence of external h2o supply
With re-pumping function to clean building of much better accessibility
CZPT lubrication program for lengthy provider-daily life
PLC technique to make certain very best electrical manage overall performance
Outfitted with wired remote controller, straightforward to work

Locations of application: 

The SAINTYOL DAWIN CZPTry concrete pumps are primarily based on technological pioneer achievements. They hold researching and creating new engineering – and have been doing so for a lot of years! They are the nationwide initiative products for wonderful stone concrete conveying and received two countrywide patents. 
·Fine stone concrete conveying
·Floor heating building
·Tunnel and underground design
·Mortar conveying
·Used as spray pump when Mounted with incidental spraying equipment, for concrete, mortar, refractory material and eco-friendly soil spraying
·HBT20~80 Concrete pumps are applied for large-increase conveying, railway, tunnel, bridge development and particular apps, hydraulic energy, mining and nationwide protection.   


Operating Internet site of  SAINTYOL DAWIN  Trailer Concrete Pump

Based on the mature liquid control concrete pump, SAINTYOL DAWIN CZPTry has created the tiny and medium dimensions transporting pump with the two good combination concrete, mortar and massive combination concrete. The principal sort of items is a variety of motor (diesel) concrete pump featuring throughput: 20-fifty m³/h, concrete supply pressure: seven-13MPa, The concrete or mortar applies into different sectors of concrete assignments like democratic national development, transportation, railway and h2o conservancy, electricity and other individuals and it can be transported economically and successfully. 

Packing Listing of  SAINTYOL  DAWIN  Trailer Concrete Pump 


SAINTYOL DAWIN CZPTry is a company specializing in the investigation, layout and production of design machinery for almost twenty a long time. We give the most reasonable answer in accordance to the particular demand from different buyers. Our major merchandise for building equipment are as follows: Concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, diesel concrete mixer, concrete pump, sand so on. With a number of exploring and making bases in China, we can provide the effective technological provider and upper top quality equipment for the clients all in excess of the world. 
We take care of your buy! 

1. Best manufacturer in North China. 
two. A factory with more than 20 years’ encounter. 
3. Professional teamwork of each and every process. 
4. Competitive price tag and excellent good quality. 
five. Effective soon after-sale support. 


Q: How many kinds of trailer concrete pumps you have? 
A: We have all sorts of concrete pumps such as little models with capacity twenty, 25, 30, 40m3/h, medium types with capability 40, 50m3/h, huge models with capability sixty, 803/h. 

Q: Do you have concrete positioning booms that could be doing work jointly with concrete pump? 
A: Indeed, We have under series. 
1: thirteen/15/17m Manual CZPT Spider Concrete Putting Booms
2: 13/15/17Mobile CZPT Spider Concrete Placing Booms
3: 28/32m Floor Climbing Type and Elevator Effectively Shaft Climbing Concrete Putting Booms (Tubular Column)
4: 21/24/28/32 Elevator Properly Shaft Climbing Concrete Inserting Booms (Mast Part)

Q: What is the configuration? 
A: For exporting, most of the components are globe CZPT leading makes this kind of as LOVOL, DEUTZ, Siemens, CZPT, CZPT, Schneider, Omron, LG, Eaton, Manuli, Parker etc. The configuration could be CZPT in accordance to client’s specifications. 

Q: Is engineer obtainable for coaching and following revenue support? 
A: Sure, our oversea engineers staff are standing by for oversea provider. Some engineers could talk English. 

Following-sale Service
1. May enjoy the daily life-long provider following you purchase our items. 
2. Training the operator for totally free. 
three. Under the condition that basis, h2o resource, electricity source, combination, internet hosting
CZPT, auxiliary staff is completely ready. Engineers are available if you require. 
four. Certain quantity stochastic tool will be offered even though delivering products. 
5. Within 48 hours service will be available in accordance to diverse areas after gained
The phone. 
six. For exported products, Our company sends the constructor to support to function and
Administration equipment, time according to your wants. The associated fee will be carried out
By buyers. 
7. Promptly provides the fittings according to users’ needs, handles for the user consigns
For shipment. 
eight. All goods (effortless worn parts not integrated) loss induced by non-human variables will be
Cost-free of charge for fifty percent a year. 
nine. Provides the technologies advisory support as needed. 
ten. Please speak to me via telephone when you have any problems with the plant. 

Dear close friends: 

Welcome to our internet site and hope our trailer concrete pump/Putting Growth / Concerete Placer will make you pleased. We feel creatively, design bravely, manufacture exactly and loyalty to our clients. And we have our very own manufacturing facility. So We can make the products, according to buyer needs. 

Appreciate SAINTYOL DAWIN CZPTry Appreciate CZPTer Life! 

Yours sincerely
Saintyol Dawin CZPTry

Powerful Big Aggregates Diesel Power Concrete Pump with 80 Cubic Meter Per Hour Capability


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