GDL Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump

GDL Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump

one.Solution Overview 
GDL vertical multistage inline pump is the most recent design with the characteristics of power-conserving and significantly less area need, easy to set up and has secure performances. 
With AISI 304 stainless metal shell and use resistant axle seal, the pump can stay extended service existence without having leakage. 
With hydraulic equilibrium to equilibrium the axial force, the pump can run far more effortlessly with significantly less sounds, and it can be effortlessly put in in the identical stage pipelines, which enjoys much better installation situations than product GDL. 
With these functions, GDL pump can effortlessly meet up with the demands and specifications for h2o supply and drainage for higher structures, deep wells and hearth-battling equipments.

Stream selection: up to 195m3/h
Head variety: up to 230m
Velocity: 2900r/min
Highest strain: 2.5MPa
Medium temperature: -15~+120ºC
CZPT temperature: ≤+40ºC
Motor protection amount: IP44, IP54
Insulation grade: B, F
Rotation path: clockwise
Flanges DN: 25 to one hundred fifty
Hot and chilly drinking water distribution and circuits
Domestic drinking water supply for properties
H2o supply of residences,higher structures and lodges
Fire water source for properties(Fireplace fighting pressure boosting)
Drinking water provide equipments
Drinking water offer for boilers
Water circulation and boosting for industries
Other cleanse fluid transportation
For all industries exactly where chemically neutral,non-explosive obvious liquids with no abrasive particles
4.PUMP Edge:
 High hydraulic efficiency
 Low electrical usage
 Low sound ranges
 Almost routine maintenance free of charge
. Standardised with flanges. Coupled to the pump by rigid coupling
. Velocity: 2900 rpm
. Winding three-phase 380V/fifty Hz
. Insulating course: F
. CZPT: IP55
6.Product Meaning 
fifty: Inlet & Outlet Diameter (mm)
GDL: Vertical Multistage CZPT Pump
18: Movement (m³/h)
15: Solitary Suction Head (m)
6: Stage


eight.Set up Dimension

nine.Primary components Record

Portion Material 
Shaft seal sort Packing gland or Mechncial sesal
Impeller Cast iron, Ductile iron,  CZPT steel , CZPT metal, Bronze, Duplex SS
Bearing Certified China Bearing or NTN/NSK/SKF
Shaft 2Cr13, 3Cr13, Duplex SS

10.Component of Design Overall performance

Model Flow Head
m3/h L/s
25GDL2-12×3 2 .six 36
25GDL2-12×4 two .6 48
25GDL2-12×5 2 .6 60 one.5
25GDL2-12×6 two .6 seventy two 1.5
25GDL2-12×7 2 .6 eighty four two.2
25GDL2-12×8 two .6 ninety six 2.2
25GDL2-12×9 two .6 108 two.2
25GDL2-12×10 2 .six 120 three
25GDL2-12×11 two .6 132 3
25GDL2-12×12 two .six 144 3
25GDL4-11×3 4 33
25GDL4-11×4 four one.1 forty four 1.five
25GDL4-11×5 four 1.1 55 two.2
25GDL4-11×6 four 1.1 sixty six two.2
25GDL4-11×7 4 1.1 seventy seven 3
25GDL4-11×8 4 88 3
25GDL4-11×9 four 99 three
25GDL4-11×10 four 1.1 a hundred and ten four
25GDL4-11×11 4 121 four
25GDL4-11×12 four one.1 132 4
40GDL6-12×3 6 one.7 36 1.5
40GDL6-12×4 6 48 two.2
40GDL6-12×5 6 one.7 60 2.two
40GDL6-12×6 six seventy two three
40GDL6-12×7 6 one.7 eighty four three
40GDL6-12×8 6 one.7 ninety six 4
40GDL6-12×9 six one.7 108 four
40GDL6-12×10 6 a hundred and twenty four
40GDL6-12×11 six 132 5.5
40GDL6-12×12 six one hundred forty four five.5
50GDL12-15×2 12 three.three 30 2.two
50GDL12-15×3 twelve 3.three forty five 3
50GDL12-15×4 twelve three.3 sixty 4
50GDL12-15×5 twelve 3.3 seventy five 5.five
50GDL12-15×6 12 three.three ninety five.5
50GDL12-15×7 twelve 3.three one zero five 7.five
50GDL12-15×8 twelve three.three a hundred and twenty 7.5
50GDL12-15×9 12 3.three one hundred thirty five eleven
50GDL12-15×10 12 three.3 one hundred fifty eleven
50GDL18-15×2 18 5 30 three
50GDL18-15×3 eighteen five 45 four
50GDL18-15×4 eighteen five 60 5.five
50GDL18-15×5 1 8 five 75 7.5
50GDL18-15×6 1 eight 5 ninety 7.5
50GDL18-15×7 one 8 five one zero five 11
50GDL18-15×8 eighteen five a hundred and twenty eleven
50GDL18-15×9 eighteen 5 a hundred thirty five fifteen
50GDL18-15×10 18 5 one hundred fifty fifteen
65GDL24-12×2 24 six.7 24 three
65GDL24-12×3 24 36 four
65GDL24-12×4 24 six.7 forty eight five.five
65GDL24-12×5 24 sixty seven.five
65GDL24-12×6 24 72 seven.5
65GDL24-12×7 24 six.7 84 eleven
65GDL24-12×8 24 six.7 96 11
65GDL24-12×9 24 six.7 108 15
65GDL24-12×10 24 6.7 one hundred twenty 15
80GDL36-12×2 36 10 24 four
80GDL36-12×3 36 10 36 five.5
80GDL36-12×4 36 ten 48 7.five
80GDL36-12×5 36 10 60 eleven
80GDL36-12×6 36 ten seventy two eleven
80GDL36-12×7 36 ten eighty four 15
80GDL36-12×8 36 ten 96 fifteen
80GDL36-12×9 36 10 108 18.five
80GDL36-12×10 36 ten a hundred and twenty 18.five
80GDL54-14×2 54 15 28 seven.five
80GDL54-14×3 fifty four 15 42 11
80GDL54-14×4 fifty four fifteen 56 fifteen
80GDL54-14×5 fifty four fifteen 70 eighteen.5
80GDL54-14×6 54 15 eighty four 18.five
80GDL54-14×7 fifty four fifteen ninety eight 22
80GDL54-14×8 54 15 112 thirty
80GDL54-14×9 fifty four 15 126 thirty
80GDL54-14×10 fifty four fifteen one hundred forty 37
100GDL72-14×2 72 20 28 eleven
100GDL72-14×3 72 twenty forty two 15
100GDL72-14×4 seventy two 20 fifty six eighteen.5
100GDL72-14×5 72 20 70 22
100GDL72-14×6 seventy two twenty eighty four 30
100GDL72-14×7 72 twenty 98 30
100GDL72-14×8 seventy two twenty 112 37
100GDL72-14×9 72 twenty 126 37
100GDL72-14×10 72 20 140 forty five
100GDL100-20×2 100 27.eight forty 18.5
100GDL100-20×3 100 27.eight 60 thirty
100GDL100-20×4 a hundred 27.eight eighty 37
100GDL100-20×5 a hundred 27.eight one hundred 45
100GDL100-20×6 100 27.eight a hundred and twenty 55
100GDL100-20×7 a hundred 27.eight a hundred and forty seventy five
100GDL100-20×8 a hundred 27.8 160 seventy five
100GDL100-20×9 100 27.8 180 75
100GDL100-20xl0 100 27.eight 200 ninety
125GOL126-20×2 126 35 40 eighteen.5
125GDL126-20×3 126 35 sixty thirty
125GDL126-20×4 126 35 80 37
125GDL126-20×5 126 35 one hundred forty five
125GDL126-20×6 126 35 a hundred and twenty 55
125GDL126-20×7 126 35 140 75
125GDL126-20×8 126 35 160 seventy five
125GDL126-20×9 126 35 a hundred and eighty 75
125GDL126-20×10 126 35 200 90
150GDL160-30×2 a hundred and sixty 44.four sixty 45
150GDL160-30×3 160 forty four.4 90 75
150GDL160-30×4 one hundred sixty 44.four one hundred twenty 90
150GDL160-30×5 a hundred and sixty 44.four a hundred and fifty a hundred and ten
150GDL160-30×6 160 44.four one hundred eighty 132
150GDL160-30×7 a hundred and sixty forty four.four 210 one hundred sixty

Pre-income service: 
•We are a income group, with all technological help from engineer staff.
•We value every single inquiry sent to us, make sure fast competitive provide inside of 24 hrs.
•We cooperate with consumer to style and build the new merchandise. Supply all necessary doc.

After-income service:
•We respect your feed back soon after obtain the motors.
•We give 1years warranty after receipt of motors..
•We assure all spare elements offered in life span use.
•We loge your complain inside of 24 hours.


GDL Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump


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