Gas Burner Combustion Automatic Curing Painting Powder Drying Oven

Gas Burner Combustion Automatic Curing Painting Powder Drying Oven

CZPT oven has a extensive assortment of Utilizes: suitable for baking chemical fuel and foodstuff processing business to bake products, substrate anxiety removing, ink curing, paint movie drying, electronics, electrical, composite,communications, electroplating, plastic, metallic chemical, foodstuff, printing, pharmaceutical, Laptop board, powder, immersion, spraying, glass, ceramics, wooden constructing materials…… And so on the precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, shaping, processing and so on.

Powder coating is a new coating procedure produced swiftly in modern a long time. The raw content utilized is plastic powder. In latest years, due to the significance of environmental protection in various nations around the world, powder coating without having pollution to drinking water and air, has been produced rapidly.
1, a coating can get a thicker coating, such as coating a hundred ~ 300 micron coating, with common solvent coating, about four ~ 6 occasions, and with powder coating can get to the thickness. The coating has great corrosion resistance.
2, powder coating does not have solvent, no 3 squander air pollution, improve labor health circumstances.
3. Adopt new processes this sort of as powder electrostatic spraying, with higher performance and suitable for automated assembly line coating Powder utilization fee is substantial, can be recycled.
four, in addition to thermosetting epoxy, polyester, acrylic acid, there are a big number of thermoplastic grease resistant powder coatings, this kind of as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, fluorinated polyether, nylon, polycarbonate and all types of fluorinated resins.
Powder coating began to be employed for security and electrical edge. With the improvement of science and technological innovation, it has been extensively utilised in auto market, electrical insulation, corrosion resistant chemical pump, valve, cylinder, pipe, outdoor metal parts, steel household furniture, casting and other area coating.

Characteristics of the products
1,Design and style according to the proportion of human engineering, straightforward operation, present day appearance.
two,Argon Arc entire Welding of all stainless Steel in Interior to stop dust from the device itself.
3,Distinctive air-duct design to ensure the temperature inside is uniformity
4,Very first-class engineering of warmth &thermal insulation, sealing effect is exceptional.
5,Double above-temperature protection, safer and far more reliable.
six,Climbing up rapidly, and the temperature is secure and exact.
7,The shell temperature is minimal, which has little effect on the indoor environment temperature.
eight,In accordance to the item set up a range of heating and air mode, power preserving, protection and environmental protection.
9,Module style:Each and every section manipulation and operation in adaptable independently can be offered.

ten,Hues CZPT foundation on colour card.

CZPT Parameters of CZPT Oven
Sort Frequent Clean Ending Cure Explosion-Proof Vacuum
 Temperature variety -250ºC -350ºC -550ºC -700ºC 700ºC
Temperature Homogeneity ±1ºC ±3ºC ±5ºC ±1.five%ºC  
Heating Fee <=5ºC/min <=8ºC/min <=10ºC/min 10ºC/min  
CZPT Type electrical Gas Steam Air CZPT Other
Heating Method CZPTtric  Infrared  Other    
Chamber Solitary Twin A few Other  
Sheathing Material Chilly Drawing Spray-Paint CZPT S
Chamber Substance CZPT S
teel 201
teel 304
Galvanized Sheet Other  
Warmth Insulating Materials Aluminosilicate Rock Wool Insulating Fibre-Board Firebrick Other  
Air Transportation Method Remaining and  Right Up and Down Entrance and Behind  Symmetrical Remaining and  Correct  
Air Motor Position Leading bottom Hindside Sidepiece Other
Amount of Explosion-evidence Doorways 1 Two Other    
Handbook door Solitary Doorway Double Door 3 Doorways Other  
CZPT Doorway Revolution doorway Facet Sliding Doorway Lift door Roll-Up Doorway Other
Cart Sort Double-Deck Cart Motor-Trolley Landing Cart CZPT Trolley Other
 Power Management SSR SCR Other    
Handle Method CZPT Management HMI Management Community Control Other  
Timing Mode Manual  CZPT Other    
Safety CZPT Operate Overtemperature   Overload  Section Sequence   Earth Leakage CZPT Other
Detection Operate Temperature Thickness Flame Pressure Other

Graphic wind circulation:

Solitary-sided provide air kind Double-encounter type Double-face blast with explosion-proof Thermal rising kind
Thermal growing sort Thermal radiation variety Very hot air radiation Scorching air radiation

Gas Burner Combustion Automatic Curing Painting Powder Drying Oven


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