for Medical Equipment Ceramic Piezoresistive and Silicon Pressure Transducer

for Medical Equipment Ceramic Piezoresistive and Silicon Pressure Transducer

JC623Y-fifteen Ceramic Piezoresistive and Silicon Force Transducer Overview:
JC623Y-15 ceramic piezoresistive and silicon pressure transducer is specially designed and created for quite harsh setting these kinds of as blocking stress-guided holes by drilling mud as nicely as powerful vibration in the course of oilfield drilling and well logging. This transducer normally takes CZPTean superior slim/thick sputtered film ceramic pressure sensors as delicate aspects for integration with digital circuits. This kind of stress transducers is of fully stainless metal cylindrical structure and simple to function. It is specifically applicable for this kind of viscous, easily blocked and strongly vibrating industrial sites as oil area logging, pharmacy and textile producing, and so forth.. Additionally, it has attained desirable software consequences in oil fields at house.

JC623Y-fifteen Ceramic Piezoresistive and Silicon Stress Transducer Features:
* Higher temperature and substantial strain
* Substantial accuracy and high balance
* Vibration, impact and corrosion resistance and entirely stainless steel composition
* Small quantity, gentle excess weight, and direct method set up

JC623Y-fifteen Ceramic Piezoresistive and Silicon Strain Transducer Application:
* Subsurface equipment for petroleum
* Airspace and aerospace
* CZPT, biochemical and fermentation techniques
* Other computerized handle and detection systems

CZPT Parameters:

Measuring range -100KPa~ 0~100KPa …220 MPa
Overload capacity 2 times of full-scale pressure(wherein the overpressure 
of more than 100MPa is 1.1 times of full-scale pressure)
Pressure type Gauge pressure or absolute pressure
Measuring media The gas or liquid compatible with 316 stainless steel
Range of power supply twelve~36VDC(generally 24VDC)
Signal output 4~20mA / 1~5VDC / 0~5VDC / 0.5~four.5VDC
Accuracy  (nonlinearity + hysteresis + repeatability) ± ±0.twenty five%FS ±0.4%FS
Long-term stability ± year
Range of operating temperature   -40~+120ºC
Range of compensation temperature -twenty~+85ºC
Temperature efficiency Zero temperature coefficient:≤±0.02%FS/ºC
Sensitivity temperature coefficient:≤±0.02%FS/ºC
Thermal hysteresis ±0.1%FS(typical value)
Liquid contacting material Diaphragm:17-4PN or   AL2O3
Response time ≤2ms
Load resistance ≤(U-12)/.02 Ω
Insulation resistance 100MΩ,500 VDC
Enclosure protection class Plug-in type(IP65) cable type(IP67)
Safety and explosion protection Ex iaII CT5
Bodyweight Approx..25 kg
Vibration error ≤± X,Y,Z,200Hz/g)

Buying Data:

JC623Y-fifteen Ceramic Piezoresistive and Silicon Stress Transducer
  Pressure type Gauge pressure (G may not be indicated)absolute pressure(A)
  Variety ( 0~ X MPa)Measuring range
  Code Overall accuracy (linearity + repeatability + hysteresis)
1  ±0.4%FS
2  ±0.twenty five%FS
3 ±
  Code  Signal output
A1 four~20mA  
V1 one~5V DC  
V2 ~5V DC  
V3 .5~4.5V DC
  Code Additional functions
F1 M20x1.5 external thread
F2 G1/4 external thread
F3 M24x1.5 external thread
F0 Special
W1 Cable type(IP67,2m)
W2 HSM socket type(IP65,DIN43650)
W3 Aviation plug type(IP65)
P Flush diaphragm type
E Intrinsically safe explosion-proof type Ex iaIICT5
JC623Y-15  (~20MPa)   -one     -A1    -F1    -W2      Ceramic Piezoresistive and Silicon Stress Transducer

Tips for Kind Choice
* The medium to be measured shall be compatible with the substance getting in touch with with the merchandise.
* As an extra operate code for kind assortment, the code “E” for intrinsically safe explosion-proof sort Ex ia II CT5 denotes that energy supply must be equipped via protection barrier.
* For other unique specifications, make sure you examine with us and evidently reveal them in the get.

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Qualification and Certificate:

Product CZPT:
We pick cartons and protective pads that can be recycled. This will increase the safety of our merchandise from harm for the duration of transportation.

Product Transportation:
We only pick the international specific service companies. We will produce the goods to you at the most effective speed.

for Medical Equipment Ceramic Piezoresistive and Silicon Pressure Transducer


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