Cryogenic Oxygen Filling Equipment Oxygen Filling Pump

Cryogenic Oxygen Filling Equipment Oxygen Filling Pump

CZPT Oxygen Filling CZPT Oxygen Filling Pump

Merchandise Description:
This kind of pumps are mainly employed for LO2,LN2,LAr,LNG,Gasoline supply systems of huge and medium-dimension metal mill, chemical manufacturing facility Cylinder filling,Tank Huing and other medium pressure fuel source system.

Functionality features:
Module style, vast coverage of flow
Simple design of pump head elements, hassle-free for maintenance
Trustworthy framework of sealing
Optional gas auxiliary sealing device, additional boost the seal existence
A variety of configurations enhance the degree of security and automation

Optional Configuration:
1.CZPTtromagnetic pace adjustment motor/frequency conversion motor/fastened velocity motor
two.Overpressure interlocking gadget Security valve/CZPT verify valve 
3.Temperature interlocking unit within pump
4.Force interlocking system of outlet liquid

 Model  NO.  Flow(L/h)  Inlet pressure
 Max Out pressure
Electrical power
 Gas return
SBP50-one hundred fifty/a hundred sixty five 1 fifty-150 .02~.8 16.five four twenty five 10 25
SBP100-250/one hundred sixty five 1 a hundred-250 .02~.8 16.five 4 25 ten twenty five
SBP200-350/a hundred sixty five one two hundred-350 .02~.8 sixteen.five 4 25 10 twenty five
SBP200-four hundred/a hundred sixty five 1 200-400 .02~.eight sixteen.5 5.five 25 10 25
SBP300-600/165 1 three hundred-600 .02~.8 sixteen.five 7.5 25 10 twenty five
SBP300-seven hundred/one hundred sixty five 1 300-seven-hundred .02~.8 16.five 11 25 10 twenty five
SBP400-800/a hundred sixty five 1 400-800 .02~.eight sixteen.5 eleven 32 15 twenty five
SBP500-a thousand/a hundred sixty five one 500-one thousand .02~.eight sixteen.5 fifteen 32 15 25
SBP600-1200/one hundred sixty five one 600-1200 .02~.eight 16.five 15 32 15 25

Our Features:

A. Service and CZPT: 
     We goal at providing best quality merchandise and ideal service for our consumers.

B. Reasonable and Reasonable Cost: 
     We never stop making an attempt to discover new methods to lessen the creation price so that we can offer our comsters a competitive value.

C. Rapid Shipping and delivery Time: 
     We are focused to working quite tough to make sure each transportation can be secure and punctual.

D. Our Model CZPT: 
     We believe that every element factor can make accomplishment. We are trying to make our manufacturer nicely-recognized all more than the planet. We are a comprehensive and very efficient worldwide trade firm. Primarily based on our greatest services, we have proven a perfect distrubuting and buying community around the entire world.

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Cryogenic Oxygen Filling Equipment Oxygen Filling Pump