Backflush Polymer Filtration System for Plastic Recycling Granulator Extruder

Backflush Polymer Filtration System for Plastic Recycling Granulator Extruder

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Backflush filtration program for plastic recycling granulator
GM-DP-BF collection CZPT  backflush display screen changer( double piston monitor changer with four doing work positions)

In order to considerably increase the lifetime of the filter media GMACH offers automatic backflush screen changers.
Doing work principle (backflush method)of this  double piston backflush display changer with four screen cavities fortwin screw extruder
These systems work as follows: When a pre-defined pollution degree is reached, the backflushing automatically starts.
Then the contaminations from the screen pack are led out of the machine via a spillway. The contaminated backflush mass leaves the machine by means of heated backflush outlet pipes which are installed at the screen changer housing. There the small quantity may be removed or collected.

With the-channel screen changers additional slide valves are used at the backflush channels. There is no interference of the process during backflushing.
Features provided
one,Continuously working melt filter
two,4 working stations 
three,venting groove can discharge the gas mixed in the raw material 
4, no interference during the process of backflushing
five,the screen cleaning reached 85%
6, long life span of the filtration screen pack/mesh , it owning to up to 100 times backflushing at most.

 screen adjust approach
The display screen changer and fuel venting process of this variety of   Double piston backflush display screen changer with four monitor cavities fortwin screw extruder
The subsequent procedure is based mostly on standing encounter to the screen changer and extruder
one particular rod is pushed out on the left facet of the housing of the display screen changer by hydraulically
the blocked filter monitor pack is taken off and changed by a clean a single
the rod is pushed into the housing of the screen changer
this rod is pushed out on the rignht facet of the housing of the monitor changer by hydraulically.
the other a single blocked filter screen pack on this rod is removed and replaced by a fresh one particular.
the other rods repeat the previously mentioned measures
The fuel venting systen begins to function when the rod is pushed into the housing of the display changer, and the adhering to picture display the procedure of fuel venting of this variety of dual rods continuous extrusion screen changer for polymer melt filtration.

Major application fields of  Double piston backflush screen changer with 4 display screen cavities fortwin screw extruder
for compounding, semi-finished production, recycling, manufacturing of fibers, polymerization, film extrusion
for fully automatic production processes
Optional selection
assistance stands
down stream equipments: suach as CZPT soften gear pump
filter mesh/screen
vacuum cleaning furnace

Suggestions for clients
How to select a most suited sort of screen changer for your extrusion line ?
Right after the equipment provider generating a size advice and then you should complete your personal investigation to confirm proper sizing. That way, you will have the gain of impartial analyses and, greatest of all, there is no added value.
Understand the big difference among price and value. Be certain to consider into thing to consider all of the variables and look at all the factors to figure out the real price of ownership for the monitor changer. Some of the hidden variables to take into account might be:
Solution quality.
Upkeep, time and price of elements.
Procedure downtime and price.
Lifestyle expectancy for the tools and amortized cost of ownership.
Price and availability of filtration media.
Force decline and influence on line output and product good quality.
Operator safety.
Necessary operator intervention and labor cost.
If all of these and other factors are taken into thought, you can select the most appropriate solution, and then you can assume a considerably much better return on expenditure.

Backflush Polymer Filtration System for Plastic Recycling Granulator Extruder


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