Aged Transformer Oil Reconditioning Plant

Aged Transformer Oil Reconditioning Plant

Aged transformer oil reconditioning plant &lparZYD-I&rpar

Double-phase vacuum &furthermore Regeneration system

Specially designed for on site completely regenerating insulating oils in energized or de-energized transformers&period After treatment&comma the oil can be reused as new&period 
Provides regular purification such as degassing&comma drying and particulate removal&semi
Also remove acidity&comma sludge&comma other soluble oil decay products and remove black shade&period 
Use high vacuum degasification technology and particulate filters combined with our special brand of earth&period of time
Can be mounted on a leak proof base or be installed and operated on a trailer&period of time
The bridge-type vacuum linking system make it also can be an independent vacuum source&period

one&period The plant is delivered ready for operation&period 
2&period For various kind of insulation oils in electrical transformers and circuit breakers
3&period There are two vacuum pumps for ZYD-I &lparone is the vacuum pump&comma other one is the booster roots pump&rpar&comma which can greatly improve the vacuum value&period Making sure the water-content of the treated oil is less than 3 PPM&time period
four&interval With an automatic Anti-Foam Control System&period 
5&interval With built-in control and safety devices&comma which provides maximum operating security&period 
six&period Minimised power consumption through optimised degassing &lparexcellent efficiency factor&rpar&period 
7&period Standardized filter housing for 1 micron &comma 5 micron&comma 20 micron and 80 micron filter cartridges&period 
eight&period CZPT supervision for contamination degree of the fine filter cartridges
9&period Can evacuate the vacuum for the electric equipment separately like transformer&period Also it can be used to dry electric equipment and input the oil into the electric equipment under vacuum state&period
10&period Adopts double-infrared liquid automatic controller&comma pressure automatic-protector which
can make sure the machine works online for 150 hours continuously without person&period 
11&period Adopts interlocked protective system which connect oil pump&comma heater and liquid level sensor to keep away from blank heating&comma blank pumping&comma oil leak and electricity leak&period If any fault&comma machine will be power off automatically&time period
12&period Functions of live line work on-site&comma vacuum drying and vacuum oiling&period
thirteen&period Operational can be P&periodL&periodC &lparProgrammable Logic Controller&rpar&period 
fourteen&period On-line water content measuring device&interval
15&period Regeneration system BZ with special brand of earth can remove acidity&comma sludge&comma other soluble oil decay products and discoloration

Positive aspects&colon
Comparing with the one-stage vacuum oil purifier&comma this equipment can dewater&comma degas and eliminates the impurities far more quickly&comma far more totally&comma and helps make the oil BDV &lparBreakdown Voltage&rpar of 75 kV or increased&interval As the bridge-sort vacuum linking method that can purify and also can be an unbiased vacuum electricity offer&comma this device can treat the electric insulation products&time period

Parameters Device ZYD-I-thirty ZYD-I-a hundred ZYD-I-a hundred and fifty ZYD-I-200 ZYD-I-250 ZYD-I-300
Flow rate L&solh 1800 6000 9000 12000 15000 18000
Working vacuum MPa -&period08~-&period099
Working pressure MPa ≤0&period3
Temperature range ºC 20 ~ 80
Energy 3 ph 380V 60Hz &lparOr as needed&rpar
Working noise dB&lparA&rpar seventy five 75 seventy five eighty eighty eighty
Heating power kW 30 45 sixty seventy five ninety one hundred twenty
Total power kW 35&period5 52&period5 seventy one&period4 86&period5 102&period5 135
Oil Inlet&solOutlet   mm φ25 φ42 φ50 φ50 φ60 φ60
Fat Kg 600 1050 1400 1800 2000 2200
General Size mm 1100 1200 1450 1600 1800 1900
Width mm 750 950 950 1100 1200 1200
Height mm 1350 1500 1650 1800 1900 1900

Guarantee Value

Product Device After treatment
Breakdown Voltage kV &geq75
Moisture content PPM ≤3
Gas content &percnt ≤0&period1
Impurity size micron ≤0&period5 &lparno free carbon&rpar
IFT dynes&solcm &geq40
Acid value mg KOH&solg ≤ 0&period03
Dielectric loss factors tgδ&lpar90ºC&rpar ≤0&period001
Colour L ≤0&period5

For more information&comma please don’t hesitate to contact me&interval

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one&period of time Prolonged-expression warranty of two a long time&period of time
2&period of time Provide greatest needed spare components at minimal value &lparsome for totally free&rpar&period of time
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five&interval Safeguard your sales area&comma ideas of design and all your private information&period of time

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Our oil purifying and recycling devices&colon   
Series ZY Single-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier 
Series ZYD Double high vacuum transformer oil purifier   
Series ZYD-I Double vacuum transformer oil purification and regeneration device
Series ZYB Multi-function insulating oil regeneration machine   
Series TY Turbine oil purification apparatus 
Series TYA Lubricating oil&sol hydraulic oil purification unit 
Series TYB Portable light fuel oil purification machine 
Series TYD Vacuum lube oil&solhydraulic oil dehydrator 
Series TYF Phosphate ester fire-resistance oil purifier 
Series PL Plate pressure oil purifier 
Series JL Moveable oil filtration machine  
Series COP Cooking oil purification machine
Series CYS Centrifugal oil purification machine 
Series BAM Press filtration system 
Collection HFD&solVFD filter press equipment
Series ZKCC Vacuum pumping system  
Our significant testers&sol analyzers&colon 
1&periodTransformer oil breakdown voltage tester &lpar BDV test kit&rpar IIJ-II &sol DYT Sequence
2&period Acidity tester ACD-3000I
3&period Karl Fischer water content tester TP-6A &sol TP-2100
four&period Online moisture content tester&lparTPEE&rpar
five&period Fully automatic interface&solsurface tension analyzer IT-800
six&period Gas-chromatography transformer oil gas analyzer DGA2013-1
7&period Cloud point and pour point tester PT-2000
eight&period Kinematic viscosity tester VST-2000 &sol TPV-8
nine&period Flash point tester &lparopen cup&rpar TPO-3000
10&period Flash point tester &lparclose cup&rpar TPC-3000
eleven&period Transformer complete tester &lparCT&solPT tester&rpar TPVA-404 &sol TPVA-402
twelve&period Transformer turn ratio tester HYG-II &sol  TPOM-901
13&period Total base number analyzer&lparTBN tester&rpar TBN-2030

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Aged Transformer Oil Reconditioning Plant


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