Wsy, Fsy Type Explosion-Proof Glass Steel Submerged Pump

Wsy, Fsy Type Explosion-Proof Glass Steel Submerged Pump

Widely used in chemical, petrochemical, smelting, dyes, pesticides, prescription drugs, unusual earths, fertilizers and other industries, transporting non-oxidizing acids (hydrochloric acid) that do not contain suspended strong particles, are not very easily crystallized, and have a temperature not increased than a hundred °C. Excellent tools for corrosive media such as dilute sulfuric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid.

FRP submerged pump overview

      The WSY sort and FSY variety two sorts of pumps produced by this unit, 1.WSY kind pump is a vertical glass metal liquid reduce vortex pump. two. The FSY pump is a vertical glass steel liquid centrifugal pump. The pump has a depth of diverse depth relying on the depth of the storage tank due to its penetration into the storage tank. The depth of the style liquid is amongst 800mm and 3000mm. As extended as the liquid is higher than the pump entire body, the liquid can be started out without having filling the liquid, and a leak gap is supplied below the flat cover, and the liquid does not leak to the outside of the storage tank. The elements in get in touch with with the medium are created of polyvinyl butyral modified phenolic glass fiber, phenolic glass fiber strengthened plastics formed by large temperature molding, and phenolic resin developed by semi-dry rolling process of connecting pipe and outlet pipe. The assembly of glass steel pipe and impeller bushing is produced of phenolic cement and pump shaft. The assembly of each component beneath the liquid is bonded with phenolic cement. The steel is in contact with the medium beneath the liquid. The corrosion resistance is totally dependable and the item is gentle. Large good quality, substantial energy, no deformation, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and many others., can partly exchange precious metals this kind of as aluminum-containing stainless metal, iron and titanium alloy in anti-corrosion. The pump is in the route of transmission and rotation: the pump is straight driven by the motor via the claw-kind elastic coupling, and the pump rotates clockwise from the motor stop.


  Q H
(r/min) N
m three /h L/s    
25WSY-22 a two.88 .eighty 22 2900 one.35 2.two thirteen
4.05 1.12 eighteen 1.18 seventeen
six.48 one.eighty fifteen 1.06 25
25WSY-thirty two.88 .eighty 30 2900 1.85 three thirteen
six.48 one.80 twenty two.10 17
nine.00 2.52 15 1.forty five 25
40WSY-twenty five 5.seventy six 1.60 25 2900 two.85 4 fourteen
8.ten 2.24 20 1.09 21
13.32 three.70 15 one.eighty three thirty
40FSY-22 8.10 2.24 22 2900 1.09 three 44
15.84 4.4 eighteen 1.forty five fifty three
20.00 5.fifty fifteen one.eighty three 44
40FSY-18 six.forty eight one.80 18 2900 1.00 2.two 32
15.00 4.17 fifteen 1.twenty 51
21.sixty 6.00 twelve one.seventy six forty two
40WSY-fifty b six.forty eight 1.80 50 2900 six.35 7.five fourteen
8.64 2.forty forty five 5.56 19
14.40 4.00 35 four.76 thirty
40FSY-35 ten two.8 34 2900 one.86


20 5.five thirty two.62 sixty four
30 eight.3 24 3.09 63.five
50FSY-35 thirty 8.three 35 2900 4.94 seven.5 fifty eight
forty five one.5 32 five.59 70
fifty five 15.1 28 6.33 66
50FSY-35A 25 7. 26 2900 two.eighty three five.five 63
35 9.7 25 three.35 70
forty five 12.5 22 3.87 sixty nine
50FSY-20 eighteen 5. 20 2900 one.sixty four four 60
30 eight.three sixteen 2.four fifty five
35 12 2.six 44
80FSY-35 fifty six fifteen.five 35 2900 8.45 15 sixty three
92 twenty five.five 29 ten.1 72
a hundred and ten thirty.five 25 ten.80 69
80FSY-35A forty five 12.5 26 2900 five.12 eleven sixty two
sixty nine 19.two 22 6.2 67
ninety 25. 19 7.35 sixty three

Wsy, Fsy Type Explosion-Proof Glass Steel Submerged Pump


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