Vertical Sewage Pump as Series

Vertical Sewage Pump as Series

As/AV/Wq Submersible Sewage Pumps are with the massive channel and non-clog impeller, the solids up to 80 mm can be effectively handed. With rugged forged iron pump physique, the last new content is used for seal, motor is F calss and IP68 security, the pump can work easily for a prolonged time. Compact composition, effortless to movement, hassle-free to set up. The computerized set up system with double information rails delivers fantastic hassle-free for the installation and maintenance. The pump will immediately functioning and end many thanks to the float change. With may differ keep an eye on, the pump can be remote managed.

Software Scope:
Be used for the drainage of serious polluted h2o in manufacturing unit or commerce. Be utilized for the drainage of sewage in household spot. Be used for the drainage of sewage in healthcare facility and resort. Be employed for the drinking water provide and drainage in waterworks. Be utilised for the h2o provide and drainage system in city sewage therapy manufacturing unit. Be utilized for the drainage of drinking water in civil air defense method. Be utilised for the municipal engineering and design internet site. Be employed for agricultural methane, agricultural irrigation.
Application Problems:

PH: five- nine, the temperature of drinking water is much less than 60º C. The articles of impurity is less than 25%.
Installation Methods:

The pump can be installed in fastened and cost-free stand style.

Mounted Damp Set up
The exclusive car-coupling technique owned by our corporation is employed. The pump slips down to the duck-foot pedestal together the information rail and positioned instantly, tightly and reliably.
Free of charge stand Installation

Pump stand on the bottom by help plate and connected with the adaptable pipe. This variety of installation is used in emergency, routine maintenance and development (limit to the pump with power much less than four kW. )

AS (AV) sixteen – 2W/CB
AS — Non-clog, one channel semi-open impeller sub-sewage pump
AV — Vortex impeller sub-sewage pump
sixteen — Electrical power P2*10 kW
two — Motor pole
W — Meaning single stage, with no it meaning three stage
CB — Contra block system

AS/AV— AS one impeller
                AV vortex impeller
ten — electrical power: 1kw

CZPT Attribute
Set up Measurement (appear desk)

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No. Product Capacity
Dia. Of Solid passed
one AS10-2CB fifteen four.5 one 2850 80 30 thirty
two AS16-2CB 29 7.six 1.six 2850 80 thirty 33
3 AS30-2CB 42 11 two.nine 2850 80 thirty 40
four AS55-2CB sixty five twelve five.5 2850 one hundred fifty one hundred sixty five
5 AS55-4CB a hundred 7.5 5.five 1450 a hundred and fifty 80 180
six AS75-2CB 85 13 seven.five 2850 one hundred fifty 185
seven AS75-4CB one hundred forty five ten 7.5 1450 150 80 two hundred
eight AV14-four 22 five.8 one.4 1450 80 thirty 33
nine AV55-2 30 20 5.5 2850 100 fifty 150
ten AV75-two 30 twenty five seven.five 2850 a hundred fifty 150
eleven AS10-2W/CB 15 four .eight 2850 eighty 30 30
12 AS16-2W/CB 22 6 1.two 2850 80 thirty 33

Vertical Sewage Pump as Series