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Metal Cutting Machine Gear Cutting Machine Shear Machine Shearing Machine Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Metal Cutting Machine Gear Cutting Machine Shear Machine Shearing Machine Hydraulic Shearing Machine

CNC Swing Beam Shear&solSwing Beam Shearing CZPT&solShearing CZPT&solShearer&solSwing Beam Chopping CZPT&solCutting CZPT&solCutter&solCZPT Shearing CZPT&solCZPT Cutting CZPT

Primary CZPTs

CZPT program&colon Omega
Pump&colon Equipment pump
CZPTtrics&colon Germany Siemens
O-rings&colon Japanese NOK
Conectors&colon Germay EMB
Ball screw&colon ZheJiang HIWIN
Line guide rail&colon ZheJiang HIWIN

QC12K Series CNC Swing Beam Shear —Optional Controllers
China ESTUN E21S&commaE200S
Holland DELEM DAC310
German ELGO P40
Italy HT071
QC12Y Sequence Digital swing Beam Shear
Regular technique&colon HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. E18&lparMD11&rpar
Optional Electronic Program&colon China ESTUN E10S
CZPTs for QC12Y&QC12K
China Taifeng CZPTs
Oil Pump
Pipe Connectors
China Equipment Pump
Guide Blades gap Modify Wheel
Angle Evaluate
Mild Guards
Ball CZPT Linear Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
Backgauge CZPT Help
QC12Y Functions
The device is metal plate welded construction&comma with hydraulic transmission and accumulator return&comma normal of an simple procedure&comma reputable overall performance&comma and nice appearance&comma equipped with digital controller&interval
Indication by indicator is supplied for adjustment of blades clearance&comma for a helpful and prompt adjustment&period
Alignment unit with lighting and management device for shearing stroke are established&time period
Worktable with balls for substance feeding convenient&comma to minimize fish tail with sheet bar and to decrease frictional resistance&time period
 QC 12K Attributes
The machine is fitted with CNC controller unique for shearing machines&time period
The position of rear stopper is displayed in real-time fashion&period of time
Multi-phase programming purpose is offered and the rear stopper is in a position for automated operation and continuous positioning&comma to attain an automatic adjustment for placement of rear stopper&period of time
It is offered with counting operate for shearing&comma to screen the shearing figures in a actual-time method&comma in a position for power-failure memory of position of rear stopper&comma processes&comma and parameters&period
Backgauge with precision ball screw and linear guide&comma to make sure the positioning precision&comma so that bring the larger precision prcsessing&period of time
CZPT Parameters

Type Slicing
Chopping Size&lparmm&rpar Reducing Angle&lpar°&rpar Content CZPT
Stroke &lpartimes&solmin&rpar Energy&lparkw&rpar Bodyweight&lparkg&rpar Dimension&lparmm&rpar
4×2500 four 2500 1°30′ ≤450 10 5&period5 3800 3040&ast1610&ast1620
4×3200 four 3200 1°30′ ≤450 ten five&period5 5000 3840&ast1610&ast1620
4×4000 four 4000 1°30′ ≤450 eight five&period5 6500 4600&ast1700&ast1700
4×6000 four 6000 1°30′ ≤450 five seven&period5 11000 6460&ast2100&ast3200
6×2500 6 2500 1°30′ ≤450 10 seven&period5 5000 3040&ast1610&ast1620
6×3200 6 3200 1°30′ ≤450 9 seven&period5 6000 3840&ast1610&ast1620
6×4000 six 4000 1°30′ ≤450 8 7&period5 8000 4620&ast1750&ast1700
6×5000 six 5000 1°30′ ≤450 6 seven&period5 10500 5400&ast1750&ast1700
6×6000 6 6000 1°30′ ≤450 five 11 16500 6480&ast2100&ast2300
8×2500 8 2500 1°30′ ≤450 10 seven&period5 6000 3040&ast1700&ast1700
8×3200 eight 3200 1°30′ ≤450 8 7&period5 7200 3860&ast1700&ast1700
8×4000 eight 4000 1°30′ ≤450 eight seven&period5 8800 4640&ast1700&ast1700
8×5000 eight 5000 1°30′ ≤450 8 7&period5 11500 5400&ast2400&ast2000
8×6000 8 6000 1°30′ ≤450 8 11 18000 6480&ast2100&ast2350
10×2500 ten 2500 1°30′ ≤450 nine eleven 7300 3040&ast1700&ast1700
10×3200 10 3200 1°30′ ≤450 nine eleven 8000 3860&ast1700&ast1700
10×4000 ten 4000 1°30′ ≤450 eight 11 12000 4650&ast2100&ast2000
10×6000 10 6000 ≤450 5 15 24000 6500&ast2100&ast2300
12×2500 12 2500 ≤450 nine eighteen&period5 9000 3140&ast2150&ast2000
12×3200 12 3200 ≤450 9 18&period5 10800 3880&ast2150&ast2000
12×4000 12 4000 ≤450 eight 18&period5 13000 4680&ast2150&ast2000
12×5000 12 5000 ≤450 6 18&period5 16000 5900&ast2150&ast2000
12×6000 12 6000 ≤450 5 eighteen&period5 29000 6900&ast2600&ast2700
12×8000 twelve 8000 ≤450 5 18&period5 46500 9000&ast3500&ast3500
16×2500 16 2500 2°30′ ≤450 9 eighteen&period5 11000 3140&ast2150&ast2000
16×3200 16 3200 2°30′ ≤450 eight eighteen&period5 13000 3880&ast2150&ast2000
16×4000 16 4000 2°30′ ≤450 8 18&period5 16300 4650&ast2150&ast2200
16×5000 sixteen 5000 2°30′ ≤450 6 18&period5 20000 5900&ast2600&ast2700
16×6000 16 6000 2°30′ ≤450 five 22 36000 6900&ast2700&ast2700
20×2500 twenty 2500 ≤450 8 22 15500 3440&ast2300&ast2500
20×3200 20 3200 ≤450 eight 22 18000 4150&ast2350&ast2700
20×4000 20 4000 ≤450 five 22 21000 4850&ast2350&ast2700
25×2500 twenty five 2500 ≤450 eight 37 19000 3200&ast2700&ast2900
25×3200 25 3200 ≤450 five 37 23000 4200&ast2700&ast2900
25×4000 25 4000 ≤450 five 37 27000 3850&ast2700&ast2900
30×2500 thirty 2500 ≤450 5 37 23500 3300&ast2900&ast2900
30×3200 30 3200 ≤450 five 37 27500 4200&ast2900&ast2900

Optional Method

CZPT Liquid crystal display 128×64 display
Backguage management&comma Hole management&comma Stroke length limitation&time period
Actual and programmed position visualization&comma Inventory counter&comma
Programmable up to 100 methods&period
Panel-dependent housing&semi
Servo manage&solunipolar&solAC two-velocity control&semi
mm&solinch transmission&semi

Backguage control&comma bus method control servo system&semi
Stroke size limitation&comma double pragrammable electronic output&semi
Pragram memory of up to forty plan&comma up to twenty five methods for each software&semi
A single side positioning&comma retract of purpose&time period
mm&solinch transmission&comma Chinese&solEnglish transmission&semi
240×128 pixels Liquid crystal display show&interval

Backguage handle&comma management for common AC motor&comma frequency inverter&semi
CZPT positioning&comma double programmable digital output&semi
Inventory counter&comma program memory of up to 40 plans&comma up to twenty five actions for each system&semi
One particular side positioning&comma retract of purpose&period
A single crucial backup&comma restore of parameters&semi
mm&solinch transmission&comma Chinese &solEnglish Transmission&semi Liquid crystal display show&semi

Analog or digital outputs for one-three velocity procedure 16 totally free programmable digital in-&soloutputs
Program memory&lpar1000 sets&rpar
Angle control&solgap management&solbackguage 
Limitation of the chopping length
Substance Record for angle and gap manage

Regulated power offer for encoder or drive pull&solo&periodc&time period
optional line 12 Vdc&pm5&percnt one hundred twenty mA
Optoisolated inputs
Substantial luminosity led show possessing six digits plus indicator for place&comma
2 digits fpr cycles and for packages&interval
Possibility to save up to ninety nine plans composed of 20 cycles&period
Every cycle can depend 65000 repetitions at maximum
Info and applications are saved in a flash memory without floating battery Ip 65&comma polycarbonate&comma water and abrasion-proof keyboard with tactile sensitivity&time period

China ESTUN E10S
X axis and Y axis situation show&semi
Resolution&colon0&period1mm or &period0001 inch&semi
Inventory counter&comma two timer built-in&semi
One particular aspect positioning indicator&semi
Sofware limitation&semi
Electricity-off memorization&interval

&lpar1&rparBefore packing&comma the machine device will be testing for forty eight hrs to guarantee all the products is one hundred&percnt qualitied&interval
&lpar2&rparBefore loading&comma secure package&comma specialist and experienced loader reduce harm of solution throughout transportation&interval
&lpar3&rparAfter loading&comma our skilled documentary staff will follow the get till the solution departs from port&time period

Our Companies
one&interval Shearing blades and accessories-CZPT to your specifications&time period In our shearing blades&comma our emphasis is on first-course&comma useful&comma well-believed-out higher and reduced resources&time period Our instruments offer options to your software situations-even for sophisticated technological types&time period

two&period Service package deal
Basic&colon we offer you you speedy difficulties shooting via phone assist and fees for on-site missions are reduced&period
Special&colon Engineers accessible to services machinery overseas for the essential routine maintenance&interval
Spouse&colon Our located sellers or clients who market or use our equipment are fully driving you&comma they are our helpful partner and offer good suggestions to you&period of time

three&period of time CZPT Services&lparAfter-sale support&rpar
Set up and begin-up&lparAvailable for intricate and large machines or if you have demand&rpar

Metal Cutting Machine Gear Cutting Machine Shear Machine Shearing Machine Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Die Cast Parts Aluminum Alloy Die Casting for Motor Housing and Other Machine Mechanical Metal Parts

Die Cast Parts Aluminum Alloy Die Casting for Motor Housing and Other Machine Mechanical Metal Parts

Item description

Casting technologies Low strain casting/Gravity casting/investment casting/silic sol expense casting/missing wax casting
Casting content Aluminum alloy,carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy metal and and so on
Casting components variety CZPT components, equipment areas, maritime components parts, doorway lock components, pump valve and pipe fittings elements, rest room hardware, kitchen area components and so on
Casting fat 2kg-200kgs
Casting tolerance IT5 – IT7,CT5-seven
Machining tolerance +/- .005mm,ISO2768-f,ISO-mk
Area finishing sand blasting, stain sprucing, mirror sprucing, chrome plated, painted or as customer’s ask for,Shot blasting
Machining Lathing,milling, drilling, grinding, CNC machining
Shipping and delivery time 15days for producing molds and samples confirming, then twenty-30days for demo purchase
Our Buyers Our consumers contain BYD,TOYOTA,Honda,GAIC Group ,SAIC team, BAIC group,Broad-CZPT,AKEI,Inovance, Chinaedrive,and so on


Die Cast Parts Aluminum Alloy Die Casting for Motor Housing and Other Machine Mechanical Metal Parts

600kg 1000kg Rubber Pad Lifter Machine Hydraulic Vacuum Lifter for Sheet Metal

600kg 1000kg Rubber Pad Lifter Machine Hydraulic Vacuum Lifter for Sheet Metal

600kg 1000kg CZPT Pad Lifter CZPT CZPT Vacuum Lifter for Sheet Metal


Working basic principle of vacuum lifter:

The vacuum chuck is related to the vacuum gear (this kind of as vacuum pump) by means of the guide pipe, and then it contacts the workpiece to be lifted (this sort of as glass, steel plate, etc.), begins the vacuum equipment suction, so as to produce unfavorable force in the chuck, so that the workpiece to be lifted can be absorbed firmly, and then the workpiece to be lifted can be moved.When the workpiece to be lifted to the vacation spot, by means of the hand slide valve, make the vacuum chuck from unfavorable strain to zero pressure or marginally good strain, the vacuum chuck will be eliminated from the workpiece to be lifted, thus completing the process of lifting the transferring elements.

Main parameters of glass vacuum lifter

item&design size sucker diameter sucker number power method control model saftey loading lifeless load
HN-NE400-6S two hundred*1000MM 200mm six 380/DC12V electrical/manual 400kg 100kg
HN-NE600-8S 200*1000MM 200mm eight 380/DC12V electrical/handbook 600kg 100kg
HN-NE800-10S 250*1000mm 200mm ten 380/DC12V electric powered/manual 800kg 120kg
HN-NE1000-6S two hundred*1000mm 300mm 6 380/DC12V electric/handbook 1000kg 150kg
HN-NE1500-8S two hundred*1000mm 300mm 8 380/DC12V electric powered/guide 1500kg 180kg
HN-NE2000-10S 250*1000mm 300mm ten 380/DC12V electrical/handbook 2000kg 250kg


Assortment of vacuum spreader:

one, the quality of the parts to be moved: decide the measurement and variety of suction cups

two. Shape and area point out of the areas to be moved: decide on the type of chuck

3. Functioning surroundings (temperature) of the moving parts: choose the substance of the suction cup

four. Area peak of the taken off parts: establish the buffer length

5. Standard connection mode of suction cup: suction cup, suction cup seat, suction cup rod, spring, sliding sleeve, spring

Element components of glass vacuum lifter

Advantages of vacuum spreader:

Conserve time, labor and cost, straightforward to useSmall and light, solitary operator, non-damaging relocating parts, imported oil-free of charge vacuum pump, no require of external power supplyErgonomic design and style, seem and light alarm method, power storage unit, large protection, lengthy services lifestyle and other characteristicsCooperate with driving to kind a full lifting and dealing with solution

Vacuum spreader broadly utilized:

Glass processing, glass loading and unloading, glass curtain wall, plastic plate, sandwich plate, composite plate, steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, stone, and many others.Suited for all kinds of workpieces with easy and compact floor and regular shape.

CZPTtric glass vacuum suction cups package deal


600kg 1000kg Rubber Pad Lifter Machine Hydraulic Vacuum Lifter for Sheet Metal

4 Axis 1325 CNC Metal Woodworking Engraving Cutting Machine 6kw with Hybrid Servo Motor

4 Axis 1325 CNC Metal Woodworking Engraving Cutting Machine 6kw with Hybrid Servo Motor

4 Axis 1325  CNC Steel Woodworking Engraving Slicing CZPT 6KW With Hybrid Servo Motor 


1.Strong welded T type steel tube structure as a complete with vibration Temper aging treatment assures no deformation for extended time.

two. Large power 6.0kw China HQD air cooling spindle which is with steady overall performance, potent and large torque, matched with substantial-overall performance frequency inverter, prolonged life time.


three.Vacuum adsorption technique with five.5kw air cooling vacuum pump, vacuum table which is divided into six zones,can adsorb different dimensions materiel from small to large, conserving materials load-unloaded time.


four.CZPTed Hiwin, ZheJiang Linear sq. information rail with ball bearing slide block which ensure substantial weight capacity,  substantial precision, easy and regular running. Adopt imported precision ball screws, instruments feeded with far more precision.

Helical gears pinion and rack transmission for X and Y axis, higher running speed and efficieny, saving cost. Z- axis with precision guide ball screw, high precision and much more sturdy.

5. China Leadshine hybrid servo motor 863HSM80H-E1 and driver H2-2206 for XYZA-axis,  high precision, fast pace and far more steady.


6. Extended gantry & unbiased detachable rotary axis holder, with diameter 300mm, working size 2500mm, cylinder processing is in a specific zone, every time, no need to have place the heavy rotary axis on the doing work desk, conserving labor and strengthening doing work performance. With 4 chucks, can for the two cylinder & square content processing.

seven. With stainless steel h2o slot cooing system for steel/stone challenging supplies processing, cooling the tools & supplies, receiving the greater engraving influence.


eight. RichAuto DSP A18E 4 axis offline control program with USB interface which is completely off from Computer. More Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nized design with Basic and Hassle-free Handle type procedure.With per-calculation rule, fully excavating potentialities of motors. Permit large processing speed, synchronization of Curve and straight line, far more excellent curve working and Spindle start up and cease instantly.


nine. With dust collector, three.0kw, double bags, sucking dust, milling dust, observed dust, retaining equipment cleaning.

10. Semi-auto lubrication technique,far more convenient for maintenance. 

11. Automobile tool calibration, more practical for each time Z-axis point setting.

12. Favorable compatibility with various CAM softwares such as Type3/Artcam/Mastercam/Caxa. With smart more than restrict defense purpose which can quit the mechanical collision due to unproper measurement presented to the design and style.

thirteen. With the function of split-stage memory,energy failure resuming and automatic house/origin correction function, effectively make sure long time working precision.

CZPT Parameters

Effective functioning spot 1300(X)mm*2500(Y)mm*three hundred(Z)mm
4th axis Rotary axis, diameter 300mm,
functioning length 2500mm, reduction gear transmission
CZPT Powerful welded sq. steel tube framework
Doing work table six zones vacuum adsorption table with aluminum T slot operating desk
Transferring kind Gantry moving
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. rail Linear sq. guidebook rail ( Hiwin, ZheJiang )
Transmission Helical rack &pinion for X Y -axis, Lead ball screw for Z-axis
Driving method Leadshine hybrid servo motor 863HSM80H-E1 and driver H2-2206 for XYZA-axis
Spindle motor six.0kw, air cooling, HQD, China
Spindle velocity -18000rpm
Collets variety ER32
CZPT Sunfar
Voltage AC 380V±10%, 50/60Hz, three phases
Touring pace >25000mm/min
Engraving velocity >12000mm/min
CZPT precision .02mm
Repositioning accuracy .02mm
Diagonal mistake .2mm
Management technique DSP A18E 4 axis offline controller, RichAuto
Suited application Artcam, Type3, Ucancam V9,and many others
Carving Recommendations G code *Uoo *mmg *plt HPGL
Operating environment temperature -45 ºC
Relative humidity 30%-seventy five%
CZPT method Semi-automatic
Device calibration CZPT
Certification CE



Woodworking products, promoting symptoms, MDF board, cutting engraving Image frame, sculpture the sofa and the head of a bed, All kinds of wood door carvings, Huge furnishings relief engraving, Dalle hollow out  and simple copper aluminum plastic board, etc

Reference Sample Images


Reference Doing work Videos


 For far more data, just come to feel free of charge to contact us!

     HangZhou Upgoal CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd

     CNC Router/Laser Engraving Reducing Marking CZPT/Plasma Slicing CZPT

4 Axis 1325 CNC Metal Woodworking Engraving Cutting Machine 6kw with Hybrid Servo Motor

Clean Magic DJ-St7510FC Medium-Sized Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Machine Equipment for Metal Dust Processing Food Processing Plants Chemical Sites

Clean Magic DJ-St7510FC Medium-Sized Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Machine Equipment for Metal Dust Processing  Food Processing Plants Chemical Sites

ZheJiang Dingjie Shengshi CZPTally CZPTly CZPT Co., Ltd. specializes in the production, design and style and analysis, technical consultation, product sales and routine maintenance for a variety of cleansing products this kind of as sweepers,scrubbers, industrial vacuum cleaners, mopping dust carts, etc. Following ten-12 months challenging operate, the firm’s goods are exported to domestic and international marketplaces and are deeply liked by the huge quantity of end users.
Adhering to the management principle of “Contributor-oriented, client-centric”, our company stands at the forefront of the domestic and international markets and has won constant praise from new and previous clients since of excellent crew, best support,  substantial-top quality tools and considerate after-sales services.Below we usually have a suitable tools for you because of our warehouse exhibit revenue, sufficient stock and total accessories.
Our frame of mind : focus on,Stick to-up,Verify and Comments
Our CZPT :Maintain Our CZPT and Do Our Very best

CZPT vacuum cleaner
It is suitable to preserve cleanse for different industrial environments and can adsorb dust or particles this kind of as ground dust, industrial dust, powder, iron filings, metal grit, coal ash, cement, carbon, ceramic raw components, flour, glass fragments, modest stones, alumina, lubricating powder and etc.
Applicable industries: CZPT processing, iron and steel casting, calcium carbide, flooring grinding, building, concrete, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, textile, paper making, grinding machines, engraving devices and other industrial and business environments.


Clean Magic DJ-St7510FC Medium-Sized Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Machine Equipment for Metal Dust Processing  Food Processing Plants Chemical Sites