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Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine Price

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine Price

Supercritical Co2 Extraction CZPT Price


  • Gases in fluid issue (over the essential force and the vital temperature) dissolve more substantial quantities of substances than the partial stress of the material in the solvent normally permits
  • COtwo is an APOLAR solvent, which outcomes in a high solubility for non polar and reduced polar substances up to a molecular excess weight of 250g/molSolubility decreases with escalating polarity
  • Extremely polar substances are insolubleThe uncooked materials is exposed to the fluid and soluble substances are transferred into it
  • Separation is reached by change of parameters (strain and temperature) or adsorption into, for occasion, energetic coal


CZPT information
one.1 This system is multi-purpose SCFE equipment, the doing work method is intermittent or steady way to extract solvent from strong or liquid substance, the additive can be include to the supercritical fluid
1.2 The system has a single extractor and two separators
one.three The max operating strain of sound extractor is 500bar, the maximum operating temperature is 80ºC
one.4 The style of force vessels in accordance the associated national CZPT and rule demand from customers and with in excess of stress defense program which indicates sufficient protection valves
1.five The whole gear attractiveness, basic safety and straightforward operation, pressure temperature movement variety can be confirmed from strain meter and digital instrument. The materials of pipe components, valves, pipe strains, are all SS304.

supercritical co2 extraction Advantage

  • CO2 is affordable, not combustible, not explosive, germicidal, totally free of germs, selective and cellular
  • Warmth delicate materials are gently handled
  • CZPT and residues are solvent-totally free
  • Fragrances and aromas stay unchanged
  • An outstanding flavour profile can be attained for oils
  • Pure extracts are produced with couple of procedure steps
  • The solvating power can be modified (situations, or the use of modifiers)
  • Selective extraction and fractionated separation is attainable
  • COtwo is recycled in the plant, is physiologically harmless and does not cause environmental troubles like some standard solvents

Business and Support:

HangZhou CZPT CZPTry and CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. is a CZPT manufacturer of lab products situated in the central China.
The main product is higher temperature circulating h2o/oil bath,rotary evaporator, quick path distillation, glass reactor, circulating h2o vacuum pump, lower temperature reaction bathtub (slot), cooling chiller,drying oven, higher-force response kettle, freeze dryer, drinking water/oil bath, magnetic heating stirrer, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, heating mantle, carry jack, etc.
Our company has turn out to be a pacesetter of the lab instruments in China,with 6 several years knowledge of exporting lab tools,and our goods have been bought more than the world.

Pre-sale Provider:
24 Hours on-line provider for your seek advice from.
Help decide on appropriate product,and a collection of services,individual,recommend. 
Offer price cut for many sets purchase
Pick payment term you convienent.
Instantly generation and shipping,advise you in time.
Right after sale support:
1 calendar year guarantee provider and all existence upkeep.
CZPT Egineer are avalible for oversea trainning.
Totally free change for some elements
Remote handle complex seek the advice of
Free of charge installation DVD
Upkeep prepare

-The ten litre laboratory distillation rotary evaporator glass areas will be wrapped with foam,then set into the carton, the mainbody portion will be packed in wooden cases
-Equally neutral and CZPT packaging can be available.
-We can ship the products to you by CZPT Express this kind of as DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS and so on, you can also select the suitable 1 based mostly on your timeline and spending budget. Aside from, you can choose to use your very own delivery agent.

If you want to know much more details, please despatched you inquiry to us.
We assure your inquiry will be gained our quick focus.


Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine Price

Black Seed Mustard Soya Bean Oil Extraction Soybean Oil Press Machine Price Mini Crude Oil Refinery

Black Seed Mustard Soya Bean Oil Extraction Soybean Oil Press Machine Price Mini Crude Oil Refinery

black seed mustard soya bean oil extraction soybean oil press device price tag Mini Crude Oil Refinery

Merchandise Description


Use rational refiner technologies, a tiny investment decision, simple operation. According to the good quality of cake, alter technological parameter, numerous kinds of oil grade can bu developed.
two.Scope and raw content
Scope:5T/D Palm Oil Refinery Line 
Raw materials:

Acid(HOKmmg/g) :< 15.0
Impurity(%) :≤ 2.
Humidity and volatile(%) :≤2.
three. Plan: Finished oil comply the Chinese CZPT
4.CZPT goal
CZPTtric use:< 24 kw·h/t oil 
Cycle H2o consumption: < 15m3/t oil
Soft drinking water :< 180kg/t oil
 Accessory consumption:Clay < 3%, phosphoric acid <0.2%
Refiner use
L%=1- refining yield% has relation with high quality of impolite oil and acid value.
5.Description of the Procedure.

five.2. Description of major Procedure
The crude palm oil has considerably less hydratable & non-hydratable phosphoric acid and high FFA. So the line is adopted the bodily refining technique, which is not only considerably much more cost-effective and productive than chemical refining, but also leads to no air pollution via waste drinking water and exhaust air.

Degumming and Pre-bleaching Area:
Special Degumming Area
Take away solubility impurity in the crude oil is degumming procedure. Simply because phosphoric acid is major component of solubility impurity in the crude oil. In business, degumming also is named to get rid of phosphoric acid. Before distilling approach for bodily refinery, remove solubility impurity is a extremely crucial phase, it can decrease loss in the oil, enhance oil top quality.
The Crude oil filtered is pumped out from the Buffer Tank. Passing through dosing technique, the oil enters into the Heat Exchanger to be Heated up to designed temperature 60ºC. Then go into the mixer vessel for mixing with the the phosphoric aced added by way of the metering Pump. The combination movement into the acid reacting vessel for reacting for 15-20mins. 
Then independent the gums and oil through one particular centrifuge. Oil is exchanging warmth to 70 levels and flow into the pre-bleaching procedure.
Phosphoric acid (eighty-85%) .05 – .two% of crude oil
Doing work time < 20mins
Steam < 100kg/t crude oil 

Pre-Decolorizer Procedure 
the oil degummed is pumped into the decolorizer, samely open the vacuum technique to increase its temperature to eliminate off the humidity to start with. 
The clay dosed circulation into the mixing tank/clay and oil to begin with,, then inhaled into the decolorizer vessel with the vacuum issue, which mixing for 30mins or so underneath the 110 levels and vacuum condition, soon after cooling(the decolorizer vessel has the h2o coil for cooling oil), the temperature to 70 levels or so, which circulation into the leaf filter for get rid of off the clay and oil go to the next process. 
Observe: This method could eliminate out forty% pink colour/carotenoids, the more is removed out from the distilling approach.
Information: P < 5ppm,Fe ion < 0.1ppm, Cu < 0.01ppm
Distilling Process 
Pump the oil decolorized into the distilling vessel in the substantial vacuum, and 240 levels -260degrees oil temperature, to distillate for 4hrs.
The FFA would be get rid of out with the direct steam. 
The final oil is out after exchanging between scorching oil distilled and oil decolorized.
Observe: This method is not only get rid of out the FFA, but also odor and most of red colour / Hot delicate decolorization.

Fractionation of oils and fat Method 
Dry fractionation of oils and fat is the separation of substantial-melting triglycerides from minimal-melting triglycerides by crystallization from the melt. Apart from mixing, it is the cheapest procedure in oils and fats processing. It is a pure actual physical procedure in contrast to other chemical modification processes this kind of as hydrogenation and interesterification which modify triglycerides. Dry fractionation is now applied to numerous sorts of fats: palm oil, anhydrous milk fat, tallow, fish oil, lard, cottonseed oil, sunflower seed oil, palm kernel oil, tallow butter fats, and special fats.

The most crucial applications are: palm olein utilized thoroughly as frying oil, palm super olein as salad oil and frying oil, the palm-mid fraction as component of cocoa butter equal, palm kernel stearin as cocoa butter substitute, anhydrous milk body fat fractions for bakery and confectionery merchandise, spreadable butter, tallow olein for frying oil and spreads. In this process, the excess fat is melted and heated to eradicate any crystal memory. The molten fat is cooled down underneath managed agitation and cooling circumstances to make crystals nuclei shaped by the higher melting triglycerides. Then, nuclei will grow to kind crystals of the preferred dimensions. When the crystallisation has progressed significantly sufficient, the slurry is divided. 
The closing oil could be divided into 18degrees, 24degrees, 33degrees according to melting levels.
Transmit hot oil CZPT
The furnace is an natural and organic CZPT heating furnace with normal liquid oil for the medium the gasoline could be coal and diesel oil, squander oil. The scorching temperature oil pump forcedly express the sizzling oil recycle into the making use of system, realize to transmit the heats indirectly from the furnace to utilizing method. 
The important is that the furnace is not higher stress boiler, to lessen the inspecting cost each 12 months.

Main Data: 

The electricity of Supporting Heat



Working Pressure

Valve of Pipe



Heat Efficiency







Vacuum Pump System

Steam and drinking water jet vacuum pump system for distilling method.


Max Pressure


Water Pump

Steam Force

Steam Usage

Recycling CZPT H2o Necessary








Principal Projects Scope:

—–30-5000T/D cooking oil seeds pretreatment task
—–30-5000T/D cooking oil seeds extraction task
—–10-500T/D crude cooking oil refining machine 
—- five-200T/D crude oil mill refinery machine 

—-ten-2000T/D edible oil refining machine 

—-one-200T/D mini cooking oil mill plant

Our Services


Company Details

ZheJiang Double CZPTs CZPTry I/E CO.,LTD

A professional collection of research ,style, production and sales of Oil creating equipment,animal foodstuff equipment ,extruder equipment for pet and treats,and several other kind of foodstuff device.

Our company has a big manufacturing factory with 40 years rich experiences based on one CZPT machinery started by our government machinery department, we adopts advanced production technology, sophisticated equipment and have won abundant strength after many years of development accumulation. 

Our puffed machinery has won the 1999 best national evaluation,and passed the ISO 9001 CZPT CZPT Authentication in 2000.More proudly, we have achieved the CE certificate to convenient more CZPTean customers.

Consumer Vist

CE&ISO Certification

Black Seed Mustard Soya Bean Oil Extraction Soybean Oil Press Machine Price Mini Crude Oil Refinery

Extraction Machine for Herbs

Extraction Machine for Herbs


 This herb extractor is suitable for extracting component from herbs (leaves, root, flower or seed)like licorice, stevia, senna and so on and other botanical.It also can realize the solvent recovery and the essential oil collection and it is especially suitable for hospital, pharmaceutical factory, scientific research etc.

Composition: this herb extractor and concentrator include extractor, concentrator, receiver, condenser, cooler, pipes, valves, meters, water-oil separator, filter, vacuum pump, transfer pump, and so on.
Basic principle: first you put the herb (leaves, root, flower or seed )into extractor, add water or other solvent( like alcohol) into extractor. Then heat the extractor, the component from herb will dissolved into water or solvent, after extraction, then pump the extracted liquid into the concentrator, evaporate the water or solvent( like alcohol) which will be cooled by condenser and flow to receiver , the solvent can be used again next time. the component in concentrator will became into cream or liquid which you need.
Character: It is new type equipment at present, this equipment is specially suitable for medium pharmaceutical factory or small pharmaceutical factory, hospital, academe and so on. It is specially used for producing small quality but high quality herb.
2 it can be heat by steam or electric, if the customer have not steam boiler, they can heat the machine by electric. 
3 save time: the extracting and concentration can be operated at the same time, so it save much time, before the concentration should be operated after extraction. 
4 save energy: the steam from concentrator can heat the extractor directly so we can save 50% steam, so one year you can save money from steam which can buy one machine again.
5 the extraction or concentration can be operated under vacuum,  if the herb is sensitive to high temperature,  so it can be operated under vacuum, so the herb can not be burned by high temperature, CZPT the solvent can be evaporating under lower temperature if the machine is working under vacuum, so it will save time and energy too.
6 all the machine have not dead corner, so it is good to clean and it is according GMP CZPT. 
7 all surface of the machine is mirror polished, so it is looks very beautiful.
8 the temperature can be adjusted, you can adjust the temperature according to your requirement, for example you want to heat the machine 100degree, you just set the temperature 100degree, the heating can be stop when the temperature is 100degree, if it is lower 96degree, it can be heating again. 

Model Items TD-20 TD-fifty TD-a hundred TD-200 TD-three hundred TD-500
Extractor (L)  20 50 one hundred two hundred three hundred five hundred
evaporator(L)  20 50 one hundred 200 three hundred five hundred
Working pressure in jacket <0.1Mpa
Working pressure in pot(Mpa)  Usual pressure or Negative pressure
Extract Temperature(ºC)  forty-one hundred
Heat Medium Steam / Hot water/hot oil
Vacuum pump model SK-.4 2X-2.2KW 2X-two.2KW 2X-3KW 2X-3KW 2X-4KW
CZPTtric power(kw)  .37 .37 .37 .37 .37 .55
Temperature scope -200ºC
Total electric power(kw)  6+6 twelve+twelve 15+fifteen eighteen+18 24+36 36+forty eight
Material CZPT steel

Order requirement:
How much liter of this machine do you need?we have 50L 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L …….10000L and so on
What way do you heat the machine? By electric or steam?
What is your raw material? Is it leaves, stem, Flower or root?
What last product do you want to get? Liquid? Cream or powder?
What material of the machine do you need? CZPT steel 304 or stainless steel 316, both are GMP requirement 
When do you need this machine? 
Our service:
1 we can design the machine according to your requirement and we can design the process according to your technology process
2 we manufacture the machine according to GMP CZPT, all the machine welding will be tested by X ray testing. 
3 we will pack the machine by film and then pack it by wooden box, load the machine to container by special engineer
4 engineer will install the machine according to your production room and design, test the machine 
5 we will provide online service if you have any questions, you can send email and call us or send message by   will give you suggestion 
6 we can supply you parts in the future


our packing:


Extraction Machine for Herbs

Pressure Herb Extraction Machine for Mulberry Leaves Engelhardtia Roxburghiana

Pressure Herb Extraction Machine for Mulberry Leaves Engelhardtia Roxburghiana

 Pressure herb extraction device for Mulberry leaves  engelhardtia roxburghiana

 This herb extractor is suitable for extracting component from herbs (leaves, root, flower or seed)like licorice, stevia, senna and so on and other botanical.It also can realize the solvent recovery and the essential oil collection and it is especially suitable for hospital, pharmaceutical factory, scientific research etc.

Structure Drawing:

 Construction: this herb extractor and evaporator include heater, evaporator, filter, recycle tank, extractor, condenser, cooler, pipes, valves, meters, water-oil separator, filter, vacuum pump, transfer pump and control box and so on.
Theory: first you put the herb (leaves, root, flower or seed )into extractor, add water or other solvent( like alcohol) into extractor. Then heat the extractor, the component from herb will dissolved into water or solvent, after extraction, then pump the extracted liquid into the evaporator, evaporate the water or solvent( like alcohol) which will be cooled by condenser and flow to recycle tank , the solvent can be used again next time. the component in evaporator will became into cream or liquid which you need.
Character: It is new type equipment at present, this equipment is specially suitable for medium pharmaceutical factory or big pharmaceutical factory, hospital, academe and so on. 
2 save time: the extracting and concentration can be operated at the same time, so it save much time, before the concentration should be operated after extraction. 
3 save energy: the steam from evaporator can heat the extractor directly so we can save 30% steam, so one year you can save money from steam which can buy one machine again.
4 the extraction or concentration can be operated under vacuum,  if the herb is sensitive to high temperature,  so it can be operated under vacuum, so the herb can not be burned by high temperature, CZPT the solvent can be evaporating under lower temperature if the machine is working under vacuum, so it will save time and energy too.
5 all the machine have not dead corner, so it is good to clean and it is according GMP CZPT. 
6  all surface of the machine is mirror polished, so it is looks very beautiful.
7 the temperature can be adjusted, you can adjust the temperature according to your requirement, for example you want to heat the machine 100degree, you just set the temperature 100degree, the heating can be stop when the temperature is 100degree, if it is lower 96degree, it can be heating again. 

Model DTWZ-D-1 DTWZ-D-two DTWZ-D-3 DTWZ-D-6 DTWZ-D-10
Pressure in tank  (Mpa)                    <0.1
Pressure in jacket (Mpa)                    <0.25
Diameter of manhole  (MM)  
Heat area m2     6    10    12   30      50
Condenser area m2     10     20     30    60    120
Volume m3     1      2      3     6     10
Evaporate capacity  kg      300    700    1000    2000    3000

Extraction end result:
it can extract liquid, paste or powder.

Installed Undertaking Display:

Order requirement:
1 How much liter of this machine do you need? We have 1000, 2000L,3000L,6000L, 10000L and so on
2 What is your raw material? Is it leaves, stem, Flower or root?
3 What last product do you want to get? Liquid? Cream or powder?
4 What material of the machine do you need? CZPT steel 304 or stainless steel 316, both are GMP requirement 
5 When do you need this machine? 

Our service:
1 we can design the machine according to your requirement and we can design the process according to your technology process
2 we manufacture the machine according to GMP CZPT, all the machine welding will be tested by X ray testing. 
3 we will pack the machine by film and then pack it by wooden box, load the machine to container by special engineer
4 engineer will install the machine according to your production room and design, test the machine 
5 we will provide online service if you have any questions, you can send email and call us or send message by   will give you suggestion 
6 we can supply you parts in the future



Pressure Herb Extraction Machine for Mulberry Leaves Engelhardtia Roxburghiana