Roots Vacuum Pumps System Package Unit for Food Sugar Candy Industry Factory

Roots Vacuum Pumps System Package Unit for Food Sugar Candy Industry Factory

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Product Primary feature:
JZJ2B Roots sequence drinking water ring unit is consists of ZJ type roots pump as the primary pump,2BV/2BE series of water ring pump or Roots-h2o ring device as a fore pump pumping device. It can be utilised to pumping fuel in addition to, can also aspirate made up of drinking water, when compared to organic and natural solvent or a little amount of dust gas. And common mechanical vacuum pump, not afraid of oil air pollution, not scared of h2o, gas and dust, and compared with the general drinking water ring vacuum pump, with vacuum substantial and pump pace traits below higher vacuum condition.
Comparing with common liquid ring vacuum pump,the potential to stay large pumping velocity beneath higher or greatest vacuum degree gets its main benefit. Apart from for normal gas suction, this system can also pump particular fuel with little sum of vapor or dust. Furthermore, this program is cost-free from oil air pollution, as nicely as vapor and dust.
Given that the 2BVC sort of liquid ring pump has been adopted as its fore pump, and it is compact-created with no air leakage and high protection degree. In addition to,our 2BV kind is far more anti corrosive than 2SKC kind, simply because all 2BVC impellers are SS304 materials.
An additional observe, the fore pump can be designed as a closed circulation technique so to minimize the setting air pollution significantly.

JZJ2B Series Roots Water Ring Vacuum Device CZPT Specifications:

Device kind pump sort suction speed
Max. suction strain(Pa) Restricted vacuum (Pa) abdominal muscles Complete power
principal pump fore pump h2o ring oil ring
JZJ2B15-2 ZJ15 2BVC2060 15 8000   
one.sixty five
JZJ2B30-two ZJ30 2BVC2061 thirty 8000 2.twenty five
JZJ2B30-one ZJ30 2BVC5110 30 12000 4.75
JZJ2B70-two ZJ70 2BVC5110 70 6000 5.5
JZJ2B70-1 ZJ70 2BVC5111 70 12000 7
JZJ2B150-2A ZJ150 2BVC5111 150 6000 eight.5
JZJ2B150-2B ZJ150 2BVC5121 one hundred fifty 8000 ten.5
JZJ2B150-1 ZJ150 2BVC5131 one hundred fifty 10000 14
JZJ2B300-2A ZJ300 2BVC5131 three hundred 4000 fifteen
JZJ2B300-2B ZJ300 2BVC5161 300 5000 19
JZJ2B300-one ZJ300 2BEA 202 three hundred 10000 26
JZJ2B600-2A ZJ600 2BEA 202 600 4000 29.five
JZJ2B600-2B ZJ600 2BEA 203 600 5000 44.5
JZJ2B600-1 ZJ600 2BEA 252 600 12000 52.five
JZJ2B1200-2A ZJ1200 2BEA 252 1200 2500 60
JZJ2B1200-2B ZJ1200 2BEA 253 1200 4000` 90
JZJ2B1200-1 ZJ1200 2BEA 303 1200 8000 125
JZJ2B2500-two ZJ2500 2BEA 303 2500 3000 132
JZJ2B30-two.1 ZJ30 ZJ15/2BVC2061 30 8000   
twenty five
JZJ2B70-2.1 ZJ70 ZJ30/2BVC5110 70 6000 six.twenty five
JZJ2B150-2.1 ZJ150 ZJ70/2BVC5111 150 6000 ten ZJ150 ZJ30/2BVC5110 150 3000 7.75
JZJ2B300-two.1 ZJ300 ZJ150/2BVC5131 300 5000 eighteen
JZJ2B300-two.2 ZJ300 ZJ150/2BVC5121 three hundred 4000 fourteen.five ZJ300 ZJ70/2BVC5111 300 2000 eleven
JZJ2B600-4.1 ZJ600 ZJ150/2BVC5131 600 1500 21.five
JZJ2B600-2.two ZJ600 ZJ300/2BVC5161 600 2000 26.five
JZJ2B1200-four.two ZJ1200 ZJ300/2BVC5161 1200 a thousand 34
JZJ2B1200-four.1 ZJ1200 ZJ1200/2BEA 202 1200 1200 41
JZJ2B1200-2.2 ZJ1200 ZJ600/2BEA 203 1200 2500 fifty nine.five
JZJ2B1200-two.1 ZJ1200 ZJ600/2BEA 252 1200 3000 67.five ZJ2500 ZJ600/2BEA 252 2500 a thousand 74.five ZJ30 ZJ15/ZJ15/2BVC2061 30 8000  0.5  0.05 3.35
JZJ2B70-2.2.1 ZJ70 ZJ30/ZJ15/2BVC2061 70 4000 four.three
JZJ2B70-two.1.1 ZJ70 ZJ30/ZJ30/2BVC5110 70 6000 seven ZJ150 ZJ70/ZJ30/2BVC5110 150 3000 9.25
JZJ2B300-two.2.1 ZJ300 ZJ150/ZJ70/2BVC5111 three hundred 3000 14
JZJ2B300-4.2.1 ZJ300 ZJ70/ZJ30/2BVC5110 three hundred 1200 10.twenty five
JZJ2B600-2.2.1 ZJ600 ZJ300/ZJ150/2BVC5131 600 2500 twenty five.5 ZJ600 ZJ150/ZJ70/2BVC5111 600 1200 17.five
JZJ2B1200-4.two.1 ZJ1200 ZJ300/ZJ150/2BVC5131 1200 a thousand 33 ZJ2500 ZJ600/ZJ300/2BEA 202 2500 a thousand 55.five ZJ5000 ZJ1200/ZJ600/2BEA 252 5000 800 104.5
JZJ2B10000-four.two.1 ZJ10000 ZJ2500/ZJ1200/2BEA 303 10000 800 202

Over are suggested models as per national CZPTs. Since the suction strain will be changed as for each distinguished doing work problem, prior to product choice, the verifying calculation as per genuine suction and discharging method, condensation predicament of condensable gas, altering time for suction pressure is essential. Or referring to the consumers recent system is also workable.
Make sure you refer to recommendations of each pump for complex parameter checking.
The max suction strain means the stress underneath which the main pump can function. Over this degree, the main pump will be outcome to overloaded.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: One set

Q: What are the leads to of no movement or inadequate movement of centrifugal pump?
A: There is air in the suction pipe or pump, which wants to be discharged. Air leakage is located in the suction pipeline, and the leakage is repaired. If the valve of suction line or discharge line is closed, related valve shall be opened. If the suction top is also high, recalculate the set up height. The suction line is too modest or blocked.

Q: How to resist cavitation in centrifugal pump?
A: Enhance the framework layout from the suction to the impeller of the centrifugal pumpAdopt double stage suction impeller and use anti-cavitation substance

Q:What is the operate of rubber ball in water ring vacuum pump?
A: CZPT ball in h2o ring vacuum pump, the correct name is named rubber ball valve. Its part is to eliminate the pump gear in the operation method of the phenomenon of over compression or insufficient compression.

Q:How prolonged is warranty?
A:A single 12 months formain design guarantee.

Q:How can I shell out for my products? What is the payment you can give
A:Typically by T/T, thirty%-fifty% deposit payment once PI/Deal verified, then the remaining stability will be paid out following inspection and ahead of shipment by way of T/T or L/C

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Roots Vacuum Pumps System Package Unit for Food Sugar Candy Industry Factory


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