Parker PV Series Axial Piston Hydraulic Pump Short Tat

Parker PV Series Axial Piston Hydraulic Pump Short Tat


Series PV collection axial piston pump
Specs PV016, PV571, PV571, PV032, PV040, PV046, PV063, PV080, PV092, PV140, PV180, PV270, PV360
Working pressure Rated stress 35 MPa
Peak force forty two MPa
Handle mode:
With CZPT pressure regulator
With energy regulator
Installation conforms to CZPT VDMA-24560

Common Installation Sort: IS0 3019/24 Hole Flange (metric)

Optional Installation Sort: IS0 3019/fourteen Hole Flange (SAE)

Massive variable handle piston with sturdy reset spring, quickly reaction.

Due to the fact the compensating method has considerable force launch operate, the peak pressure at zero flow price is diminished.

The least compensation force is twelve-15 bar.

nine plunger style and new technologies of pre-compression volume are adopted to minimize stream fluctuation to the least expensive amount at any time.

Powerful and FEM-optimized pump physique framework minimizes the comprehensive variable handle type of sound stage

a hundred% nominal torque via-shaft transmission composition

Pumps of the exact same specification, kind and nearly all of the very same metric or SAE flanges can be assembled.

CZPT benefits:
1. PV is a sound style that gives reputable loops for the most demanding applications
2. Compact framework and support-welcoming style
three. Flexible set up interface
4. low noise
5. higher effectiveness
six. Minimal power intake and reduce warmth
7. Straightforward hydraulic manage with “No leakage” adjustment
8. Total-electricity via-shaft push ability
nine. Substantial self-suction velocity ability of 350 bar
ten. The fem-optimized housing and precompression chamber have low output pulsations and lower sounds
11. Modular compensator with quickly reaction
twelve.Complete shaft push torque one hundred% nominal torque


PV016L1D3AY PV571L1K1T1 PV046R1D3AY PV063L1E1T1 PV080L1D1T1
PV016L1D3T1 PV571R1D1T1 PV046R1D3BB PV063L1E3CD PV080L1D3T1
PV016L1E1T1 PV571R1D3T1 PV046R1D3CD PV063L1E3DF PV080L1E1CD
PV016L1E3T1 PV571R1E1T1 PV046R1D3T1 PV063L1E3T1 PV080L1E1DF
PV016L1K1T1 PV571R1E3T1 PV046R1E1CD PV063L1K1T1 PV080L1E1T1
PV016R1D1T1 PV571R1K1AY PV046R1E1T1 PV063L1K4T1 PV080L1E3BB
PV016R1D3AY PV571R1K1T1 PV046R1E3BC PV063L1K8T1 PV080L1E3CD
PV016R1D3T1 PV571R1L1T1 PV046R1E3T1 PV063L1L1CD PV080L1E3T1
PV016R1E1T1 PV032L1D3T1 PV046R1K1AY PV063L1L1T1 PV080L1E4BB
PV016R1E3AY PV032L1E1T1 PV046R1K1BB PV063L1L4T1 PV080L1K1T1
PV016R1E3T1 PV032L1E3T1 PV046R1K1CD PV063R1D1CD PV080L1L1CD
PV016R1K1AY PV032L1K1T1 PV046R1K1JH PV063R1D1T1 PV080L1L1KJ
PV016R1K1JH PV032R1D1T1 PV046R1K1KJ PV063R1D3BB PV080L1L1T1
PV016R1K1T1 PV032R1D3T1 PV046R1K1T1 PV063R1D3CD PV080R1D3AY
PV016R1L1AY PV032R1E1T1 PV046R1K8T1 PV063R1D3DF PV080R1D3BB
PV016R1L1T1 PV032R1E3AY PV046R1L1AY PV063R1D3T1 PV080R1D3CD
PV571L1E1T1 PV032R1E3T1 PV046R1L1BB PV063R1D7CA PV080R1D3T1
PV571L1K1JH PV032R1K1AY PV046R1L1JH PV063R1D7CD PV080R1D7T1
PV571L1L1T1 PV032R1K1BB PV046R1L1T1 PV063R1E1AY PV080R1E1AY
PV571R1D1T1 PV032R1K1KJ PV046R2K1T1 PV063R1E1T1 PV080R1E1BB
PV571R1D3T1 PV032R1K1T1 PV063R1E3T1 PV080R1E1DF PV080R1L1T1
PV571R1E1T1 PV032R1K1T1 PV063R1E4T1 PV080R1E1T1 PV080R1L4AY
PV571R1E3T1 PV032R1L1T1 PV063R1E8T1 PV080R1E3CD PV080R1L4BB
PV571R1K1AY PV040L1E1T1 PV063R1K1AB PV080R1E4AY PV080R1L4T1
PV571R1K1JH PV040L1K1T1 PV063R1K1AY PV080R1E4T1  
PV571R1K1T1 PV040L1L1T1 PV063R1K1BB PV080R1E8T1  
PV571R1L1T1 PV040R1D1T1 PV063R1K1CD PV080R1K1AA  
PV571L1D1T1 PV040R1D3T1 PV063R1K1JH PV080R1K1AY  
PV571L1D3T1 PV040R1E1T1 PV063R1K1KJ PV080R1K1BB  
PV571L1E1T1 PV040R1E3T1 PV063R1K1LK PV080R1K1BC  
PV571L1E3T1 PV040R1K1AY PV063R1K1T1 PV080R1K1CD  
PV571L1K1T1 PV040R1K1BB PV063R1K4CD PV080R1K1JH  
PV571L1L1T1 PV040R1K1KJ PV063R1K4LK PV080R1K1KJ  
PV571R1D1T1 PV040R1K1T1 PV063R1K4T1 PV080R1K1LK  
PV571R1D1T1 PV040R1L1T1 PV063R1K8T1 PV080R1K1T1  
PV571R1D3AY PV046L1D1T1 PV063R1L1AY PV080R1K4BB  
PV571R1D3T1 PV046L1D3T1 PV063R1L1BB PV080R1K4JH  
PV571R1E1T1 PV046L1E1T1 PV063R1L1CD PV080R1K4LK  
PV571R1E3T1 PV046L1E3AY PV063R1L1KJ PV080R1K4T1  
PV571R1K1AY PV046L1E3T1 PV063R1L1LK PV080R1K8T1  
PV571R1K1JH PV046L1K1T1 PV063R1L1T1 PV080R1L1AY  
PV571R1K1T1 PV046L1L1T1 PV063R1L4T1 PV080R1L1BB  
PV571R1K8T1 PV046R1D1CD PV063R2E4T1 PV080R1L1KJ  
PV571R1L1AY PV046R1D1T1 PV063R2K1AY PV080R1L1LK  
PV571R1L1T1 PV046R1D3BC PV063R2K1T1 PV080R2L4T1  


Parker PV Series Axial Piston Hydraulic Pump Short Tat

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