Lowest Investment Silicone Rubber Hot Feed Extruder Rubber Extruding Machine

Lowest Investment Silicone Rubber Hot Feed Extruder  Rubber Extruding Machine

Silicone CZPT Sizzling Feed Extruder&sol CZPT Extruding CZPT

Merchandise Description&colon


The equipment is utilised for the extrusion of 50 percent-concluded rubber items this kind of as tire tread&comma inner tube&comma rim bancl and rubber tube&time period Etc&time period

2&periodFeatures of Scorching Feed CZPT Extruder&colon

two&period1&period CZPT&colon

B&time period Surface area nitriding processing
D&period nitride depth&geq0&period55mm
E&interval Composition
    a&interval Hollow composition&comma easy for temperature manage
    b&periodThe thread path of the rotary joints is the exact same with that of the rotation 
        of the screw&period of time
    c&period CZPT head size fulfills the organization CZPT
    d&period of time At minimum 1 hour 10kg&solcm2 hydraulic testing made inside the screw&period No leakage&period

2&period2&interval Reducer&colon hardened tooth

A&time period Style Issue&colon software issue&geq1&period75
B&period of time two-phase transmission&comma parallel shafts&comma sounds<85db &lparA&rpar
C&period of time The output shaft adopts hollow framework&comma inserting screw for torque 
D&period With hagioscope&comma oil CZPT&comma and oil drain with conclude cap
E&period CZPT technique is manufactured up with Unbiased lubricating oil pump&period Easy for equipment and bearing compelled lubrication&period
F&interval The top of lessen is outfitted with vent valve&period of time The oil drain is in the bottom 
of the reducer&period of time

2&period3&interval Temperature management&colon

A&interval CZPT locates in the non-functioning area of the extruder&period of time
B&period of time versatile connecting pipe can bear far more than 120ºC
C&time period All valves have a nameplate
D&time period At minimum one hour 10kg&solcm2 hydraulic testing made inside of the screw&interval No leakage&time period

two&period4&period of time Engine base&colon 

A&periodExtruder and motor are on the exact same engine base&time period
B&interval With ample power and stiffness&comma Can bear the torque&comma vibration&comma or other load caused by the extruder
C&periodWith a hook or lifting hole for lifting

Major technological parameters&colon 

Type and spec&interval XJ-65 XJ-eighty five XJ-one hundred fifteen XJ-150 XJ-two hundred XJ-250
CZPT dia&interval&lparmm&rpar 65 eighty five a hundred and fifteen a hundred and fifty two hundred 250
L&Sold four 4&period8 4&period8 4&period4 4&period4 four&period5
CZPT rotational pace&lparr&solmin&rpar twenty&period27
twenty~60 27~eighty one 22&period4~sixty seven&period2 19&period7~59&period1
Motor energy&lparkw&rpar seven&period5 17 30 fifteen&period3~55 33&period3~one hundred 33&period3~a hundred
General dimension L×W×H&lparmm&rpar 1600×675×1053 2050×735×1275 2770×665×1300 3585×814×1470 4549×1140×1750 4950×1150×1483
Potential &lparkg&solh&rpar fifty~eighty sixty two~270 one hundred~350 800 1500~2200 3500
Overall bodyweight&lpart&rpar one&period5 two&period6 3&period3 four&period5 seven&period21 9


You should you can choose appropriate design in accordance to your true creation&time period
Solution display&colon


Our packing and shipping and delivery&colon

Export  CZPT &lparwooden bundle &rpar or according to your need &interval


1&interval Guarantee time period&colon 1 12 months soon after shipping&time period

2&interval Just before shipping&comma set up test-run and adjust the products in our workshop&comma until there is no dilemma&time period Give essential photographs and videos of certain measures&interval If purchasers occur to examine the gear&comma we shall offer free instruction of products installation&comma procedure&comma reparation&comma and other matters need to have focus&period

3&period During the warranty interval&comma for any damaged parts and accessories induced by the quality dilemma&comma we shall offer free replacements or provider of reparation&time period

four&interval Engineer abroad service is available&period 

five&time period Out of warranty interval&comma we shall proceed to supply technological provider to consumers&period of time

Our extruder series machines have been exported to numerous nations&comma this sort of as 

The CZPT States&comma Mexico&comma Argentina&comma Peru&comma Indonesia&commaetc&interval and our clients gave us large comment&period of time

If you are interested in our merchandise&comma you should contact us freely&comma we will provide detailed specifications to you&period of time

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Lowest Investment Silicone Rubber Hot Feed Extruder  Rubber Extruding Machine