Low Price Hydraulic Compressed Recessed Filter Press for Sale From China Filter Press Manufacturers

Low Price Hydraulic Compressed Recessed Filter Press for Sale From China Filter Press Manufacturers

minimal value hydraulic compressed recessed filter push for sale from China filter push makers

The filter press is a reliable liquid separation system making use of the theory of strain feeding. It has been utilized successfully in virtually each and every industrial filtration software more than its 150 several years of historical past. 
It contains a collection of filter plates and frames or recessed plates which are organized alternately. The filter medium is provided in amongst the plates. A feeding pump is utilized to force the liquid through the medium leaving the solid trapped inside of. When compared to other pressure filters the filter push retains a lot more solids for every sq. ft of filtering floor location then any other. 

1. Brife introduction of the hydraulic compress recessed filter push


This sort of filter press machine is mainly consist of  frame,filter plate ,hydraulic pressing program and electric management cabinet .Which has the advantage of  hydraulic pressure, automatic preserve stress,doing work secure ,compact structue,easy to use ,PP type durable use filter plate ,assortment types of types ,large ability ,strength and labor saving and so on.


The fitler press is broadly used in mining ,metallurgy,petroleum,chemical ,environmental safety,electroplating ,foods ,pharmacy,oil,organic,beverage,textiles,printing and dreing,papermaking,inorganic salt,coal washing ,sewage therapy,ceramics,leather-based this sort of industries.




two. Operating theory the hydraulic compress recessed filter press :


When the filter press is suitable installation, you can push the electricity button ,and the urgent method is start as the machine is automatically controled :

The cylinder piston of hydraulic unit drives the push plate to press the filter plate and filter cloth amongst push plate and tail plate.CZPT chamber are fashioned between pressed filter plates and supplies get into the filter chamber by way of the inlet of tail plate with the help of feeding pump. 

Reliable particles are remainned in filter chambers forming into cakes ,while liquid is discharged out of the machine by way of press cake and filter fabric.

To wash the press cakes,washing water can  be launched by means of the washing inlet of the tail plate.


3. CZPT parameters of  the hydraulic compress recessed filter press :

  450/630/800/870 chamber variety hydraulic compress filter push

Type (m2)CZPT  spot (mm)CZPT  plate  size   (mm)CZPT  cake  thickness


 chamber volume

(pcs)CZPT  plate  number (Mpa)Filtrating  pressure (kw)Motor  electricity (kg)Weight (mm)Dimension (L×W×H)
XY4/450-30U 4 450×450 thirty sixty nine .six two.two 860 1950×700×900
XY6/450-30U six 91 fourteen 910 2200×700×900
XY8/450-30U eight 121 19 960 2450×700×900
XY10/450-30U ten 151 24 1571 2700×700×900
XY12/450-30U twelve 182 29 1060 2950×700×900
XY15/450-30U 15 225 36 1130 3300×700×900
XY16/450-30U 16 243 39 1160 3450×700×900
XY15/630-30U fifteen 630×630 226 eighteen 1725 2640×900×1100
XY20/630-30U twenty 297 24 1993 3940×900×1100
XY30/630-30U thirty 452 37 2360 3590×900×1100
XY40/630-30U 40 595 49 2788 4300×900×1100
XY30/870-30U thirty 800×800 460 23 2170 3700×1400×1300
XY40/870-30U 40 595 30 2450 4300×1400×1300
XY50/870-30U fifty 748 38 2700 4840×1400×1300
XY60/870-30U 60 902 46 2980 5440×1400×1300
XY70/870-30U 70 1056 fifty four 3250 6040×1400×1300
XY30/870-30U thirty 870×870 460 23 2580 3180×1200×1300
XY40/870-30U 40 595 30 2925 3570×1200×1300
XY50/870-30U fifty 748 38 3318 4110×1200×1300
XY60/870-30U sixty 902 46 3712 4550×1200×1300
XY70/870-30U 70 1056 fifty four 4106 4990×1200×1300
XY80/870-30U eighty 1210 62 4561 5430×1200×1300


four. Operation process includes the following

1). The hydraulic unit drive the head plate to press the middle plates and filter cloth between head plate and tail plate. And chambers form between every two plates.

two). The pump will deliver the mud into the chambers. Solids retainled in the chamber to be cake, and liquid flow out. Until the cakes is full. Then pump stops.

three). With about 10 minutes pressure holding. When you see there is no liquid flow it, the squeezing process finishs.

4).The plate shifter device will help to pull the plates one by one, and cake will discharge automatically.

five. Our firm

HangZhou Toper is the leading supplier of industrial eqipment in China,and also the expert export and support provider of fitler and separation tools.Also ,we focus on total support for filtering project from desigh to right after -sale provider and rapidly supply of spare areas.

All of our products

one. Program-controlled automatic filter press

2. Membrane filter press

three. CZPT compress filter press

4. CZPT compress filter press

5. Jack filter press

6. Cast iron plate and frame/chamber filter press

7. CZPT steel plate and frame filter press

8. Round plate filter press

9. Cotton cake filter press

10. Cardboard filter press

eleven. DY belt filter press

12. DYX high pressure belt filter press

13. DNY rotary drum thickning/dehydrating belt filter press

fourteen. Triple-belt thickning and dehydrating filter press

15. SS type three-foot upper discharge centrifuge

16. SD type three-foot and filter bag hoist discharge centrifuge

17. PD type filter bag hoist discharge centrifuge

18. Centrifuge of up discharge, three foot, clean series SSB, SB

19. SX type manual top discharge centrifuge

20. PS type manual top discharge centrifuge

21. SGZ type automatic scraper bottom discharge centrifuge

22. PGZ type scarper bottom discharge centrifuge

23. LW series decanter centrifuge

24. Tubular centrifuge

25. Multi-layer stainless steel frame filter

26. Bag filter

27. Diatomite filter

28. CZPT late

29. CZPT cloth

30. Vacuum disc filter


Low Price Hydraulic Compressed Recessed Filter Press for Sale From China Filter Press Manufacturers

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