Hydraulic Cylinder __7t & 12t-Hydraulic Pump-

Hydraulic Cylinder  __7t & 12t-Hydraulic Pump-

2000 psi 1 three&sol4””&comma 2 three&sol8”&comma three”  Bore&semi 78”&comma 90”&comma 108” Stroke 
2300 psi 2 three&sol8”&comma three”‘&comma 3 five&sol8″  Bore&semi 78”&comma 90”&comma 108”&comma 120” Stroke 


Product Stroke A B C D E F G H M P Weight&lparlb&rpar
7 Ton Series-1 three&sol4”&comma 2 3&sol8”&comma 3” Sections&comma 2000PSI Rated
WT07078 78” 35&period50” 3&period74” seven&period00” one&period00” three&period19” six&period50” 1&period25” 2&period00” one&period25” SAE 8 68
WT07090 90” 39&period50” three&period74” seven&period00” one&period00” 3&period19” six&period50” one&period25” 2&period00” one&period25” SAE eight 75
WT5718 108” forty five&period50” 3&period74” seven&period00” 1&period00” three&period19” 6&period50” one&period25” two&period00” one&period25” SAE 8 a hundred and one
12 Ton Series-2 three&sol8”&comma 3”&comma three five&sol8”  Sections&comma 2300PSI Rated
WT12078 78” 34&period75” four&period43” 7&period00” one&period50” 3&period54” 7&period61” one&period43” 2&period00” one&period50” SAE 8 106
WT12090 90” 38&period75” four&period43” seven&period00” one&period50” three&period54” 7&period61” 1&period43” 2&period00” one&period50” SAE 8 107
WT12108 108” forty four&period75” 4&period43” seven&period00” 1&period50” 3&period54” 7&period61” 1&period43” two&period00” one&period50” SAE 8 132
WT12120 120” 48&period75” 4&period43” 7&period00” one&period50” 3&period54” 7&period61” 1&period43” 2&period00” one&period50” SAE eight 143

Hydraulic Cylinder  __7t & 12t-Hydraulic Pump-

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