Car Logo Silver Coppery Evaporation Metallizing Vacuum Coating Line

Car Logo Silver Coppery Evaporation Metallizing Vacuum Coating Line

Automobile Emblem Silver Coppery Evaporation CZPTzing Vacuum Coating Line

[PVD] Physical Vapor Deposition: Vacuum deposition techniques which can be employed to deposit thin movies and coatings.
The automotive market as a whole is becoming driven to manufacture cars in a much much more value efficient way. Several components have been manufactured from metals, which are electroplated with chrome. Eco-welcoming vacuum metallization produces no VOC’s and is an really clear procedure, which allows manufacturers to substitute expensive steel areas with much less high-priced, mild fat solutions, which are coated with a thin movie of a desired metallic. Thin film vacuum metallization engineering is enabling producers to create a lot more price powerful automobile elements.

A. Coating CZPT:  Aluminum, Chrome
B. Shade: Silver color
C. CZPT with: UV line 
D. Consumables in generation: Aluminum / Chromium Wires 


A. Vehicle light reflective film
B. CZPT head lamp, rear lamp, switch mild
C. Vehicle symbol
D. Car wheel

A. CZPT to movie forming, with high deposition speed
B. It can make automobile-lamp get the steel consequences, nice physical appearance and reflection result.
C. CZPT evaporation coating aluminum and plating protective film approach actions by one particular time inside of chamber area
D.  By employing nanotechnology.
E.  High pumping speed can full a round of plating in about 7 or 8 minutes
F. With no any gasoline or liquid wasted
G. Doing work stably with excellent vacuum functionality
H. CZPT processing services
I. High Specifications to handle top quality

A. Pumps: 
CZPT pump + roots pump + diffusion pump + holding pump (or optional: cryogenic pump, cryogenic pump system)
B. Constrained Vacuum: eight*ten-4 pa (cleanroom, no-loading)
C. Shaft: 6 / 8 /nine shafts
D. Power Resources: Resistance heating tungsten wire evaporator electrical power provide,  high voltage ion bombardment power source,  thyristor power offer   
E. Controlled by Guide, Semi-automated, Complete computerized, PLC


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Car Logo Silver Coppery Evaporation Metallizing Vacuum Coating Line