Zhongneng Used Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Zhongneng Used Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

CZPT Used Transformer Oil CZPT CZPT


one. Used transformer oil filter machine is made for purifying utilized or aged transformer oil, Altrahigh-voltage transformer oil, swap oil and other insulating oils.

two. It is very suitable for energy distribution station, electricity grid and various businesses which require to install and maintain oil-immersed transformers.

three. In addition to the normal transformer oil purification, this machine can be also utilized as vacuum oil injection and vacuum drying products for transformers, and it is expense-efficient, straightforward to work.


1. In addition to vacuum pump, this machine installs Roots Pump vacuum program, which velocity up air evacuation, make minimal vacuum ≤ 5Pa, working vacuum ≤ 35Pa.

two. Large area a few-dimensional flash distillation strategy, superior dewatering and degassing technique, which remove water and fuel relatively swift and comprehensive.

three. Exact filtration program, high-top quality filter component, multi-phase filtration with gradual precision, which assist eliminating mechanical impurities from oil.

four. Following purification the breakdown voltage of transformer oil can attain up to 70KV.

5. CZPT double-infrared liquid level computerized controller, strain automatic-protector, which make sure long- time period secure and reputable operation.

6. This machine can be operated each on-load and off-load.

seven. Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nization layout, reduced noise pump, deep purification and extended-phrase free technical instruction.

eight. CZPT variety, Trailer-mounted kind, Hermetical sort, and many others, which is offered.


Comparing with the single-phase vacuum oil purifier, this equipment dewaters, degases and gets rid of the impurities much more quickly and fully, and improves the oil breakdown voltage significantly higher. As the bridge-variety vacuum linking program, it is employed for filtration program as nicely as an independent vacuum electrical power supply to vacuum oiling for energy products.

 CZPT CZPT  Up to 1 micron
 Model  Fixed,Mobile and Trailer
 Dilivery  30 times

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Zhongneng Used Transformer Oil Filtration Machine