Vacuum Pressure Sensor

Vacuum Pressure Sensor

JC627-06 Vacuum Pressure Sensor Overview:
As a new collection solution specifically used for vacuum measurement and management, JC627-06 vacuum stress sensor has fully solved the issue of tough vacuum measurement. This collection solution has a few requirements, i.e. JC627G negative strain sensor, JC627A absolute stress sensorand JC627CA capacitor slender-film complete strain sensor, which have extensively been employed in such fields as pharmaceutical, health-related equipment, airspace and aerospace, scientific analysis, leakage detection and accomplished automation equipment fields.
JC627A absolute force sensor adopts such advanced international new large systems as complete force chips, temperature automatic compensation, and normalized circuit debugging and so on., to increase the complete stress assortment to 5KPa at the minimal, and to significantly enhance the total precision of the merchandise. Characterized by advanced technology, outstanding overall performance, trustworthy quality and small volume, this merchandise has fairly obvious benefits in substantial expense performance by comparison with domestic equivalent complete strain merchandise.

JC627-06 Vacuum Strain Sensor Features:
* Entirely offered with international high- accuracy sensing factors, with the optimum precision of up to .one% FS
* Continuously operable for a prolonged time, with excellent prolonged- expression security
* Relevant for measuring corrosive medium in accordance to specific specifications
* Powerful overloading resistibility.CZPT reaction. Steady and reliable performance
* Relevant for harmful places, with intrinsically safe explosion-proof type Ex ia II CT5
* With structural diversification, the solution can be designed in an individualized method as for each customers' specific needs

CZPT Parameters:

Measuring media The gas or liquid compatible with 316 stainless steel
Pressure type Negative gauge pressure (G), silicon- type absolute pressure (A), capacitor thin-film absolute pressure (CA)
Overload capacity 2 times at negative gauge pressure 10 times to one hundred times at micro-range absolute pressure
Measuring range Negative gauge pressure: 0~-5KPa ..-50KPa…-100KPa
Silicon-type absolute pressure: 0~5KPa…..10KPa …20KPa…100KPa…200KPa…1MPa
Capacitor thin-film absolute pressure: 0.02Pa~200Pa,1Pa~1KPa
Overall accuracy (nonlinearity + 
repeatability+ hysteresis)
± ±0.twenty five%FS ±0.five%FS
Long-term stability Common:± year Maximum:±0.15%FS/calendar year
Zero temperature drift Typical:±0.01%FS/ºC Greatest:±0.fifteen%FS/ºC
Sensitivity temperature drift Typical:±0.01%FS/ºC Maximum:±0.fifteen%FS/ºC
Range of operating temperature -twenty~ 80ºC 
Range of compensation temperature -10 ~ 60ºC  
Ambient temperature -20 ~ 80ºC
Range of power supply 12~36VDC(generally 24VDC)
Signal output four~20mA/1~5VDC/~5VDC
Load resistance ≤(U-twelve)/.02  Ω
Resolution Infinitely small (theoretical),,1/a hundred thousand(standard)
Enclosure protection class Plug type(IP65) cable type (IP67)
Safety and explosion protection Ex iaII CT5
Vibration error ≤±0.01%FS(Axes X, Y and Z, 200Hz/g)
Response time ≤2 ms

Buying Info:

JC627-06 Vacuum Force Sensor
  Pressure type Negative gauge pressure (G),  silicon- type absolute pressure (A), capacitor thin-film absolute pressure (CA)
  Measuring range ~X KPa or 0~X Mpa
  Code Overall accuracy (linearity + repeatability+ hysteresis)
1 ±0.five%FS  
two ±0.25%FS  
three ±  
  Code Signal output
A1 four~20mA(twelve~36V DC)
V1 one~5V DC(twelve~36V DC)
V2 ~5V DC (twelve~36V DC)      
V3 ~10V DC(24V DC)
  Code Additional functions
F1 M20x1.5  external thread
F2 G1/4 external thread
F3  Clamped type
F0 Unique
W1 Cable type (IP67,2m)
W2 Socket type (IP65,DIN43650)
W3  Aviation plug
P Flush-diaphragm type
E Intrinsically risk-free explosion-evidence sort
Ex iaIICT5
JC627-06(~10KPa)   -1    -A1    -F1    -W2          Vacuum Force Sensor

Suggestions for Sort Choice
* The medium to be calculated shall be suitable with the material contacting with the item.
* As an further perform code for kind choice, the code "E" for intrinsically safe explosion-proof variety Ex iaIICT5 denotes that power supply should be equipped by way of security barrier.
* For other unique needs, please go over with us and evidently reveal them in the order.

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Vacuum Pressure Sensor


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