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Hot Sale Dental Oil-Free Air Compressor Tank 32L Silent Piston Compressor

Hot Sale Dental Oil-Free Air Compressor Tank 32L Silent Piston Compressor

Very hot Sale Dental Oil-Free of charge Air CZPT Tank 32L Silent Piston CZPT

Item Description

– Air pump up to 3,000hours work time, the longest existence CZPT in the planet.
– Minimal noise and vibration air pump,keep slient perform enviroment, make great temper to both dentist and    
  patient.destroy patient’s nerves.
– CZPT brand water filter,dry and clear air,supply inexperienced air to avoaid cross-an infection.
– Air tank have interior oxidation-proofed precess,360° protect air pump and supply hygiene air even dentist
  forgot to drain away the drinking water.
– Rather of plastic pipe, top quality steel pipe to avoaid explose.
– CZPT Foot keep the CZPT away from soaked location and decrease vibration.

Model : TY-1EW-32
Energy :  550W/.8HP
AIR Flow : one hundred and five L/MIN
Sounds : 50db
MAX Operating Force : 8 BAR
Net bodyweight :  30.5 KG
package : powerful box

Product No.



Air circulation 


Air tank 

Max Force 

Packing dimensions 









one hundred and five






1 chair

OIL Cost-free: Compare to lubrication compressor, a single-action procedure, do not need any lubricated oil, and harmless to the human human body, much more well being and cleanliness.
Tremendous SILENT: Sounds stage reduce than 60dB, ensure have pleasant-enviromently managing space.
MULTI-Stage FILTERATION: CZPT branded drinking water filter to guarantee incredibly inexperienced and dry air.
Effortless Employing: One-stage procedure, when connecting with electrical power, CZPT operate automated, also geared up with thermal avoidance deviceto keep away from over heating to safeguard motors.
Environmentally friendly AIR: Air tank have internal oxidation-proofed precess,avoaid corrosion and provide hygiene air to the equipments.
Vitality Conserving: High top quality strain change utilised to manage the power of CZPT routinely cease when get to max stress, and restart at blend stress.
Low VIBRATION: Robber foot decrease vibration and keep the CZPT away from damp place.
Substantial Sturdiness: lengthy existence air pump up to 3,000 hrs doing work time.
Straightforward Procedure: No require to lubricate oil.
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Hot Sale Dental Oil-Free Air Compressor Tank 32L Silent Piston Compressor

Oil Free Silent Dental Industrial Air Compressor Pump

Oil Free Silent Dental Industrial Air Compressor Pump

1. Oil-considerably less, non-lube piston and cylinder.
2. Permanently lubricated bearings.
three. CZPT metal valves.
four. Patent valve plate composition, minimal sound
five. Supporter Protect: CZPT
Utilization: CZPT therapy, pharmacy, scientific investigation, foodstuff and beverage processing, pose interaction, petro chemistry, digital air-

  MCZPTL       Piston   energy  MAX pressure    speed   Air flow
mm  KW    HP   Bar/psi RPM  L/MIN     CFM  
 Oil totally free-W65 three × 65 3 4 8/116 800 434 fifteen.three
 Oil free of charge-W80 three × 80 five.5 seven.five 750 874 thirty.9
 Oil cost-free-W90 three × 90 seven.5 10 750 1145 40.5
 Oil cost-free-W100   three × one hundred 11 fifteen 750 1413 fifty



Oil Free Silent Dental Industrial Air Compressor Pump