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Three Screw Pump Bitumen Pump

Three Screw Pump Bitumen Pump

Overall performance Information:
Viscosity: three.~ 760 mm2/ s
Flow: eleven~ 3500 L/ min
Max. Stress: 4. Mpa
Max. Temperature: 120

1. The most commonly utilized screw pumps
two. CZPT composition, with handy maintenance for pump elements and accessories substitution
three. Distinctive double seal layout, with reputable sealing impact
4. The assembly of force minimize valve is applied to safeguard pumps

To transfer different medium with lubricating property or partial lubricating home, but with no reliable particles, like lubricant ( oil) ( for instance, lubrication oil, device oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, etc. ), water glycol, lubrication grease, light-weight diesel oil, residual gas ( oil) ( this sort of as hefty oil, coal tar, and many others. ) and other sticky chemical medium.

Are extensively employed in the fields of equipment, petroleum & chemical business, metallurgy, iron & steel, electric energy, marine, Centralized lubrication device, Lube circulation program, and so forth.

Mounting Variety:
H: Horizontal mounting, frequent sort connected by widespread baseplate
F: Bracket-sort mounting, related by bracket
S: Vertical mounting,
K: Immersion-sort mounting, to minimize the occupation space on the oil tank.

Three Screw Pump Bitumen Pump

Cast Iron Stainless Steel Mono Single Screw Pump

Cast Iron Stainless Steel Mono  Single Screw Pump


Single CZPT Pump with sound is a good displacement pump that use a single or a number of screws to go fluids or solids alongside the screw(s) axis. In its most straightforward type (the Archimedes’ screw pump), a solitary screw rotates in a cylindrical cavity, thereby moving the content together the screw’s spindle. This ancient design is even now utilized in numerous low-tech purposes, such as irrigation techniques and in agricultural machinery for transporting grain and other solids.  



 Product information:

Operating Basic principle:



CZPTtric Motor or Diesel Engine

Stream fee selection:

.8-150m3/h  (3.five-660US. GPM)

Optimum head:

120m  (393 toes)

Casing elements material:

Cast Iron / CZPT Steel 

CZPT substance:

SS201 / SS304 / SS316

Stator content:

NBR / Silicon Gel. 


Packing seal 

Motor kind: 

YX3 Collection motor / Gear box and YX3 collection motor / Explosion evidence motor

Max.permissible fluid temperature:


Sort of connection:



one. Substantial sellf-suction.

2. No eddy flow and stirring. 

three. Transportation substantial viscosity liquid with sound.

4. Stable circulation and stress pulsation. 



Functionality Info: 

Model Velocity
Inlet / Outlet 
G20-one 960 .8 .6 .seventy five 25/twenty five
G20-2 960 .eight 1.two 1.five 25/twenty five
G25-one 960 two .6 one.five 32/25
G25-2 960 two 1.2 two.2 32/twenty five
G30-1 960 5 .six two.two 50/40
G30-two 960 five one.two three fifty/forty
G35-1 960 eight .6 three sixty five/50
G35-2 960 8 one.2 4 65/50
G40-one 960 12 .six 4 80/65
G40-two 960 12 one.2 five.five eighty/sixty five
G50-one 960 20 .6 5.five one hundred/eighty
G50-two 960 20 1.2 seven.5 100/80
G60-one 960 30 .six 11 125/one hundred
G60-2 960 thirty 1.two 15 a hundred twenty five/100
G70-one 720 forty five .six 11 a hundred and fifty/125
G70-2 720 45 1.two fifteen 150/125
G85-1 720 fifty five .6 fifteen one hundred fifty/a hundred and fifty
G85-2 five hundred 55 one.2 18.five 150/a hundred and fifty
G105-one 400 eighty .six 22 200/a hundred and fifty
G105-2 380 80 1.two thirty two hundred/150
G135-1 380 150 .6 37 250/two hundred
G135-2 380 150 1.two 75 250/two hundred

Organization Details:
ZHangZhoug CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is one of the leading producers and exporters in the subject of business pumps with production services in mainland China. We are specialised in oil pump, diaphragm pump, diesel motor pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, chemical pump etc.

Cast Iron Stainless Steel Mono  Single Screw Pump

High Quality Progressing Cavity Pump, Screw Pump for All Kinds of Viscous

High Quality Progressing Cavity Pump, Screw Pump for All Kinds of Viscous

                                           Substantial CZPT CZPT Pump/progressive cavity screw pump

The solitary-screw pump, a variety of rotary positive-displacement pump with inner gearing, is largely composed of a stator
with dual spiral chambers and a rotor engaged with the stator in the shaft sleeve. When the rotor is producing planet turning
motion by circling the axial line of the stator chamber, the sealed chamber formed between the rotor and stator will make
axial displacement along the spiral line of the rotor, which will express the liquid evenly, constantly and continuously from 
the suction to the discharge aspect.

Solution identify One screw pump                                                             
Material Solid iron, SS304, SS316, SS316L, 2205 etc.
Movement price Max 600m3/h
Pressure two.4MPa or larger
Guarantee 12 months
Shipping and delivery medium *Various viscous liquids, especially for liquids with high viscosity which are difficult to be pumped.
*Various concentrations of fluids and separated dry medium.
*A medium containing solids (up to 70%), fibers (up to 350mm) and suspended medium.
*Combination of fluid, gasoline and strong.
*Delicate fluids that are not able to be agitated, sheared and squeezed.
*Corrosive liquid(PH=1 to fourteen)
Software *CZPT protection:industrial and daily life sewage treatment, oily drinking water remedy,the delivery     of numerous muddy water with sound particles and short fiber, oil-drinking water separation and waste
 gas venture, measuring addition of flocculant and its chemical brokers.
*CZPT business:the shipping and delivery of clean/heavy oil, acid, alkail and salt solution,different         viscous pasty and milky chemical grout, oil-water separation and squander oil recycling technique,         polymer shipping.
*Exploration and mining:delivery drilling mud, mining water source and drainage, h2o source      of mining dust shaker,mortar and concrete painting of mining laneway wall.
*Medicine and meals:supply medical ointment, syrup,jam,fermentation broth,honey,cream,starch    paste,toothpaste, etc.
*Ship building:bilge cleansing pump, maritime incinerator shipping pump, oil-water separator                 matching pump, the shipping of cabin oily drinking water and other medium.
*CZPT market:the shipping and delivery of numerous fuel oil, coal-water-slurry, resin, additive.
*Paper-creating market:the shipping and delivery of various pulp, limited stock, slurry and waster water                 therapy,chemical measurement, stoichiometry,raw substance preparing, coating and coloring     process.
*CZPTtrolyte processing:the shipping and delivery of a variety of cream,milk,suspension and other medium cannot     be stirred and lower.
*CZPT engineering: the planning and shipping of coal h2o slurry, the producing and          planning of titanium white, kaolin, and so forth, filling and grouting.
*CZPT engineering:oil-drinking water mixture, sludge with metals,metallurgy slurry,
  waste bunker emptying.
*CZPT market: the shipping and delivery of cement motra, painting, lime milk and other paste liquid.

For solitary screw pump, we have kinds as flowing


Q:Can you source pump certified with ANSI and ASME CZPT?
A:Yes, our pump compliant with ISO / ASME/ANSI CZPT.

Q:How to customise pumps and mechanical seals ?
A:Consumers could send us application knowledge, we will pick appropriate pump and seal varieties, or shopper could deliver us drawings, We are well in OEM and ODM.

Q:How can I shell out for my products? What is the payment you can supply?
A:Typically by T/T, 30% down payment once PI verified, the stability will be paid after inspection and before shipment. TT or L/C at sight

Q:How long is warranty?
A:1 calendar year for principal construction warranty.

Q:How prolonged is production guide time?
A:Usually fifteen working days. If consumer want urgently, we have a huge spare parts stock, we could finish assembly and tests in seven times.

Q:What is the shipping terms you can offer?
A:Depnends on customer’s specifications, we can give diverse transportantin terms, these kinds of as EXW, FOB, CIF.

Q:Who is in demand of after-sales?
A:SUNPACE has skilled right after product sales services staff, we will adhere to up the client’s remarks and propose them good remedies. Remedy client’s troubles and retaining the customers revenue.

Q:Who is in charge of maintenance?
A:Nearby agent. If pump operating has any problem on website, our regional agent will arrival the plant within 24 several hours

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High Quality Progressing Cavity Pump, Screw Pump for All Kinds of Viscous