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Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Polyurethane Spraying PU Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Polyurethane Spraying PU Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine

CZPT CZPTurethane Spray Foam CZPT

Product description

The new CZPT-E2 air pushed proportioning unit is of an superior and compact layout.It is specially amed at the apps of polyurethane foamin location.Its particular configuration facilities easy access to all its elements,simiplifies the handle capabilities advertisement signficantly lowers the servicing function.


•Primary Heating Systerm

The main heating method consists of two different independent block heaters with no seals.

•Proportioning Pumps

The system is which includes two optimistic displacement piston pumps,pushed by a pneumatic motor.

•Recirculation Technique

Recirculation of the two elements permits a faster achievement of the preset temperatures at the heaters before beginning to spray and for the duration of temporary shutdowns.

•Hose Heating Method

The hose heating program is developed with 1000 w each fifteen meter that enables the heating of up to 90 m.

Details Impression


Task CZPT-E2  project polyurethane spraying equipment
Mounted host configuration one set
Self-cleaning spray gun one set
Gross weight 250KG
Feed pump 2 sets
Heated hose 49.2 ft (15 m)
Info ratio of uncooked components 1: 1 (set)
Raw substance viscosity range 200-1000CPS (at functioning temperature)
Doing work force 17 MPa (one hundred seventy bar)
Greatest Fluid Temperature 88 ° C (190 ° F)
Highest output ten kg / min (22 lb / min)
Every heater electrical power 3000W
Heating hose energy 1000W / 15m
Total electricity 7500W
Voltage 230V 1-ph / 400V 3-ph
CZPT size 770mm*560mm*1350mm

Get in touch with information
Mia Zhang E-mail  


Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Polyurethane Spraying PU Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine

PU Shoe Machine Gear Metering Pump Manufacturer

PU Shoe Machine Gear Metering Pump Manufacturer

PU shoe device gear metering pump maker

A.[Product Description]

   The style utilizes high CZPT exterior spur gears enclosed inside a near tolerance housing assembly. This supplies you the precise volume of fluid dispensed per shaft revolution. The housing is created from a precision ground and lapped three-plate assembly. This assembly is aligned with dowels to enable near control of working clearances. This design method in combination with several proprietary inside functions is what assures exact, pulseless and reputable movement under varying procedure conditions. When HangZhou CZPT pumps are coupled with a pre-packaged, integrated, closed-loop velocity manage and a compact motor driver assembly (AC or DC), HangZhou CZPT is capable to offer the most exact and flexible metering gear pump system on the marketplace.  






Whole Top Base Height Min Inlet Stress Max Outpet Stress Precision Temperature
GWMP-.fifteen .fifteen eighty three 28.1 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC


.three 85 30.2 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-.six .six 85 32 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-1.2 1.two ninety 34 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-two.4 2.4 one hundred 42 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-three.six 3.6 a hundred and five fifty <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-6 six a hundred thirty 41 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-nine 9 one hundred thirty five forty six <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-12 12 a hundred and forty 51 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-fifteen fifteen one hundred forty five fifty six <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-twenty twenty 150 64 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-30 30 one hundred sixty five eighty <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-40 forty 90 215 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-fifty 50 ninety seven 215 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-60 60 104.five 230 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC
GWMP-75 75 112 230 <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-80 eighty CZPT CZPT <0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-three% 200ºC
GWMP-a hundred twenty five a hundred twenty five CZPT


<0.2Mpa <30Mpa +/-3% 200ºC

Be aware:Route of rotation: clockwise from the axis of rotation 


Product 6CC 9CC 12CC 15CC 20CC 25CC 30CC
A one hundred thirty a hundred thirty five a hundred and forty a hundred forty five one hundred fifty 158 one hundred sixty five
B forty one 46 fifty one 56 sixty four seventy two eighty


  Min Inlet Pressure   <0.2Mpa
  Functioning Speed   5~200 R/min
  Medium   Fluid
  Temperature   200ºC
  Max Outlet Strain   <30Mpa
  Circulation Potential   six-thirty(+/-30)CC/R
  CZPT   Combined seal


Product .15CC .3CC .6CC one.2CC 2.4CC 3.2CC three.6CC
A eighty three eighty five eighty five 90 one hundred 103 a hundred and five
B 28.1 30.two 32 34 42 47.six fifty


  Min Inlet Pressure   <0.2Mpa
  Working Speed   5~two hundred R/min
  Medium   Fluid
  Temperature   200ºC
  Max Outlet Stress   <30Mpa
  Movement Capability   .15-three.6(+/-3%)cc/r
  CZPT   Combined 

C.[Set up]

D.[Company Information]

  • Our Organization is Top 10 CZPT on Alibaba
  • We have about thirty years of expertise in CZPT
  • Our items have been exported to more 100 coutries and region
  • ISO,SGS,CE and more ceterficates for you reference
  • Patent technology and more than 3 a long time functioning existence


PU Shoe Machine Gear Metering Pump Manufacturer