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China Supply Low Investment Cassava Potato Tapioca Starch Making Machine

China Supply Low Investment Cassava  Potato  Tapioca Starch Making Machine

China CZPT Reduced CZPT Cassava/ Potato/ Tapioca CZPTch Generating CZPT 


 1. Cassava CZPTch can be utilized for Foods and consume.

 2. Cassava CZPTch can be utilized for Textile starching, Medicine, and so on.

 3. Cassava CZPTch can be utilised for making Modified starch, Glucose, Sugar, Sorbitol, Alcoholic beverages, etc.

 4. Cassava CZPTch can be used for generating Vitamin C, Lysine, Citric acid, Antibiotic, Enzymic preparations, and so forth.

 5. Cassava residue can be utilised as feed.

Method Description

(one) Raw materials getting unit: The cassava is carried apart from the storage pool after weighing. To start with, it goes by means of the vibration sieve for removing the stones and sand. Then the pre-cleaned cassava falls on the belt conveyer and enters into the storage pool, and the garbage will be carried away by truck.

(two) H2o transportation device: The exit of the storage pool is drinking water transportation channel. The cassava will be despatched by water power into de-stone equipment. Meanwhile, the remaining sand and dust will be again cleaned out by rolling and friction.

(three) De-stone and washing unit: cassava is transferred into the screw destone machine to be cleaned by h2o flow. The little sand and stone go by way of the rotary display screen then fulfill with even bigger dimension stone which was stopped and sent back to the entrance of de-stone device. Most of sand and stone are removed out of de-stone device. The cassava then goes into rotary cleansing machine for even more taking away of dust and damaged chips. Cleaned cassava falls on a examining conveying belt equipped with nozzles for washing the floor of cassava. Employees can manually consider out the rotten cassava, picket and plastic products. At the conclude of belt, the iron remover is put in for eliminating metallic impurities.
Then the cassava is despatched by bulk elevator into short term storage in which it can remain two hours.

(4) Milling device: The milling device is the most crucial action for extracting cassava starch. The feeding screw combined at bottom of the storage tank pumped the cleanse cassava into milling device. Hugely-effective milling equipment will release the starch in cassava at most.

(5) De-sanding cyclone unit: Soon after milling, the starch milk is transferred to de-sanding cyclone by fiber pump. The hydro-cyclone divide the milk into two parts: the light-weight element which includes the mixture of starch and residue will go out from prime of the cyclone, and the heavy element which includes the sand will be discharged out of the method.

(6) Centrifugal extracting device: The mixture is transferred to the 3 phase centrifugal sieves, each sieve works with a fiber pump and a defoam pump. The combination enters into every single sieve to independent residue and starch. Soon after 3 phases continuous washing and separation, the filtrate is sent to concentration and refining device, and the residue is sent to the residue dewatering device.

(seven) Cassava residue dewatering unit: The cassava residue will be pumped to the centrifugal sieve for dewatering, the centrifugal sieve works like the extraction sieve. Then the screw conveyor discharges the residue out of the procedure, and the h2o will go again to the process drinking water method.

(8) Focus and refining unit

The starch milk from centrifugal sieve goes into the sixteen levels of refining hydro-cyclone, and new water arrives into the cyclone from the stop of technique. To start with, starch milk is pumped into 3 levels of focus unit to get rid of the water, then the condensed starch milk enter the following thirteen phases of washing device, and the overflow enters into another 2 levels of recycle device to recycle starch. Most of the effluent with fiber is discharged out of the process, and a little component goes back to the method water program. Finally, the condensed starch slurry is pumped into the starch slurry storage tank.

(9) Vacuum dewatering device: The starch slurry is pumped into inlet tank of vacuum dewatering machine. Then the vacuum rotary drum will adsorb the starch on the drum area and the filtrate is transferred out of the technique by filtrate pump. The filter cake on the drum will be peeled off by peeler and then transferred to the air dryer by screw conveyor.

(10) Air drying unit: Right after dewatering method, the air dryer will dry the starch to the required humidity of the commercial starch. Then starch goes into the screw conveyor.

(eleven) Sieving and storage device: The starch is transferred into the vibration sieve by screw conveyor, and the sieve is utilized to different the coarse and fantastic starch particle. Then the fine starch goes into starch tank for short term storage.

(twelve) Weighing and deal unit: Right after seiving, the good starch goes to the car-packager, and will be packed into twenty five kg/bag.

Primary CZPT

Welcome to Speak to US!

ZheJiang Meckey CZPT Co.


Insert: Bldg.five-1511, No. 10 CZPT south highway, BDA, ZheJiang

China Supply Low Investment Cassava  Potato  Tapioca Starch Making Machine

2018 Best Price Potato Starch Production Machine for Sale

2018 Best Price Potato Starch Production Machine for Sale

2018 Very best Cost Potato CZPTch Manufacturing CZPT for Sale

Item Description:

HangZhou Sida potato starch extracting device used damp process, and donot include any additiitves. The whole line adopts mature technologies, innovative equipment, scientic and rational method. The circulation chart including washing and peelingcrushingfilterconcentrating and refiningdehydration and dryingpackaging. And all equipment get in touch with component is stainless steel, which can meet the high quality of food production.

Description of Potato CZPTch Processing Line:

one. Potato convey, washing and peeling section

The freshroots transported by the conveyor into the feeder of the cleaning machine, then cleaning and peeling  machine will remove the dirt and other foreign matters completely, and then the cleaning cassava in a temporary storage hopper into the next procedurethe grinding and rasping section automatically.


2. Rasping&grinding section( hammer crusher)

The grinding is the most important part of cassava starch extraction. Sida hasmmer collection crusher is a great crushing device for cassava/potato roots, two measures crushing processdure are inclueded to make positive the substantial starch extraction.


3. CZPTing section(Desanding cyclone, filter)

Rasping cassava slurry is pumped through the fiber pump into the desanding cyclone.When the slurry enters desanding cyclone, the light phase of starch will come out of the top as overflow, and the heavy phase like sands will be discharged from the bottom, then cassava slurry will go into filter.


4. CZPTch concentration and refine section( starch hydro cyclone)

CZPTch hydro cyclone is another key unit which influences the cassava starch yields and quality. The cassava slurry enters the first stage centrifugal sieve from desanding cyclone,the slurry is separated into starch slurry and cassava residue under the centrifugal force. CZPTch slurry is pumped through the de-foaming pump to the hydro-cyclone station for washing starch, and the cassava residue is sent to CZPT and third grade centrifugal sieves through fiber pump for starch recovery.thefresh water enters the hydro-cyclone from the other end which washes starch. The overflow enters two grade recovery station torecycle starch, the bottom flow is washed,through other grade washing cyclone to ensure that the starch slurry does not contain impurities and final starch will be in accordance with national CZPT


5. CZPTch dewatering section( Vacuum Dehydrator and Overflow Air Flash Drying System) 

The starch out of the cyclone station has 45% moisture so it must be dewatered and dried. The starch slurry enters vacuum dewatering filter tank from the starch milk buffer tank. Under the vacuum formed by the vacuum pump, the starch slurry is sucked to the drum surface, then filtrate goes through filter mesh and enters the filtrate separating tank. The starch cake remains on mesh surface and is scraped off by a scraper and transported by the conveyor belt into the air dryer. Then weighing and packing.


Firm Introduction:

Primary CZPT: 

1) cassava starch/flour processing machine

two) Potato starch making equipment

3) Sweet potato starch production equipment

four) Garri creation line

five) Potato chips frying machine

6) Washing and peeling equipment

7) Harvesting and planting machine for cassava and potato

eight) a variety of cassava/potato crushing equipment

nine) Rice milling device


Principal Marketplaces:

1) Nigeria, Ghana, CZPTla,Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, south Africa and so forth. in Africa

two) Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India,  Pakistan and so forth. in Aisa

three) Brazil, Colombia….

Main Advantage:

one) More than twenty many years encounter

2) Owned 10 National patents

3) Professional engineers are accessible to install machine in your nation

four) Professional and passionate team

5) Higher quality equipment and sincerely service provide to you

Welcome to pay a visit to our manufacturing facility, i m sure you will be pleased with higher quality machine, competitive price tag and sincerely support.

Amy Zheng: fifteen 0571 5712


2018 Best Price Potato Starch Production Machine for Sale

Automatic Pouch Bag Potato Chips Popcorn Beans Rice Nitrogen Puffed Food Doypack Packing Machine

Automatic Pouch Bag Potato Chips Popcorn Beans Rice Nitrogen Puffed Food Doypack Packing Machine

CZPT Pouch bag Potato Chips Popcorn Beans Rice Nitrogen Puffed Foodstuff Doypack Packing CZPT

Merchandise Introduction
Operate and attributes
New multi-function horizontal packaging equipment is made for doypack packaging require, it can make CZPT unique styles,doypack pouches, as properly as with special extra capabilities like zipper, hanging gap, spout or special shapes, which can fulfill packaging requirement of higher pace.


  Separate Stations
1. Multi stations for high packing velocity.
two. Only alter one station if have diverse bag measurements.
Versatile Date Printer 
one.It is easy to be modified UDLR (Up,Down,Still left,Right) to print the code place in which you want on the baggage. 
two.Ribbon Day Printer,Simple to function
  Bag Supporter
1.For heavier bags 
two.Stay away from the bags flowing down 
three.Prime Y Horizontal Packing CZPT is suited for both small bags and huge bag packing.

CZPT Features

Product No.        TOPY-MDPL1 TOPY-MDPL2
Bag Width a hundred-280mm  100-380mm
Bag Length one hundred fifty-350mm a hundred and fifty-450mm
Bag Sort Stand-up bag, pillow bag Stand-up bag, pillow bag
Electrical power CZPT 220V, 50HZ 220V, 50HZ
Air Intake 7. CFM@80 PSI 7. CFM@eighty PSI
CZPT Components PIAB Vacuum Generator, CZPTs component Airtac from ZheJiang PIAB Vacuum Generator, CZPTs element Airtac from ZheJiang

Doypack equipment is appropriate for all sorts of the premade luggage, such as pillow bag, three-side, four-aspect and eight-side quad seal baggage (box pouch), kraft baggage and spout luggage and so on


The filling technique is just for your reference. We will provide you best solution in accordance to your item mobility, viscosity, density, volume, dimensions etc.

A. Powder Packing Solution
Servo CZPT Auger Filler is specialized for powder filling such as nutrients powder, seasoning powder, flour, medicinal powder and many others.
B. Liquid Packing Resolution
Piston Pump Filler is specialized for liquid filling such as water, juice, laundry detergent, ketchup and so on.
C. Solid Packing Remedy
Blend multi-head weigher is specialised for reliable filling this sort of as sweet, nuts, pasta, dried fruit and vegetable and so on.
D. Granule Packing Answer
Linear weigher is specialized for granule filling this kind of as chemical, beans, salt, seasonings etc. 

Doypack machine system detailed image

  1. Certification: our electrical device have the optimum CSA certification
  2. Gusset unit: For creating gusseted bag or block bottom bag.
  3. Automobile tracking system: For instantly regulation movie position.
  4. Day printer: To print code, one particular line or two traces, maximum eleven letters for each one particular line.
  5. Air expeller: Expel air from the bag to be finished.
  6. Hole pouch system: Pouch hole to manage bag.
  7. Bag supporter: For big excess weight.

Company Information

Best Y CZPT Co., LTD was started in October 2011 in Lunjiao Town, HangZhou Town, and then we moved to Qide CZPT Park, Beijiao Town. We are built-in organization with R&D, creating, advertising and marketing and providing right after-sale services backup.

1, VP vertical forming filling sealing equipment for roll of film

2, Sachet packing equipment for tiny bag

3, Powder packaging techniques

four, Granule packaging systems

5, Liquid packaging systems

And turnkey content managing, weighing, packaging and inspecting answers for granule, powder and liquid.


Very good Comments

CZPT and Packing


  1. 3-fifteen working days given that payment receipt(dependent on real amount)
  2. Monitoring No. Will be despatched to you right after delivery. And you will get each crucial transport position by e mail.

plywood situations packed


Soon after Support

*Pre-Product sales Support
one.Inquiry and consulting assist, skilled packing solution for cost-free.
2.CZPT video clips for your reference.
3.Sample tests support.
four. View our Factory.
*Soon after-sale Service 
one. Manules / Videos of equipment installation, adjusting, environment, maintenance are accessible for you.
two. If any troubles happen and you can not discover out the solutions, Telecom or On-line confront to face interaction offered 24 several hours.
three. Engineers & experts are accessible to ship to your nations for services if you agree to shell out the expenditure.
4. The device will have a one-year warranty for the machine,2 several years guarantee for the electric component. Throughout the guarantee yr if any of the components damaged not by male-produced. We will cost-free charge to replace the new one for you. The warranty will get started following the device send out we obtained the B/L.

Q1. What merchandise do you want to pack? Sound, granule, flake, powder or liquid?
A1. For liquid we advise piston or motor pump, for powders we are advise auger filler or volumetric cup filler, for strong, flake and granules we advise multihead weigher, linear weigher or volumetric cup filler.

Q2. What are the bag measurements and concentrate on bodyweight in each pack?
A2. For VFFS packing device the least movie width we perform on is 120mm, the highest film width we function on is 1200mm. For doypack equipment the bag width functioning on is minimum 70mm and optimum poor width is 450mm.

Q3. Does your organization function on OEM?
A3. Indeed, we have a professional design and style and technical staff to do the customization.

This fall. What is actually the shipping time right after the purchase is positioned?
A4. We organize the shipment in 30-35days for the CZPT device right after acquire thirty% deposit.

Q5. How about the warranty?
A5. The guarantee is two many years and we provide lifelong servicing.

Q6. What can you provide following services?
A6. We give device running movie, industrial handbook in English, spare components and tools for installation. Also our engineers are offered to clients’ manufacturing unit and technical instruction.

Automatic Pouch Bag Potato Chips Popcorn Beans Rice Nitrogen Puffed Food Doypack Packing Machine

Industry Type Big Capacity Modeified Potato Starch Machine

Industry Type Big Capacity Modeified Potato Starch Machine

CZPT Type Massive Potential Modeified Potato CZPTch CZPT

Solution Description:

Potato starch machine adopts experienced technological innovation, sophisticated products, scientic and rational procedure a whole cassava starch processing line including washing and peeling–crushing–filer–concentrating and refining–dewater–drying–sieving–packing, these equipment are autoamtic functioning, the entire line just demands 4-5workers, and all machine contact part is stainless steel, which can meet the high quality of foodstuff producton.

Potato starch machine Introduction:

1. potato convey, washing and peeling segment

The freshroots transported by the conveyor into the feeder of the cleansing equipment, then cleaning and peeling  machine will remove the dust and other foreign matters completely, and then the cleaning cassava in a temporary storage hopper into the subsequent procedurethe grinding and rasping part instantly.


two. Rasping&grinding area( hammer crusher)

The grinding is the most essential component of cassava starch extraction. Sida hasmmer collection crusher is a good crushing machine for cassava/potato roots, two actions crushing processdure are inclueded to make confident the high starch extraction.


3. CZPTing segment(Desanding cyclone, filter)

Rasping cassava slurry is pumped through the fiber pump into the desanding cyclone.When the slurry enters desanding cyclone, the gentle period of starch will arrive out of the top as overflow, and the heavy stage like sands will be discharged from the bottom, then cassava slurry will go into filter.


four. CZPTch focus and refine segment( starch hydro cyclone)

CZPTch hydro cyclone is an additional essential unit which influences the cassava starch yields and top quality. The cassava slurry enters the first stage centrifugal sieve from desanding cyclone,the slurry is divided into starch slurry and cassava residue underneath the centrifugal power. CZPTch slurry is pumped by means of the de-foaming pump to the hydro-cyclone station for washing starch, and the cassava residue is sent to CZPT and 3rd grade centrifugal sieves by means of fiber pump for starch restoration.thefresh drinking water enters the hydro-cyclone from the other end which washes starch. The overflow enters two grade restoration station torecycle starch, the base movement is washed,through other quality washing cyclone to make sure that the starch slurry does not incorporate impurities and last starch will be in accordance with nationwide CZPT


five. CZPTch dewatering part( Vacuum Dehydrator and Overflow Air Flash Drying Program) 

The starch out of the cyclone station has forty five% humidity so it must be dewatered and dried. The starch slurry enters vacuum dewatering filter tank from the starch milk buffer tank. Underneath the vacuum fashioned by the vacuum pump, the starch slurry is sucked to the drum surface area, then filtrate goes by way of filter mesh and enters the filtrate separating tank. The starch cake remains on mesh floor and is scraped off by a scraper and transported by the conveyor belt into the air dryer. Then weighing and packing.


About SIDA — The most trustworthy supplier, Greatest good quality, Best soon after-sale providers

Zheng Zhou Sida Agriculture CZPT is the main agriculture tools maker with far more than 10 years’ experience in China. 

Our primary machines addresses:
one. Rice milling machine
2. Parboiled rice milling device
three. Cassava starch/flour processing equipment, potato starch processing equipment, garri processing machine
four. Plantain flour processing equipment
five. Maize flour processing line and so on. 
For earlier mentioned machinery, we are skilled and encounters, hope our equipment can give you some valuable. Higher quality?device, competitive price and sincerely service supply to you.

We have the specialist technological innovation, study, design and style and sale teams. And our major marketplaces cover  Africa (this sort of as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon and so on), CZPTe, CZPTica….

Our services:

one. Pre-sale support of rice milling equipment
one) Take customer session, We will supply options according to buyer requirements, establish the scale of operation
two) To supply clients with undertaking layout, approach layout, suitable for your equipment tools plan formulation of choose and purchase, in a timely way to offer clients with related technological documentsAccording to your special requirements, style and manufacture of goods, for your training technological procedure personnel for preliminary design and design design and style.

2. Provide for sale of rice mill machine
one) The firm despatched complex staff to the scene of the on-the-spot advice products set up, debugging and coaching operators
two) 24 hrs phone provider -fifteen 0571 5712, vacation service  as common.

3. After-sales service of rice mill equipment
1) Phone support: refers to the buyers in the use of products of tough difficulties in the procedure or tools in irregular condition, by phone or by fax to the business for technological assist and aid.Organization right after confirm the customer’s service request, will prepare technological personnel in the prescribed period of time (i.e., response time) by phone to aid fault locating the demand from customers aspect, and put forward answers, manual customers to exclude products failure in the end.
two) If you can not fault prognosis by cellphone and fix the failure phenomenon, will quickly deliver professionals to the scene, ultimately to fix.
three) The firm’s goods provide a year warranty, daily life-lengthy upkeep.

Get in touch with Details:

Speak to person Amy Zheng
Cellular + 86~thirteen 0571 88828 13858117778 0571 5712
Wechart + 86~thirteen 0571 88828 13858117778 0571 5712
QQ   241757154

High top quality device, comeptitive cost and sincerley services offer to you, you should free to get in touch with me.


Industry Type Big Capacity Modeified Potato Starch Machine