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Cast Iron Stainless Steel Mono Single Screw Pump

Cast Iron Stainless Steel Mono  Single Screw Pump


Single CZPT Pump with sound is a good displacement pump that use a single or a number of screws to go fluids or solids alongside the screw(s) axis. In its most straightforward type (the Archimedes’ screw pump), a solitary screw rotates in a cylindrical cavity, thereby moving the content together the screw’s spindle. This ancient design is even now utilized in numerous low-tech purposes, such as irrigation techniques and in agricultural machinery for transporting grain and other solids.  



 Product information:

Operating Basic principle:



CZPTtric Motor or Diesel Engine

Stream fee selection:

.8-150m3/h  (3.five-660US. GPM)

Optimum head:

120m  (393 toes)

Casing elements material:

Cast Iron / CZPT Steel 

CZPT substance:

SS201 / SS304 / SS316

Stator content:

NBR / Silicon Gel. 


Packing seal 

Motor kind: 

YX3 Collection motor / Gear box and YX3 collection motor / Explosion evidence motor

Max.permissible fluid temperature:


Sort of connection:



one. Substantial sellf-suction.

2. No eddy flow and stirring. 

three. Transportation substantial viscosity liquid with sound.

4. Stable circulation and stress pulsation. 



Functionality Info: 

Model Velocity
Inlet / Outlet 
G20-one 960 .8 .6 .seventy five 25/twenty five
G20-2 960 .eight 1.two 1.five 25/twenty five
G25-one 960 two .6 one.five 32/25
G25-2 960 two 1.2 two.2 32/twenty five
G30-1 960 5 .six two.two 50/40
G30-two 960 five one.two three fifty/forty
G35-1 960 eight .6 three sixty five/50
G35-2 960 8 one.2 4 65/50
G40-one 960 12 .six 4 80/65
G40-two 960 12 one.2 five.five eighty/sixty five
G50-one 960 20 .6 5.five one hundred/eighty
G50-two 960 20 1.2 seven.5 100/80
G60-one 960 30 .six 11 125/one hundred
G60-2 960 thirty 1.two 15 a hundred twenty five/100
G70-one 720 forty five .six 11 a hundred and fifty/125
G70-2 720 45 1.two fifteen 150/125
G85-1 720 fifty five .6 fifteen one hundred fifty/a hundred and fifty
G85-2 five hundred 55 one.2 18.five 150/a hundred and fifty
G105-one 400 eighty .six 22 200/a hundred and fifty
G105-2 380 80 1.two thirty two hundred/150
G135-1 380 150 .6 37 250/two hundred
G135-2 380 150 1.two 75 250/two hundred

Organization Details:
ZHangZhoug CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is one of the leading producers and exporters in the subject of business pumps with production services in mainland China. We are specialised in oil pump, diaphragm pump, diesel motor pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, chemical pump etc.

Cast Iron Stainless Steel Mono  Single Screw Pump

Standard Single Screw Pumps Similar Seepex Mono Netzsch Screw Pump, Belong G Series Type Stainless Steel Screw Pump

Standard Single Screw Pumps Similar Seepex Mono Netzsch Screw Pump, Belong G Series Type Stainless Steel Screw Pump

one.Item Show

2. Operating theory
G solitary screw pump consists of suction, discharge, working part (Rotor and Stator), driving component, common joint component seal assembly and bearing seat. The doing work part is composed of rotating eccentric rotor and stator. The rotor and stator have two contact factors in every transverse section. These get in touch with points from two sealing traces together the doing work elements of rotor (or stator).Thus arrives into a single or a number of sealing chambers when the rotor rotating. The media coming into the sealing chamber take away effortlessly from suction conclude to discharge end along the sealing chamber. In the course of the entire running, the stress pulsation is really lower which has no any influence upon the intrinsic construction of pumped media.


4.CZPT parameter

XG serial(1 stage pump)
Design Stress
(m3 /h)
XG030B01Z .six sixty 324 one .fifty five 50 fifty
XG035B01Z .six 60 324 one.eight 1.1 65 sixty five
XG040B01Z .6 60 324 3.eight 2.two eighty 80
XG050B01Z .six sixty 324 seven.7 four 80 80
XG060B01Z .6 sixty 324 eleven.6 5.five one hundred 100
XG070B01Z .6 sixty 324 16.1 seven.five a hundred twenty five one hundred twenty five
XG085B01Z .6 sixty 292 30 11 one hundred fifty 150
XG090B01Z .six 60 262 42 15 150 one hundred fifty
XG105B01Z .6 sixty 238 forty seven 15 a hundred and fifty one hundred fifty
XG135B01Z .six sixty 196 eighty three thirty two hundred 200
XG150B01Z .six sixty 196 134 forty five 250 250
XG170B01Z .6 60 156 166 55 250 250

5. Software Spot
CZPTal engineering: Offering h2o and coal slurry,drinking water and coke slurry and slime. Metering dose of flocculation and other chemical compound. Delivery of dewatered sludge Delivery of all sort of sewage.
Paper Creating CZPT: Dregs slurry and waste h2o remedy metering for chemical slurry Spreading and coloring method Shipping of medium consistency pulp(ten-twenty five%)
Oil CZPT: Viscous oil supply Combined supply of oil and air Divided oil from water and waste oil recovery system Sewage therapy CZPTmer shipping.
CZPT CZPT:  Various pasted liquids Numerous milky liquids Various suspending liquid Liquids which contain air or sound Liquids which are unable to be churned or sheared.
Mine CZPT: Generating and getting ready the titanium white powder,kaolin and carbonate.
Meals CZPT: Milk goods Fruit juice, mashed fruit, vegetable slurry meat gruel and flavoring

six.Pump on site


eight. Speak to us
Mobile: ( ) 18248497732
Website: http://
HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Pump Co.,Ltd.
Incorporate : No. one, HangZhou Street, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Town, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. District, HangZhou
Notify:(86)-571-88548058  Fax: (86)-571-88548016


Standard Single Screw Pumps Similar Seepex Mono Netzsch Screw Pump, Belong G Series Type Stainless Steel Screw Pump

G Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Screw Mono Pump

G Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Screw Mono Pump

Product Introduction:
   variety screw pump for a single screw-type transport pumps, due to the fact of its superb overall performance in current years in the domestic application of quick growth. Its most essential function of the media adaptability and a sleek stream, pressure, pulse of modest, self-absorption potential, which is by any other species can not substitute the pump can be understood liquid, fuel, sound multiphase shed, utilized to CZPT, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing and dyeing, paper, electrical power and other transportation industries lubrication or non-lubricating medium, corrosive media, made up of a modest volume of small sound particles of medium and reduced viscosity of the medium to higher viscosity.
Selection of Software:
  To handle industrial and domestic wasterwater, and muddy h2o made up of sound particles and quick fibreTo manage mediums this kind of as oil remains in oil tankers,oil water,oil residue and etc.
  To take care of thick paste ,emulsified paste,unguent cosmetics and and so on.
   To manage adhesive starch ,cooking oil ,honey, pulpy sugar, mashed fruit,product and other leftovers
  To handle paste in the industries of brewage,development ,mining ,printing ,papermaking and and so forth.
Variety Designation:

Model Pace r/min Movement M3/h Force Mpa Motor KW Head m Inlet mm Outlet mm Allowable particulate measurement(mm) Allowablefibre size(mm)
G20‐1 960 .8 .6 .seventy five 60 twenty five 25 1.5 twenty five
G25‐1 960 two .six 1.five sixty 32 25 2 30
G25‐2 960 2 one.2 2.two a hundred and twenty 32 twenty five two thirty
G30‐1 960 5 .six 2.2 60 fifty 40 2.five 35
G30‐2 960 five one.2 3 120 50 40 two.five 35
G35‐1 960 8 .six three sixty sixty five 50 three 40
G35‐2 960 eight 1.2 4 a hundred and twenty sixty five fifty 3 40
G40‐1 960 12 .6 4 sixty eighty 65 three.8 forty five
G40‐2 960 twelve one.two five.five 120 eighty 65 three.eight forty five
G50‐1 960 twenty .6 five.five sixty one hundred 80 five 50
G50‐2 960 20 1.two 7.5 120 a hundred 80 five fifty
G60‐1 960 thirty .6 11 60 a hundred twenty five 100 6 60
G60‐2 960 thirty 1.two fifteen 120 125 one hundred six sixty
G70‐1 720 45 .six eleven sixty one hundred fifty 125 8 70
G70‐2 720 forty five one.2 eighteen.5 a hundred and twenty a hundred and fifty one hundred twenty five eight 70
G85‐1 720 65 .six fifteen 60 one hundred fifty one hundred fifty 10 eighty
G105‐1 500 one hundred .six 22 60 200 two hundred fifteen 110
G135‐1 400 150 .six 37 sixty 250 250 twenty 150

CZPT Parameters:
Electrical power:.seventy five-37kw
Rotary speed:five hundred-960r/min


G Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Screw Mono Pump