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Metal Cutting Machine Gear Cutting Machine Shear Machine Shearing Machine Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Metal Cutting Machine Gear Cutting Machine Shear Machine Shearing Machine Hydraulic Shearing Machine

CNC Swing Beam Shear&solSwing Beam Shearing CZPT&solShearing CZPT&solShearer&solSwing Beam Chopping CZPT&solCutting CZPT&solCutter&solCZPT Shearing CZPT&solCZPT Cutting CZPT

Primary CZPTs

CZPT program&colon Omega
Pump&colon Equipment pump
CZPTtrics&colon Germany Siemens
O-rings&colon Japanese NOK
Conectors&colon Germay EMB
Ball screw&colon ZheJiang HIWIN
Line guide rail&colon ZheJiang HIWIN

QC12K Series CNC Swing Beam Shear —Optional Controllers
China ESTUN E21S&commaE200S
Holland DELEM DAC310
German ELGO P40
Italy HT071
QC12Y Sequence Digital swing Beam Shear
Regular technique&colon HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. E18&lparMD11&rpar
Optional Electronic Program&colon China ESTUN E10S
CZPTs for QC12Y&QC12K
China Taifeng CZPTs
Oil Pump
Pipe Connectors
China Equipment Pump
Guide Blades gap Modify Wheel
Angle Evaluate
Mild Guards
Ball CZPT Linear Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
Backgauge CZPT Help
QC12Y Functions
The device is metal plate welded construction&comma with hydraulic transmission and accumulator return&comma normal of an simple procedure&comma reputable overall performance&comma and nice appearance&comma equipped with digital controller&interval
Indication by indicator is supplied for adjustment of blades clearance&comma for a helpful and prompt adjustment&period
Alignment unit with lighting and management device for shearing stroke are established&time period
Worktable with balls for substance feeding convenient&comma to minimize fish tail with sheet bar and to decrease frictional resistance&time period
 QC 12K Attributes
The machine is fitted with CNC controller unique for shearing machines&time period
The position of rear stopper is displayed in real-time fashion&period of time
Multi-phase programming purpose is offered and the rear stopper is in a position for automated operation and continuous positioning&comma to attain an automatic adjustment for placement of rear stopper&period of time
It is offered with counting operate for shearing&comma to screen the shearing figures in a actual-time method&comma in a position for power-failure memory of position of rear stopper&comma processes&comma and parameters&period
Backgauge with precision ball screw and linear guide&comma to make sure the positioning precision&comma so that bring the larger precision prcsessing&period of time
CZPT Parameters

Type Slicing
Chopping Size&lparmm&rpar Reducing Angle&lpar°&rpar Content CZPT
Stroke &lpartimes&solmin&rpar Energy&lparkw&rpar Bodyweight&lparkg&rpar Dimension&lparmm&rpar
4×2500 four 2500 1°30′ ≤450 10 5&period5 3800 3040&ast1610&ast1620
4×3200 four 3200 1°30′ ≤450 ten five&period5 5000 3840&ast1610&ast1620
4×4000 four 4000 1°30′ ≤450 eight five&period5 6500 4600&ast1700&ast1700
4×6000 four 6000 1°30′ ≤450 five seven&period5 11000 6460&ast2100&ast3200
6×2500 6 2500 1°30′ ≤450 10 seven&period5 5000 3040&ast1610&ast1620
6×3200 6 3200 1°30′ ≤450 9 seven&period5 6000 3840&ast1610&ast1620
6×4000 six 4000 1°30′ ≤450 8 7&period5 8000 4620&ast1750&ast1700
6×5000 six 5000 1°30′ ≤450 6 seven&period5 10500 5400&ast1750&ast1700
6×6000 6 6000 1°30′ ≤450 five 11 16500 6480&ast2100&ast2300
8×2500 8 2500 1°30′ ≤450 10 seven&period5 6000 3040&ast1700&ast1700
8×3200 eight 3200 1°30′ ≤450 8 7&period5 7200 3860&ast1700&ast1700
8×4000 eight 4000 1°30′ ≤450 eight seven&period5 8800 4640&ast1700&ast1700
8×5000 eight 5000 1°30′ ≤450 8 7&period5 11500 5400&ast2400&ast2000
8×6000 8 6000 1°30′ ≤450 8 11 18000 6480&ast2100&ast2350
10×2500 ten 2500 1°30′ ≤450 nine eleven 7300 3040&ast1700&ast1700
10×3200 10 3200 1°30′ ≤450 nine eleven 8000 3860&ast1700&ast1700
10×4000 ten 4000 1°30′ ≤450 eight 11 12000 4650&ast2100&ast2000
10×6000 10 6000 ≤450 5 15 24000 6500&ast2100&ast2300
12×2500 12 2500 ≤450 nine eighteen&period5 9000 3140&ast2150&ast2000
12×3200 12 3200 ≤450 9 18&period5 10800 3880&ast2150&ast2000
12×4000 12 4000 ≤450 eight 18&period5 13000 4680&ast2150&ast2000
12×5000 12 5000 ≤450 6 18&period5 16000 5900&ast2150&ast2000
12×6000 12 6000 ≤450 5 eighteen&period5 29000 6900&ast2600&ast2700
12×8000 twelve 8000 ≤450 5 18&period5 46500 9000&ast3500&ast3500
16×2500 16 2500 2°30′ ≤450 9 eighteen&period5 11000 3140&ast2150&ast2000
16×3200 16 3200 2°30′ ≤450 eight eighteen&period5 13000 3880&ast2150&ast2000
16×4000 16 4000 2°30′ ≤450 8 18&period5 16300 4650&ast2150&ast2200
16×5000 sixteen 5000 2°30′ ≤450 6 18&period5 20000 5900&ast2600&ast2700
16×6000 16 6000 2°30′ ≤450 five 22 36000 6900&ast2700&ast2700
20×2500 twenty 2500 ≤450 8 22 15500 3440&ast2300&ast2500
20×3200 20 3200 ≤450 eight 22 18000 4150&ast2350&ast2700
20×4000 20 4000 ≤450 five 22 21000 4850&ast2350&ast2700
25×2500 twenty five 2500 ≤450 eight 37 19000 3200&ast2700&ast2900
25×3200 25 3200 ≤450 five 37 23000 4200&ast2700&ast2900
25×4000 25 4000 ≤450 five 37 27000 3850&ast2700&ast2900
30×2500 thirty 2500 ≤450 5 37 23500 3300&ast2900&ast2900
30×3200 30 3200 ≤450 five 37 27500 4200&ast2900&ast2900

Optional Method

CZPT Liquid crystal display 128×64 display
Backguage management&comma Hole management&comma Stroke length limitation&time period
Actual and programmed position visualization&comma Inventory counter&comma
Programmable up to 100 methods&period
Panel-dependent housing&semi
Servo manage&solunipolar&solAC two-velocity control&semi
mm&solinch transmission&semi

Backguage control&comma bus method control servo system&semi
Stroke size limitation&comma double pragrammable electronic output&semi
Pragram memory of up to forty plan&comma up to twenty five methods for each software&semi
A single side positioning&comma retract of purpose&time period
mm&solinch transmission&comma Chinese&solEnglish transmission&semi
240×128 pixels Liquid crystal display show&interval

Backguage handle&comma management for common AC motor&comma frequency inverter&semi
CZPT positioning&comma double programmable digital output&semi
Inventory counter&comma program memory of up to 40 plans&comma up to twenty five actions for each system&semi
One particular side positioning&comma retract of purpose&period
A single crucial backup&comma restore of parameters&semi
mm&solinch transmission&comma Chinese &solEnglish Transmission&semi Liquid crystal display show&semi

Analog or digital outputs for one-three velocity procedure 16 totally free programmable digital in-&soloutputs
Program memory&lpar1000 sets&rpar
Angle control&solgap management&solbackguage 
Limitation of the chopping length
Substance Record for angle and gap manage

Regulated power offer for encoder or drive pull&solo&periodc&time period
optional line 12 Vdc&pm5&percnt one hundred twenty mA
Optoisolated inputs
Substantial luminosity led show possessing six digits plus indicator for place&comma
2 digits fpr cycles and for packages&interval
Possibility to save up to ninety nine plans composed of 20 cycles&period
Every cycle can depend 65000 repetitions at maximum
Info and applications are saved in a flash memory without floating battery Ip 65&comma polycarbonate&comma water and abrasion-proof keyboard with tactile sensitivity&time period

China ESTUN E10S
X axis and Y axis situation show&semi
Resolution&colon0&period1mm or &period0001 inch&semi
Inventory counter&comma two timer built-in&semi
One particular aspect positioning indicator&semi
Sofware limitation&semi
Electricity-off memorization&interval

&lpar1&rparBefore packing&comma the machine device will be testing for forty eight hrs to guarantee all the products is one hundred&percnt qualitied&interval
&lpar2&rparBefore loading&comma secure package&comma specialist and experienced loader reduce harm of solution throughout transportation&interval
&lpar3&rparAfter loading&comma our skilled documentary staff will follow the get till the solution departs from port&time period

Our Companies
one&interval Shearing blades and accessories-CZPT to your specifications&time period In our shearing blades&comma our emphasis is on first-course&comma useful&comma well-believed-out higher and reduced resources&time period Our instruments offer options to your software situations-even for sophisticated technological types&time period

two&period Service package deal
Basic&colon we offer you you speedy difficulties shooting via phone assist and fees for on-site missions are reduced&period
Special&colon Engineers accessible to services machinery overseas for the essential routine maintenance&interval
Spouse&colon Our located sellers or clients who market or use our equipment are fully driving you&comma they are our helpful partner and offer good suggestions to you&period of time

three&period of time CZPT Services&lparAfter-sale support&rpar
Set up and begin-up&lparAvailable for intricate and large machines or if you have demand&rpar

Metal Cutting Machine Gear Cutting Machine Shear Machine Shearing Machine Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Stone Cutting Machine Marble CNC Engraving Machine

Stone Cutting Machine Marble CNC Engraving Machine

Solution Description
Stone CNC Router

Brief introduction 
1.The body is welded with thick wall metal tube, which is treated by large temperature tempering, to make sure that the body has considerably less deformation, great rigidity and power
two.The Y axis adopts higher precision and two way rack and pinion meshing transmission, with substantial precision and quickly speed.
3.Z axis adopts ZheJiang TBI balls crew, high precision
4.XYZ are utilized in the analysis and manage of big drives.
5.Undertake imported sq. linear manual, high precision, substantial bearing redundancy, long lifestyle
six.The machine device is outfitted with a sink and automatic drinking water source cooling program
seven.All the dust and water-proof layout, the entire selection of safety of the equipment components.
eight.3D carving is optional, diameter(-300mm) and length optional(-2000mm)( additional price )

Stone CNC Router technological parameters

Design GD-1325 GD-1825-two GD-1325 Second/3D
X,Y,Z-axis working area 1300*1300*200mm 1800*2500*300mm 1300*2500*300mm
Max. Feeding height ›150mm
Cut thickness of material 150mm
Max. Speed 2500mm/min
Working speed -2000mm/min
CZPT precision .05mm/300mm
Compatible Software TYPE3 software, Artcut software, Artcam software
Max. Power consumption 4.5KW
Power source AC220/50HZ
CZPTr type 860 prime mover
Memory DSP control
Spindle 3.0KW(optional), water-cooling
Spindle speed -24000rpm
Blade diameter 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm, 12.7mm
Control system DSP or NSTUDIO control systerm
Command G code
The optional accessories Rotary axis, servo motor, air-cooled spindle,
Hiwin square guide rail

Stone CNC Router complex application

Applicable resources
Marble, granite, Chaina black, bluestone, jade, ceramics, crystal, glass, plastics, chemical synthesis in natural glass, PVC board, bamboo, aluminum composite panel, metal, plastic and other meterials for line carve, 2nd carving, 3D sharp base sulpture, 3D aid, reducing, chamfering of edge, slicing and drilling approach.
Suitable for stone, tombstone processing, advertising and marketing, decoration, arts and crafts sector and many others..

Stone CNC Router particulars

one.Common accessories with machine :slicing bits, h2o pump,spanner, brush ,clamp

2.CZPTer pals prime like DSP control hand ,straightforward operating ,obvious shifting ,stable operating, no require pc


three.transmission with International CZPT brand name, ZheJiang Hiwin/PMI twenty/25/30mm sq. manual rail

Advertising CNC Router samples

Our Companies

one. Shipping and delivery and Guide time
CZPT will be appropriate packed and loaded in container, as a number of loaded to help save area or wooden carton sealed for much better transportation.
CZPT will be tidy and clear , with anti rusty oil brushed on mechanical components to avoid rusty on sea transportation.
A sequence photos and films will presented as equipment finished for aid customer realize the overall performance of the device.
CZPT warranty is 12 months.  CZPT as typical utilizing and routine maintenance condition, if get any difficulty, will offer spare parts for cost-free.  Out of warranty, will accumulate the add-ons price.  CZPT help for servicing or repair on time and all the time.
three. CZPT help:
Manual and movie illustration of the equipment will be presented
24 hours online by Ali CZPTmanager, Skype, Email, QQ, or telephone
CZPT help by email, , ,imo and accessible on time.

four.After sale service:

Normally the machine will despatched on entire besides the machine is more than measurement to load container.  so the device prepare in generation immediately right after get electrical power (air and drinking water some product required).
The online video for procedure will give.
Training at our workshop or on internet site is available.Following sale-services

5.We acknowledge the ODM,OEM

If you have other needs, make sure you allow me know



Business Info
HangZhou Guandiao CNC CZPT Co., Ltd is an innovative enterprise engaged in study and advancement,manufacturing, sales and very good following- revenue support. The company’s major products include Panel furniture CNC cutting equipment, Woodworking CNC Machining Centre, CNC router , Multi-head cylinder CNC engraving machine, Styrofoam CNC router, 3D scanner, Vacuum membrane push machine, Vacuum forming device, Laser engraving and reducing equipment, and so forth. CZPT applied to the panel furniture, CZPTean furnishings, solid wood home furniture, marketing, stone, creating decoration, handicrafts, mold making, staircases column, PCB printing, automotive industry, packaging business, shipbuilding, wood production, watches and clocks, add-ons, seals and other industries.
Right after virtually ten a long time of advancement, the company has a ideal complex team, clear labor division, ensuring the substantial good quality products sent to the total region, to the entire world.
We supply our buyers greatest solutions, like item layout, set up, instruction, aftersales provider, and so on. With the marketplace improvement demand as the orientation, we adhere to innovate and improve technology continuously, to the peak of CNC business is our relentless push.
At current, the company’s goods are marketed to significant and modest metropolitan areas and locations in China.
The company has impartial import and export proper, products are exported to southeast Asia, the Middle CZPT, Africa, CZPTe and the CZPT States and other locations, and with its exceptional good quality, superb performance and excellent following -income serves received the customer the regular approval.



Stone Cutting Machine Marble CNC Engraving Machine

Woodworking Machinery for Cutting and Engraving MDF PVC Wood Milling Furniture Working 3D Sculptures Router Machine

Woodworking Machinery for Cutting and Engraving MDF PVC Wood Milling Furniture Working 3D Sculptures Router Machine

Factory supply  3d woodworking CNC router Wooden cutting machine for  MDF, aluminum, PVC
Wood functioning CNC router equipment 1325 for wooden
Breakpoint memory, can carry on to operate following energy off & breaking knife

Item Description

one, Welded, no assembly essential,much more steady.

two, Spindle with water cooling, which keeps the spindle at a constant temperature and maintains longevity.

3, Big energy h2o cooling Spindle,minimal sound and more precise.

four, Compatibility application:Variety 3, Artcarm, Castmate, Proe, Corelerow.

CZPT parameters of CNC wood router

Description Parameters
Functioning size 1300x2500x200mm or CZPT
CZPT composition Welded Metal
Working Precision


Repositioning Precision ±0.03mm
Desk Surface area T-slot worktable Vacuum table+seven.5kw vacuum pump
X, Y Framework Rack and Pinion CZPT, Linear guide rail
Z Composition ZheJiang  Rail Linear Bearings and Ball CZPT
Max. Power Usage (Without having spindle) five.5kw
Max. Fast Journey Rate 33000mm/min
Max. Functioning Velocity 25000mm/min
Spindle Electrical power Motor 5.5kw or CZPT
Spindle Velocity -24000RPM
CZPT CZPT Leadshine, YAKO, Delta
Operating Voltage AC380V/fifty/60Hz,3PH (Selection: 220V)
Command Language G code
Running System DSP / NC studio / Syntec
Computer Interface USB
Application Compatibility Type3 / Ucancam / Artcam
Running CZPT Temperature 0°C~45°C
Relative humidity thirty%~seventy five%

Features of wood CNC router:

one. China drinking water-cooling Spindle or Italy HSD Air CZPT Spindle
Leading manufacturer of the world. Spindle pace: -24000RPM.

two. CZPT ZheJiang Delta CZPT
It can output one hundred fifty% of rated torque at zero velocity, and it can have “position to point” and relative
length management features for situation management.

three. Motor and CZPT
Stepper Motor, huge electrical power.
YAKO CZPT and Leadshine 860H CZPT can operate with more compact noise, reduced heating, smoother
motion and have better performances at higher speed.

4. Handle system
DSP deal with controller or ZheJiang SYNTEC Manage Method
CZPTed SYNTEC higher functionality manage method, separated keyboard handle, coloration Lcd exhibit.

5. Transmission system
ZheJiang TBI Ball CZPT and Gear and Rack, ZheJiang HINWIN or ABBA Linear Rail
HG series linear guideway can accomplish a lengthy lifestyle with large velocity, very accurate and easy
linear movement.

6. Doing work table T-slot and Vacuum Table
Rigid vacuum table with grids and T-slots maximizes the vacuum maintain-down and also permits you
to clamp the workpiece in spot.

Details of woodworking cnc router

Programs of Woodworking CNC Router

Out of doors promoting: materials slicing and engraving, show rack, light boxes, 3D letters, reliefs, signal boards, plates, logos, emblems.

Woodworking: carving designs or designs on woodwork, decoration, wood carving, slicing chipboard, furnishings producing, and many others.

Metallic industry: nonferrous metal slicing, milling, drilling, engraving, marking, grinding.

Household furniture: wood doors,cupboards,plate,business office and wooden furniture,tables,chair,doorways and home windows.

The wood items:voice box,recreation cupboards,laptop tables,sewing CZPT table,devices.

Plate processing:Insulation element,plastic chemical elements,PBC,inner human body of auto,bowling tracks,stairs,anti-Bateboard,epoxy resin,Ab muscles,PP,PE and other carbon combined compounds.

CZPT industry:Acrylic,PVC,MDF,synthetic stone,natural and organic glass,plastic and gentle metals these kinds of as copper multiple perform.


1. Kahan CNC device and components are covered by plastic sheet first.
2. Then the entire equipment is packed by plywood circumstance used for export. 
3. Kahan CNC equipment can be delivered by sea, by practice, or by airplane relying on consumers.

Shipping and delivery Detail:

Transported in fifteen-30 functioning times soon after payment.


one 12 months warranty for the total machine. Inside 12 months below normal use and upkeep, if something is incorrect with the machine, you will get spare part for totally free. Soon after twelve months, you will get spare parts at expense price. You will also get complex help and provider all the life span.

CZPT help:

1. CZPT support by phone, electronic mail or WhatsApp/Skype about the clock.
2. CZPTly English edition guide and procedure online video CD disk.
3. If required, we can send out our engineer to your website for instruction or you can send the operator to our manufacturing facility for coaching.

After income services: 

Typical machine is properly modified before dispatch. You will be capable to use the equipment immediately right after obtained machine. In addition to, you will be in a position to get cost-free education suggestions towards our equipment in our manufacturing facility. You will also get totally free suggestion and consultation, technical assistance and service by e mail/WhatsApp/tel and so forth.


Q: There are so numerous equipment sorts, which one must I decide on?
A: Kahan Laser gives equipment parameters in each and every merchandise demo website page, remember to kindly check specialized data column. It is essential to examine all data prior to select the ideal prototype. Also, our product sales crew offers on the internet providers to resolve your confusion, come to feel cost-free to speak to us.

Q:This is my initial time getting your equipment I have no ideas about Kahan’s devices high quality?
A: Each and every machine is strictly produced dependent on the CZPT of ISO9000-2000, ISO14001-2004, GMC global producer and CE certifications. Our goods have CE certifications confirmed by TÜV SÜD, Bureau Veritas and etc. As china substantial-energy laser slicing machine company, a lot more than 10,000 machines have been marketed in the past ten several years. Customer is our initial priority. We are self-confident to inform consumers that there is no need to be concerned about our good quality.

Q: When I got this machine, but I don’t know how to use it. What should I do?
A:There are videos and English manual with the device. If you nevertheless have some uncertainties, we can discuss by phone or electronic mail.

Q: If some issues come about to this machine during warranty time period, what must I do?
A: We will offer cost-free components for the duration of equipment warranty time period if device have some issues. While we also source totally free existence extended soon after-sales support. If you have any concern,just make contact with us freely.

Woodworking Machinery for Cutting and Engraving MDF PVC Wood Milling Furniture Working 3D Sculptures Router Machine

Automatic 3D Wood Carving CNC Router Cutting Machine

Automatic 3D Wood Carving CNC Router Cutting Machine


Furniture creating equipment  have numerous unique advantages:

one. Heavy composition: square tube lathe mattress and metal gantry which make the machine human body more secure and more robust

2. Italian HSD 9.6KW ATC air cooling spindle tends to make make sure the doing work effect and extended using with less preserve

3. Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver with Shimpo reducer which make confident large velocity, accurate area and a lot more balance

4. The instrument magazine is linear tool changer with 8 pcs instruments

5. It is easy to understand and operate with independent keyboard management program and grasp the application in a quick time.

six. You can decide on diverse configurations, this sort of as pump, row drill, doing work table, shaft cutter, blanking desk.

Parameters display

CZPT Vacuum Program of  cnc router  is a distinctive method for holding panels to the desk top for machining. A sheet of particleboard or minimal density MDF is utilized as a work floor on the top fo the table. The higher stream pump vacuums by means of the operate floor, holding the portion to the table.

op up pins of  cnc router  are the most reliable strategy of making certain swift and effortless materials positioning. With the complete pneumatic retraction, there is no fear of any chopping tool collision with the pin. Your machine is configured with a few pins. The pins are built-in to the deck of the machine and are fastened in spot. The pins are not able to be knocked out of alignment and can stand up to the recurring impacts of locating materials in place on the bed for the existence of your device.

(HIWIN, ZheJiang ) CZPT N course liner manual way with precision considerably less then .02mm The liner guide way has center preloading style, characteristics of substantial precision and balance might prolong liner manual way. (HIWIN, ZheJiang ) liner manual way’s special dust demonstrate design and style , helps make the guidebook way nevertheless relocating smoothly in worst setting. YASKAWA, Japan servo motor of  home furniture creating equipment , Σ-V system is newest variety, With higher velocity, higher precision. Motor’s max. torque can reach 350% which may possibly shorten velocity up and sluggish down time. The servo motor can response quickly. High resolution can make higher precision place and large precision procession. Sample Show

Use our machine to carve any wood crafts you want to procedure. Wooden Carve CZPTs will provide you a new processing knowledge. Following making use of this machine, you will find that the CZPT carving technique can be so exquisite, and the wood can also become a beautiful craft. We All the merchandise of the equipment are wonderful. Our providers 1.We recommend the solution that suits you in time, you only need to respond, we will give you a satisfactory answer. We greet you about your living problems and make your work pleased. 2.We will provide comprehensive soon after-revenue provider, you only require to provide photographs of non-human-destroyed devices right after sale, three.W e will resolve the problem for you in time.

When you supply the expense of accessories that need to have to be changed, we will ship you the components in time.

Why decide on us

one. Buying with self confidence! We assure that every transaction you make with us will be a hundred% Safe.
2. We are a expert cnc router maker and supplier, which means there are no wholesalers, trader other middlemen among us, so the value you get is the very first level price tag.
three. CZPT guarantee: allow the consumer spend the leatest money to acquire the greatest items.
four. We have rigorous AQL quality handle program, incl. In-process inspection in each and every procedure and closing inspection
six. We have a expert R & D staff, we can offer a lot of newest style merchandise every single 12 months.

Automatic 3D Wood Carving CNC Router Cutting Machine

PVC, PE Board Flexible Material Doormat CNC Cutting Machine

PVC, PE Board Flexible Material Doormat CNC Cutting Machine

CZPT flooring mat manufacture cutting device CE ISO

KANGJIA cnc cutting device applies vibrating knife on the cutting head. It truly is attainable to cut a wide assortment of auto mats materials like Loop Materials, PU-dependent Sponge, PU, CZPT Content, PVC CZPT Jean and many others.Due to the good efficiency and stable top quality, Ruizhou sample cutters have been widely utilised for automotive inside (universal vehicle mats, specific car mats, car seats, deal with elements …) sample making or little bulk production. 
Scorching Sale CZPT Auto Mat Generating Chopping CZPT with Ce ISO

Merchandise Number    kj-1625
Reducing speed    0-1200mm/s
Successful operating area    2500mm*1600mm
Air pump power    9KW
Reducing thickness    0-25mm(Frequent) -50mm(High)
Cutting CZPT    Corrugated paper, Honeycomb board, Cardboard, CZPT, CZPT board, Grey board, PVC, PU, Acrylic, composite supplies, and many others.
Tools    Oscillating knife
V-cut, router, creasing wheel, punching device, 
Marking pen
Content repairing method    Divisional vacuum absorption
CZPT resolution    0.07mm
Application resolution    0.571mm, .01mm, .1mm (optional)
Interface of transmission    Network port
Buffer capability    Once rapidly transfer
Command system    HP-GL and GP-GL appropriate formats
Electronic Handle Panel    Touch display
Transmission CZPT    CZPTed straight line manual track, gear rack
Motor    Servo motor
Reducing Blade Rotate    18000r/min
Working Voltage    AC 220V ± 10%, 50HZ (CZPT) AC 380V ± ten%, fifty HZ (Air Pump)


PVC, PE Board Flexible Material Doormat CNC Cutting Machine

CNC Router Cutting Machine

CNC Router Cutting Machine

  CNC Engraving and Reducing Woodworking CZPT Router


 model  NM-48
 working location  1300mm*2500mm*150mm
 spindle  4.5KW / 6KW / 7KW
 table style  T-slot vacuum table
 controller  DSP control system
 motor  servo motor
 reducer  Japan planetary reducer
 rail  ZheJiang linear rail
 rack helical rack
 pump 5.5KW air cooling pump
 dust collector 3KW with two baggage


CNC Router Cutting Machine

Cardboard Flatbed Cutter Cutting Plotter with Vacuum Pump Creasing Cutting Machine

Cardboard Flatbed Cutter Cutting Plotter with Vacuum Pump Creasing Cutting Machine

Cardboard Flatbed Cutter Slicing Plotter with Vacuum Pump Creasing Slicing CZPT

The ViCut MFC Collection flatbed cutter including DragonCut Pro software is ideal for modest and medium-sized creation and samples of packaging, swing tickets and even labels. Processing material including paper, card, synthetics, films and types of labels, up to 500gsm. 
Employing advanced digital contour reducing technologies, the Flatbed Cutter follows artwork minimize strains drawn in Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW®, no reducing dies essential, the sheets are produced to any condition, instantly and directly from the desktop. It can manage full slicing, 50 percent cutting, creasing and even drawing.
Two types are accessible, the desktop MFC4560 model provides maximum media location up to 450x600mm, excellent for 2 or far more sheets side by side, while free-standing MFC6090 product gives a larger slicing location 600x900mm, enabling users to reduce both bigger sheets or to batch a lot more sheets next to every single other for elevated productiveness.

Principal Characteristics

  1. Direct USB tends to make the flatbed cutter reliable and handy.
  2. CZPT electronic contour chopping technologies- large resolution optical sensor read barcode on the printing information routinely. 
  3. Plug and engage in, basic installation, no further drivers essential. 
  4. No reducing dies required. 
  5. Contour cutter cuts slim movies and card up to 500gsm / 600micron.
  6. CZPT vacuum suction of media.
  7. Dual cutting head, cutting and creasing in 1 compact device.
  8. Cuts typical SRA3 sheet in 30-60 CZPTs.
  9. Servo drivers manage. Silent, specific and powerful servo drives for very best cutting outcomes.

Application Area: Prototype and gentle production, on-demand from customers packaging and sheet card slicing program – also suited for sheet labels.
Method Substance: cardboard, craft paper, plastic board, fibrous cardboard, rubber sheet and skinny film and so on.
PVC: Significantly less than .4mm
Reflective CZPT: All sorts
Sandblast, Tough paper: Considerably less than 450gsm
CZPTic Sticker: Much less than 600micron
PET: Considerably less than .3mm, vinyl, etc.

CZPT Parameters

Flatbed Cutter VCT-MFC4560 VCT-MFC6090
Human body Body Desktop (optional stand) With Stand
CZPT Dimension 1050x790mm(3.44×2.59ft) 1450x1380mm(4.75×4.53ft)
Effective Cutting Region 450mm x 600mm(one.47×1.97ft) 600mm x 900mm(1.97×2.95ft)
Dual Chopping Head Blade & Ball-bearing Creasing Tool (a pen tool incorporated)
Working Technique Contour Total Slicing & Kiss Reducing, Creasing, Drawing
Registration System CZPT Registration Mark Sensing Technique (ARMS)
Reducing Computer software DragonCut Professional
Interface USB
Operating Method Laptop Handle, Home windows 64bit supported
CZPT Resolution .01254mm
Programmable resolution HPGL0.571mm
Max. Reducing Speed 960mm/s
Max. down Force 1000g
Max. Cutting Thickness 1.2mm
Media Fixture Technique Vacuum suction with Vacuum Pump
Repeat CZPT ≤0.05mm
Manage system Servo
Doing work Voltage 110V-240V optional
Doing work CZPT five to 35 Degrees, no dust, flat doing work system
Electricity 700W 1000W
N.W/G.W 44KG/72KG 70KG/100KG
Dimensions 105x82x32cm(W*L*H) 145 x 138 x 110cm(L*W*H)
Packing Dimension 123×100×46cm(.57cbm) 142×131×59cm(1.1cbm)

Our Price and Obligation:

one) Do company with integrity. No dishonest and deception.

2) We are fully commited to provide higher top quality goods.

three) We are fully commited to provide skilled and effective top quality services.

four) If you are or will be a distributor, we are ready to support you build new markets, increase performance.

5) If you are the finish user, we will support you pick the proper products and offer daily life-time technological assist. 
CZPT Management: 

1) Throughout procurement, we have strict handle about the top quality of the spare parts.

two) CZPT interval, we have QC division to monitor every single step of manufacturing method by various testing toolsand inspection types.

3) Just before shipment, we will check equipment by distinct common components, and make required adjustment and info record. Also we will take pictures and some sampling films for buyers. 

1) Two a long time warranty for the whole machine Life time Upkeep.

2) Inside guarantee period, any hurt occurs owing to equipment quality problems VICUT will be responsible for replacing areas for free of charge, except normal consumables (such as reducing equipment) and the harm by gentleman-made irregular working.

three) If any part destroyed is not in warranty period of time, VICUT will mend it for free of charge.

four) Buyer has to spend the CZPT Categorical value.

five) Warranty time begins following merchandise arrival in customer’s location.
Following-sale Services:

1. Guarantee long-time period provide for spare areas Limitless Life span servicing.

two. Provide existence-time 24 hours on the web complex assistance for free. We can communicate by way of cellphone, e-mail, , , QQ, , or team-see, and so forth.

3. Offer you free training for operation & maintenance of equipment in our factory.

4. Supply On-Site paid services for equipment set up and technological training. Buyer want to spend visa software expense, air ticket cost, local lodge & food cost, and services expense is 80USD for each day.

5. We will make return go to non-scheduled, in get to make evaluation for after-sale service technician, make sure our provider more and more far better.

Make contact with us:

If you want to get more info, make sure you come to feel free to speak to us. 

Speak to particular person: Cherry Bao
Make contact with number: -18356 0571 sixty five

Cardboard Flatbed Cutter Cutting Plotter with Vacuum Pump Creasing Cutting Machine

CNC Woodworking Milling, Engraving and Cutting Machine

CNC Woodworking Milling, Engraving and Cutting Machine

This machine is chanke company’s vacuum desk machine. It working dimensions is: 1300x2500x200mm, vacuum desk, employing the vacuum pump to take up the mould on the desk, it is usefulness for our end users is don’t require the supplies holders, place the mould on the desk , open the vacuum pump , then can working , but it has one position that not take up the irregular , out of faltness mould , 3D embossment. This vacuum table equipment fit for the users who has the big volume productions, it can increase the operating effectiveness, it is help save the time and labor than the aluminium profile wooden cnc router.
But aluminium profile wooden doing work device can operate on the 3D embossment and the irregular , out of faltness mould.
So welcome to get in touch with us when you need wooden doing work equipment on the wooden , MDF doorways or the home furniture….
Overlook to notify you, we can according to your requipments to create the wooden cnc router machine, like the doing work dimension, the colour of this equipment, employing which dimensions of driving motor…. so do not be reluctant contact us !

Merchandise discription
one)Undertake imported sq. guide rail ,double row slide block and the imported ball screw tends to make the machine doing work steadily, high precision and long existence time.
two)With sophisticated DSP technique,operated with the USB handle ,handy procedure ,humanization design.
3)Appropriate with Type3/ artcam/castmate/proe/coreldraw/wentai and other CAD/CAM computer software
four)Vacuum table with 6 vacuum zones ,which can take up different size resources.No oil vacuum pump ,high suction,more handy,steady capability.
5)Adopt large velocity stepper motor and drivers and two motors for the Y axis,max speed can get to to 35m/min,auto aligning system.
Applicable industry
Woodworking market ,3D wave board processing,Cabinet doorways,craft wooden doors,unpainting door,display,crafts home windows,milling and engraving on the home furniture.
Applicable materials 
MDF,wooden plate,veneer,wooden ,software,PVC.

Product CK1325 MDF cnc router
Operating size 1300*2500mm
Z functioning journey 120-450mm
Operating precision +-.04mm
Desk composition Vacuum desk
Spot precision +-.05mm
Energy consumable 3KW
Max idle speed 50000mm/min
Max doing work pace 25000mm/min
Spindle power two.2KW-9.0KWor HSD for choice
Spindle rotate speed -24000 r/min
Working mode Stage motor ,option servo motor
Operating Voltage AC380V/50HZ, AC380V/60HZ
Run command G Code ,UOO file

Our service
we are manufacturing facility maker, so the quality of every single areas of our items is monitered by our knowledgeable experts, we have self-confidence that our solution will make you discover a all set market. And we can also make specific devices in accordance to your element requirements. Additionally, our technicians can speak English, they can slove your difficulties immediately in English.
one)   The machine promise is eighteen months.
2)   24 several hours technical assist by email or contacting.
three)   CZPTly English model manual and procedure movie CD disc.
 All laser engraving equipment are packed with CZPT interior plastic wrap and steel composition and outer plywood case, internal package would be aid to restricted all the Small parts in the bundle. and the plywood is organization sufficient to defend the laser machine during shipping and delivery. 
The rewards of plywood situation bundle:
To begin with, plywood case, its compressive strength and bearing top quality is much better, is the market of option for the items of higher fat packing. 
Next, the board spot is massive, the soil structuer is very good and operational approach is easy, so its is greater in leakproof ness and waterproof. 
Thirdly, when importing, the plywood situation is with fumigation-totally free, the produre is easy. 
Guarantee & After Sales Service
1. For the entire machine we give the guarantee for 2 several years.
2. For the RECI laser tubes,we give the guarantee for nine months.
three.For the emphasis lens and mirrors, we will give the warranty for nine months as well.
4.Any components is broken in the course of the guarantee interval( without human injury),we will adjust for you for free within2 years . 
five.Engineer can go to your nation to supply the specialized support. and 24 hrs following sale support worker is on-line. 
Professional Service
From producing in our factory to shipping the goods directly to your port or company, we supply all-in-one service for our customers. With the rich experience of dealing with shipping issue and custom clearance, we can make the most economical delivery plan for you and ensure the quick leading time. No matter your quantity is our MOQ or very big, we take each customer as the only one.
CZPTion one: How lengthy about the machine’s assure? 
Answer: 2 year          
CZPTion 2: How about your soon after support? 
Solution: CZPT assist by telephone, e-mail or MSN close to the clock. 
CZPTion three: How can we put in the machine? 
Answer: CZPTly English edition manual and operation movie CD disk. 
CZPTion 4: How about the payment conditions? 
Response: 30% T/T for deposit, 70%T/T paid ahead of transport. 
CZPTion: Do You Set up Shipment For The CZPTs? 
Reply: Yes, dear esteemed buyers, for FOB or CIF price tag, we will set up shipment for you. For EXW cost, clients require to set up shipment by them selves or their agents.


CNC Woodworking Milling, Engraving and Cutting Machine

2018 CNC Router Engraving Cutting Machine for Acrylic Wood Board

2018 CNC Router Engraving Cutting Machine for Acrylic Wood Board

1.Wooden cnc router

(1) This wood cnc router functioning dimensions is: 1300x2500x200mm, vacuum desk, with3 kw drinking water cooling spindle energy,  making use of the vacuum pump to absorb the mould on the desk, it is ease for wooden cnc router users that it is  will not need to have the resources holders, put the mould on the desk , open up the vacuum pump , then can operating , but it has a single point that not absorb the irregular , out of faltness mould , 3D embossment. This vacuum desk wood cnc router  fit for the customers who has the large volume productions, it can enhance the working effectiveness, it is save the time and labor than the aluminium profile wood cnc router.

We can create the device h2o cooling spindle power with 4.5kw/five.5kw/seven.5kw or a lot more larger, all as customer’s ask for, 3kw drinking water cooling spindle can minimize and engrave on the wood/ MDF Arylic/ alumnium copper brass and other metal and nonmetal supplies. when you want to reduce 30mm wooden or MDF, make sure you decide on the 4.5kw drinking water cooling spindle power, if you want to minimize : 40mm thickness of wooden/MDF you should decide on 5.five kw water cooling spindle electricity( if you want to minimize it down using a single time). much more larger energy, more thick of the wooden/MDF and matherals to be minimize.

one.5kw /two.2kw mostly used on the engraving work, but it aslo can lower the wooden/MDF acrylic,but it need to minimize several moments then can reduce it down. modest energy mainly utilised to do the engraving work.

(two) But aluminium profile wooden functioning equipment can work on the 3D embossment and the irregular , out of faltness mould.

(three) This equipment cooling method is: water cooling spindle .we aslo can produce the equipment with air cooling spindle, when you choose the equipment , remember to enable us know which kind of cooling energy you necessary, or inform me your just requirments make sure you, and allow our engineer enable you to decide on .

(4) This variety of wood cnc router  utilizing the ZheJiang HIWIN genuine brand name liner guide rail. can assure the device has a large precision. and TBI ball screw .
(five) we can produce the wooden cnc router with 1 spindle 2 heads/ 3 heads/ six heads/4 heads and aslo can create the machine with 1 spindle i head, two spindle two heads and three spindle or 4 spindle and so on.

(five) Possibly you are uncertainties whats the one spindle with numerous heads, this that means, 1 h2o /air cooling spindle management numerous heads can provide the doing work efferiency of engraving and slicing. but twelve spindle 2 heads is a single spindle management every heads , so its operating speed and efferinecy is greater than the one spindle manage numerous heads. but value is costly than 1 spindle control several heads variety of wooden cnc router.

(six) Our manufacturing unit can according to your requipments to create the wooden cnc router device, like the working measurement, the colour of this equipment, making use of which measurement of driving motor…. If you are expert purchasers, remember to explain to me your specifically requirments, like stepper motor utilizing which model, driver using which brand name, and so on, if you never know, then notify us, we in accordance your requirments to produce for you.

two. CZPT Features


1) Vacuum & T-slot Combined Table:  Small-scale processing by using content holder,

getting rid of the need for a vacuum pump electric power  large processing by adsorption, basic,convenient and efficient.

two) Water cooling spindle, with substantial precision, long lifestyle time, regular functioning, simple to begin up.

3) ZheJiang Hiwin linear square guide rail, self-lubricating sliding block. It ensures equivalent

power in all directions and accuracy and power of the device.

four) Y axis makes use of double-motor in-stage drive that ensure the machine equality and smoothly working.

five)  DSP controller method with USB interface,doing work with no connecting with computer

throughout working and effortless to handle.



Manufacturer CHANKE
Design CK-1325 wooden cnc router
Engraving area
Working Form Complete-automatic
Spindle Power 3.0kw/four.5/5.5kw as consumers option
Spindle Rotate(rpm) 6000~24000mm/min
Motor  stepper motor or Servo motor imported from Japan as your option
Tool Diameter(mm) Ø3.a hundred seventy five,Ø4,Ø6/8mm, Ø12.7mm
CZPT Structure Thicker Welded Steel tube Structure for 8mm thickness
Transmission System

X,Y Axis: Helical Rack and Pinion CZPT
Z Axis: ZheJiang  TBI ball CZPT

X,Y,Z Rail ZheJiang  HIWIN square rail
X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
Engraving Speed(mm/min) 8000~12000mm/min
Feeding Speed handbook
Data Transmission USB or PC connect
Support Format G code or HPGL
Working Voltage AC220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
software program   CAD/CAM,Artcam,Castmate,Ug,Wentai,Type3.  UCancamV8
Range of Application Woodworking relief engrave ,Cutting , Hollow
CZPT Net Weight 1680Kg

4. Applicable materials

one) Household furniture: plate, business office furniture, doors, cabinets.

2) Wood goods: speakers, games cupboards, pc tables, stitching equipment,  musical instruments.

3) Board processing: insulation, plastic chemical elements, PCB, car physique,

bowling keep track of, Stomach muscles, PP, PE, and so forth.

4) CZPT: Acrylic, PVC, MDF, glass, plastic and soft metals these kinds of as copper  and aluminum.

five. How to Order Our CZPT?

Ahead of we can advocate you the greatest ideal equipment, make sure you kindly notify us:

one)  What resources will you perform on?

two)  What is your Max.dimensions of your processing supplies? ( Size & Width )

3)  Do you mostly engrave or cut? If lower,What is your Max.reducing thickness?

four)  Does your supplies are cylinder? If Indeed, what is actually the Max. Diameter of it?

five)  If it is feasible, could you send us your merchandise samples’ photo? It will

help us much better to understand.

six. CZPT Items of CZPT


1 set


Standard Plywood Box

Delivery CZPTs

FOB, CIF, EXW, Door to Door ect.

Delivery Time

15 working days after receiving payment

Payment Type

T/T, Paypal, CZPT CZPT and others

CZPT Ability

200 sets/thirty day period


HangZhou, China.


7. Our support

we are manufacturing facility company, so the top quality of each and every areas of our goods is monitered by our skilled specialists, we have self-assurance that our merchandise will make you uncover a prepared marketplace. And we can also make specific devices in accordance to your detail demands. In addition, our technicians can converse English, they can slove your problems immediately in English.


8. Guarantee & service of CZPT


Two years high quality warranty, the equipment with primary components(excluding the

consumables) shall be modified cost-free of demand when if any dilemma in the course of the

guarantee interval.

Service: ( Supply entire lifestyle specialized support, 24h online )

Before sale:

We would always be here to provide any information you need at the first time,

and give professional suggestions according to your real needs for free

During sale:

We would deal with all the production and shipping affairs, after everything is 

completely ready, we would tell you everything goes well here

After sale:

one) We would provide English Version working manual.

two) If you have any questions during using and maintaining, our engineers who 

could speak very good English would answer you online or by calls.

3) CZPT warranty is one year. So if your machine has any unintentional 

damages, we would provide parts for free.

four) If your machine has big problems if by any chance, our engineers would arrive

 there to debug and fix.

5) Could be remote control if needed.

Spare components:


From producing in our factory to shipping the goods directly to your port or company, we supply all-in-on service for our customers. With the rich experience of dealing with shipping issue and custom clearance,

we can make the most economical delivery plan for you and ensure the quick leading time. No matter your 
quantity is our MOQ or very big, we take each customer as the only one.

new manufacturing facility:


Here is the doing work online video in youtube site:

EPwatch?v=QVo09dj-EFY ( cnc router cutting stainless steel)
EPwatch?v=EkNHgcbwJxM( cnc router engraving on brass -3D embossment function )
EPwatch?v=kD08F2LrVh4( 1300x2500mm chopping 50MM MDF )

our Saudi Arabia father and his son check out us and ordered two devices ( 1 for 260w metallic and nonmetal laser slicing equipment , one is 7.5kw air cooling spindle with spraying funcation wooden cnc router to cutting metal and wood) 


All cnc router are packed with CZPT inner plastic wrap and steel composition and outer plywood situation, internal deal would be aid to tight all the Little areas in the deal. and the plywood is company ample to shield the laser equipment throughout transport. 
The advantages of plywood circumstance package deal:
Firstly, plywood situation, its compressive power and bearing top quality is far better, is the industry of choice for the items of substantial bodyweight packing. 
Next, the board spot is massive, the soil structuer is good and operational procedure is straightforward, so its is better in leakproof ness and water-resistant. 
Thirdly, when importing, the plywood circumstance is with fumigation-totally free, the produre is easy.

Consumer feedback 


2018 CNC Router Engraving Cutting Machine for Acrylic Wood Board

600*900mm Cheaper Small Wood Router Engraving Cutting Cutter Mini Size CNC Router Machine

600*900mm Cheaper Small Wood Router Engraving Cutting Cutter Mini Size CNC Router Machine

          Software of 6090 wood cnc router for wooden door          
Advertising signs, symbol producing, acrylic slicing, PP/PE/Abs/PVC/Computer Board Chopping engaving, generating of various components, attractive merchandise, and wood relief engraving or cutting,like wood window processing, wood desk, chairs,wooden doorways, CZPTworking CZPT , 3D Wave Board Provessing , Cabinet Doors, CZPTs CZPT Doors ,Unpainting Door ,Screen ,CZPTs Windows ,Milling and Endraving On The Furnishings,and many others

one) Working Spot: 600x900x100mm
2) DSP handle program/Nc-studio manage technique
3) one.5kw air cooling spindle(optional)
4) Leadahine motorists and stepper motors
5) Xihu (West Lake) Dis. inverter
6) T-slot desk/Vacuum desk
7) CZPT Artcam computer software
8) Standard physique frame
9) Rack and equipment transmission
ten) ZheJiang  HIWIN Linear sq. rails
eleven) ZheJiang TBI Ball CZPT for Z Framework
12) Oil injection program
thirteen) One particular set chopping instruments
fourteen) Color optional
15) Dust collector

Parameter of :

MCZPTL USM6090 Standard body frame
X Y Z Functioning location 600x900x100mm
Desk T-slot table/Vacuum desk
Body Metal square tube 
CZPT Xihu (West Lake) Dis. CZPT
Spindle 1.5kw air cooling spindle
Motor and rive(STEPPER) Leadshine driver and stepper motor
Swap Omron
CZPTtronic component Scnieder
X Y framework ZheJiang  HIWIN square rail linear &rack pinion drive
Z sructure ZheJiang  HIWIN square rail &TBI ball screw
Optimum rapid travel rate 50000mm far more min…
Maximum functioning velocity 30000mm far more min…
Running technique DSP controller/Nc-studio program
Software program Artcam, type3
Spindle velocity 24000RPM
Far more configuration Tool  sensor,transformer,filter,flash
APLICATION Wood 3d engraving,MDF,HDF,ACP, acrylic
 Stone, aluminium with h2o tank and water pump

            Features of wooden door cnc router device for woodworking           
1.Welded metal tube composition as a whole with vibration Temper getting older therapy guarantees no deformation for extended time.Solid iron Gantry, the framework is powerful and steady.

two. Transverse aluminum alloy T slot working table, greater for components repairing.

three. Huge electrical power 1.5kw air cooling spindle which is with secure overall performance, decrease noise, strong and higher torque, matched with large-performance frequency inverter.

four. CZPTed Hiwin, ZheJiang Linear sq. guidebook rail with ball bearing slide block which ensure large bodyweight ability,  high precision, easy and steady running. Undertake imported precision ball screws, resources feeded with a lot more precision.

5. Helical gears pinion and rack transmission for X and Y axis, higher running pace and efficiency, saving value. Z- axis with precision ball screw, high precision and a lot more sturdy.

6. China CZPT stepper motor and driver for XYZ-axis,  high precision, rapidly pace and more secure, twin motor CZPTn Y axis with traveling speed up to much more than 25000mm/min.

seven. DSP A11(RichAuto) offline manage system with USB interface which is completely off from Personal computer. Much more Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nizeddesign with Basic and Practical Manage variety procedure.With for each-calculation rule, entirely excavating potentialities of motors. Permit substantial processing pace, synchronization of Curve and straight line, much more excellent curve operating and Spindle begin up and stop instantly.

8. Dust collector, helping to suck dust, milling dust,trying to keep machine cleaning.

9. Optional 4th axis rotary axis, diameter 80~200mm, length 80~2000mm, reduction equipment transmission, make certain the cylinder processing precision.

10. Semi-vehicle lubrication system more convenient for maintenance. 

11.Automobile instrument calibration, a lot more convenient for each time Z-axis 0 point location.

12. Favorable compatibility with a variety of CAM softwares such as Type3/Artcam/Mastercam/Caxa. With smart more than restrict safety function which can quit the mechanical collision owing to unproper measurement presented to the design and style.

thirteen. With the function of Crack-position memory ,energy failure resuming and computerized home/orgin correction function, effectively guarantee prolonged time working precision.

                                      Soon after sale Service                                      

# eighteen months ensure of the whole equipment, we will supply the consumable areas at an company value when you want replacement.

# Main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be transformed cost-free of charge if there is any issue for the duration of the warranty period of time.

# Computer software is on update for free of charge entire life.

# Our engineer could support you technologies to your region if required.

# Our enginner could services on weekend even on getaway.

# Our engineer could prepare you in our factory for free of charge.

# Our engineer could provider you 24 hrs on the web by Skype, yahoo, msn, QQ, or by cellphone.

# English handbook and CD movie for device making use of and maintaining will send out to you with the device.

600*900mm Cheaper Small Wood Router Engraving Cutting Cutter Mini Size CNC Router Machine