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Deep 300m Water Well Drilling Rig Hydraulic Drilling Machine Twd300

Deep 300m Water Well Drilling Rig Hydraulic Drilling Machine Twd300

Trailer mounted  water nicely drilling device drilling rig TWD300


TWD300 Multi-purposeful trailer mounted drinking water well drilling rig is a successful,multi-operate complete hydraulic water welldrillingrig.It is high effectiveness due to the fact of getting a larger torque of the turntable and is largely used for water nicely in industry and agriculture, countrywide protection creating foundation, geological exploration, geothermic nicely and other foundation working, it is common at home and abroad.
TWD300 trailer mounted drilling rig can drilling in all types formations by mud drilling in delicate development and air DTH hammer in rock drilling,DTH Hammer is applied in rock drilling, slag is discharged by air stress and the offstage effectiveness is 10 instances than standard rotary drilling.
TWD300 deep water well drilling rigs, in chopping drilling or rotary drilling can be operated in unconsolidated layer, and the slag can be discharged beneath by mud, the impact drilling procedure can also be adopted and slag can be discharged by stress air, the hydraulic water well drilling rig suited for drilling challenging geological circumstances.

1.The drilling rig can use air DTH Hammer drilling and mud drilling.
two.Centralized manage console is suitable for every single manipulation and manage. Rapid pulling and lifting decrease the auxiliary time and boost the operate effectiveness.
three.The main drive program, the transfer situation, gearbox, double-winch unit, mud pump, turntable,drilling tower, feed system are established up on the chassis.
four.It is a hydraulicrotary drilling rig with directional circulation. It can equipped with BW450 mud pump which adopts the slurry as the washing fluid and can drill on clay, sand and rock if it is geared up with appropriate drilling bit.
five.The electrical power of drilling rig will come from a Yuchai motor,93kw Yuchai motor drives the large displacement higher stress plunger pump and it is characterised by strong dynamic and secure overall performance.
6.The rotary head,have two equipment,rotation pace is -eighty and160rpm stepless adjustment and the rotary torque is 6900Nm.
seven.The pulling power can be regulated and managed, which adapt the machine to deep hole drilling.
eight.It can set up a generator which is hassle-free to welding or illuminate for work at evening.
nine.Main winch are accessible on the rig so it is large efficiency when the rig drill on mud rock and on the weathering development.
ten.The major travel of rig is hydrulic and the four landing legs and drilling tower are hydraulic managed. Transfer circumstance and mud pump clutch program are also hydraulic operated.
11.The equipment winch winch is employed for auxiliary lifting and casing,optional main winch power of 4T, rope size of 100m and 8m lifting height.
12.The CZPT auxiliary functions are easy and successful for guidebook extension, growth swing, growth lift, manual dumping.
13.Competitive in price tag, lower price of preserve.


Geology drilled All kinds
Drilling Sort DTH & Mud Rotary
Drill system and procedure CZPT
Hole Diameter Φ105-Φ350mm
Hole Depth 300m
Rotation Torque 7500Nm
Rotation Velocity -80rpm 1st Gear  0-160rpm 2nd Gear
Drill pipe diameter 89/114mm
Drill pipe duration 3000mm
most. Feed Pace 18M/min
most. CZPT Pace 5-20M/min
Feed Stroke 3400mm
most. CZPT pressure 120000N
CZPT force of Main winch(Optional) 4T
CZPT force of hoist one.5T
CZPT height of instrument winch 6M
Diesel Motor variety CMS
Rated Horse power 92kw
 CZPTtrical Technique 24v
CZPT required
 CZPT Sort Rotary CZPT/Movable
Pressure Needed 1.two-3.5Mpa
Air use sixteen-40m³/min
Mud Pump(Optional)
Model BW450
Stroke 100mm
Displacement 250L/min
Discharge strain (Mpa) 2.5Mpa
Suction tube diameter 85mm
Discharge pipe diameter 51mm
Foam pump Optional
Internet Weight 6100KG
CZPT Duration 5800mm
CZPT Width 2210mm
CZPT Top 2850mm
Floor Clearance 300mm
Volume of Flow 200mm

Packing& Delivery                                                                                                                                               


In our following product sales services program, We set up ideal management method strictly according to ISO-9000 series, in this program, technological innovation day and problem solve resolution and preventive measures will be supplied in any maintain undertaking, all the spare parts will be used in new OEM items with set up guidelines, packing record, manufacturer’s instruction, qualification and Guarantee certification.
We supply “a single tools & 1 circumstance, unlimited support, particularly the soon after income services get started from the get affirmation, last for the doing work daily life of the products.

Company profile                                                                                                                                                     

CZPT provide users high top quality CZPT & Drilling solutions,we usually focus on the strategic conception of “Survival by top quality, CZPT by credit”.
We have specilized in analysis, improvement and generate of rock blasting drilling rig, h2o well drilling rig, diamond core drilling rig, anchor drilling rig, and relative add-ons & drilling solutions. continually give skilled drilling solutions for all clients with our sophisticated technological innovation, excellent tools, rigorous screening implies and excellent support community, which create our brand “HangZhou” a good impression of market, now,we items account for 50% of domestic market and have been export to a lot more than forty international locations, and we awarded ISO9001: 2000 in November, 2002. 


Q1. Is it a reliable company?
CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd  is a professional manufacturer of drilling rig&drilling tools in ZheJiang ,China, and specializes in the R&D, production, process and sale of water well drilling rig,rock blasting drilling rig,anchor drilling rig,RC drilling rig,CZPT and relative drilling tools. We have satisfied a lot of domestic and overseas clients’ needs.  
Q2: What about the delivery?
The drilling rig,CZPT normally shipment by sea or street,and drilling equipment can be supply by air.
Q3: What’s the delivery time?
7-twenty five days after received your payment.
This autumn: What’s the package?
Strong and beautiful aluminum alloy case/carton case/wooden case.
Q5: Do you have any timely technology supports?Sure. We have a professional technology supporting team and the technical documents for your timely services, also you can contact us by telephone, webcam, online chat (googletalk, MSN, , yahoo…). If you have problems, please email us. You will get our solutions in 24 hours.
Q6: What’s the payment method?
Q7: If the machines broken during the shipment, will you support us?CZPTly our customers will purchase the insurance before shipment to avoid any lost from rough transportation. We will help you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your money back in time.

Deep 300m Water Well Drilling Rig Hydraulic Drilling Machine Twd300

Metal Cutting Machine Gear Cutting Machine Shear Machine Shearing Machine Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Metal Cutting Machine Gear Cutting Machine Shear Machine Shearing Machine Hydraulic Shearing Machine

CNC Swing Beam Shear&solSwing Beam Shearing CZPT&solShearing CZPT&solShearer&solSwing Beam Chopping CZPT&solCutting CZPT&solCutter&solCZPT Shearing CZPT&solCZPT Cutting CZPT

Primary CZPTs

CZPT program&colon Omega
Pump&colon Equipment pump
CZPTtrics&colon Germany Siemens
O-rings&colon Japanese NOK
Conectors&colon Germay EMB
Ball screw&colon ZheJiang HIWIN
Line guide rail&colon ZheJiang HIWIN

QC12K Series CNC Swing Beam Shear —Optional Controllers
China ESTUN E21S&commaE200S
Holland DELEM DAC310
German ELGO P40
Italy HT071
QC12Y Sequence Digital swing Beam Shear
Regular technique&colon HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. E18&lparMD11&rpar
Optional Electronic Program&colon China ESTUN E10S
CZPTs for QC12Y&QC12K
China Taifeng CZPTs
Oil Pump
Pipe Connectors
China Equipment Pump
Guide Blades gap Modify Wheel
Angle Evaluate
Mild Guards
Ball CZPT Linear Xihu (West Lake) Dis.
Backgauge CZPT Help
QC12Y Functions
The device is metal plate welded construction&comma with hydraulic transmission and accumulator return&comma normal of an simple procedure&comma reputable overall performance&comma and nice appearance&comma equipped with digital controller&interval
Indication by indicator is supplied for adjustment of blades clearance&comma for a helpful and prompt adjustment&period
Alignment unit with lighting and management device for shearing stroke are established&time period
Worktable with balls for substance feeding convenient&comma to minimize fish tail with sheet bar and to decrease frictional resistance&time period
 QC 12K Attributes
The machine is fitted with CNC controller unique for shearing machines&time period
The position of rear stopper is displayed in real-time fashion&period of time
Multi-phase programming purpose is offered and the rear stopper is in a position for automated operation and continuous positioning&comma to attain an automatic adjustment for placement of rear stopper&period of time
It is offered with counting operate for shearing&comma to screen the shearing figures in a actual-time method&comma in a position for power-failure memory of position of rear stopper&comma processes&comma and parameters&period
Backgauge with precision ball screw and linear guide&comma to make sure the positioning precision&comma so that bring the larger precision prcsessing&period of time
CZPT Parameters

Type Slicing
Chopping Size&lparmm&rpar Reducing Angle&lpar°&rpar Content CZPT
Stroke &lpartimes&solmin&rpar Energy&lparkw&rpar Bodyweight&lparkg&rpar Dimension&lparmm&rpar
4×2500 four 2500 1°30′ ≤450 10 5&period5 3800 3040&ast1610&ast1620
4×3200 four 3200 1°30′ ≤450 ten five&period5 5000 3840&ast1610&ast1620
4×4000 four 4000 1°30′ ≤450 eight five&period5 6500 4600&ast1700&ast1700
4×6000 four 6000 1°30′ ≤450 five seven&period5 11000 6460&ast2100&ast3200
6×2500 6 2500 1°30′ ≤450 10 seven&period5 5000 3040&ast1610&ast1620
6×3200 6 3200 1°30′ ≤450 9 seven&period5 6000 3840&ast1610&ast1620
6×4000 six 4000 1°30′ ≤450 8 7&period5 8000 4620&ast1750&ast1700
6×5000 six 5000 1°30′ ≤450 6 seven&period5 10500 5400&ast1750&ast1700
6×6000 6 6000 1°30′ ≤450 five 11 16500 6480&ast2100&ast2300
8×2500 8 2500 1°30′ ≤450 10 seven&period5 6000 3040&ast1700&ast1700
8×3200 eight 3200 1°30′ ≤450 8 7&period5 7200 3860&ast1700&ast1700
8×4000 eight 4000 1°30′ ≤450 eight seven&period5 8800 4640&ast1700&ast1700
8×5000 eight 5000 1°30′ ≤450 8 7&period5 11500 5400&ast2400&ast2000
8×6000 8 6000 1°30′ ≤450 8 11 18000 6480&ast2100&ast2350
10×2500 ten 2500 1°30′ ≤450 nine eleven 7300 3040&ast1700&ast1700
10×3200 10 3200 1°30′ ≤450 nine eleven 8000 3860&ast1700&ast1700
10×4000 ten 4000 1°30′ ≤450 eight 11 12000 4650&ast2100&ast2000
10×6000 10 6000 ≤450 5 15 24000 6500&ast2100&ast2300
12×2500 12 2500 ≤450 nine eighteen&period5 9000 3140&ast2150&ast2000
12×3200 12 3200 ≤450 9 18&period5 10800 3880&ast2150&ast2000
12×4000 12 4000 ≤450 eight 18&period5 13000 4680&ast2150&ast2000
12×5000 12 5000 ≤450 6 18&period5 16000 5900&ast2150&ast2000
12×6000 12 6000 ≤450 5 eighteen&period5 29000 6900&ast2600&ast2700
12×8000 twelve 8000 ≤450 5 18&period5 46500 9000&ast3500&ast3500
16×2500 16 2500 2°30′ ≤450 9 eighteen&period5 11000 3140&ast2150&ast2000
16×3200 16 3200 2°30′ ≤450 eight eighteen&period5 13000 3880&ast2150&ast2000
16×4000 16 4000 2°30′ ≤450 8 18&period5 16300 4650&ast2150&ast2200
16×5000 sixteen 5000 2°30′ ≤450 6 18&period5 20000 5900&ast2600&ast2700
16×6000 16 6000 2°30′ ≤450 five 22 36000 6900&ast2700&ast2700
20×2500 twenty 2500 ≤450 8 22 15500 3440&ast2300&ast2500
20×3200 20 3200 ≤450 eight 22 18000 4150&ast2350&ast2700
20×4000 20 4000 ≤450 five 22 21000 4850&ast2350&ast2700
25×2500 twenty five 2500 ≤450 eight 37 19000 3200&ast2700&ast2900
25×3200 25 3200 ≤450 five 37 23000 4200&ast2700&ast2900
25×4000 25 4000 ≤450 five 37 27000 3850&ast2700&ast2900
30×2500 thirty 2500 ≤450 5 37 23500 3300&ast2900&ast2900
30×3200 30 3200 ≤450 five 37 27500 4200&ast2900&ast2900

Optional Method

CZPT Liquid crystal display 128×64 display
Backguage management&comma Hole management&comma Stroke length limitation&time period
Actual and programmed position visualization&comma Inventory counter&comma
Programmable up to 100 methods&period
Panel-dependent housing&semi
Servo manage&solunipolar&solAC two-velocity control&semi
mm&solinch transmission&semi

Backguage control&comma bus method control servo system&semi
Stroke size limitation&comma double pragrammable electronic output&semi
Pragram memory of up to forty plan&comma up to twenty five methods for each software&semi
A single side positioning&comma retract of purpose&time period
mm&solinch transmission&comma Chinese&solEnglish transmission&semi
240×128 pixels Liquid crystal display show&interval

Backguage handle&comma management for common AC motor&comma frequency inverter&semi
CZPT positioning&comma double programmable digital output&semi
Inventory counter&comma program memory of up to 40 plans&comma up to twenty five actions for each system&semi
One particular side positioning&comma retract of purpose&period
A single crucial backup&comma restore of parameters&semi
mm&solinch transmission&comma Chinese &solEnglish Transmission&semi Liquid crystal display show&semi

Analog or digital outputs for one-three velocity procedure 16 totally free programmable digital in-&soloutputs
Program memory&lpar1000 sets&rpar
Angle control&solgap management&solbackguage 
Limitation of the chopping length
Substance Record for angle and gap manage

Regulated power offer for encoder or drive pull&solo&periodc&time period
optional line 12 Vdc&pm5&percnt one hundred twenty mA
Optoisolated inputs
Substantial luminosity led show possessing six digits plus indicator for place&comma
2 digits fpr cycles and for packages&interval
Possibility to save up to ninety nine plans composed of 20 cycles&period
Every cycle can depend 65000 repetitions at maximum
Info and applications are saved in a flash memory without floating battery Ip 65&comma polycarbonate&comma water and abrasion-proof keyboard with tactile sensitivity&time period

China ESTUN E10S
X axis and Y axis situation show&semi
Resolution&colon0&period1mm or &period0001 inch&semi
Inventory counter&comma two timer built-in&semi
One particular aspect positioning indicator&semi
Sofware limitation&semi
Electricity-off memorization&interval

&lpar1&rparBefore packing&comma the machine device will be testing for forty eight hrs to guarantee all the products is one hundred&percnt qualitied&interval
&lpar2&rparBefore loading&comma secure package&comma specialist and experienced loader reduce harm of solution throughout transportation&interval
&lpar3&rparAfter loading&comma our skilled documentary staff will follow the get till the solution departs from port&time period

Our Companies
one&interval Shearing blades and accessories-CZPT to your specifications&time period In our shearing blades&comma our emphasis is on first-course&comma useful&comma well-believed-out higher and reduced resources&time period Our instruments offer options to your software situations-even for sophisticated technological types&time period

two&period Service package deal
Basic&colon we offer you you speedy difficulties shooting via phone assist and fees for on-site missions are reduced&period
Special&colon Engineers accessible to services machinery overseas for the essential routine maintenance&interval
Spouse&colon Our located sellers or clients who market or use our equipment are fully driving you&comma they are our helpful partner and offer good suggestions to you&period of time

three&period of time CZPT Services&lparAfter-sale support&rpar
Set up and begin-up&lparAvailable for intricate and large machines or if you have demand&rpar

Metal Cutting Machine Gear Cutting Machine Shear Machine Shearing Machine Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Factory Supplies Machine No: Wa200 Hydraulic Gear Pump 705-56-26080 with Good Quality and Competitive Price

Factory Supplies Machine No: Wa200 Hydraulic Gear Pump 705-56-26080 with Good Quality and Competitive Price

ZheJiang (HangZhou) Wan Xun CZPT Co., Ltd is an industrial entity, which integrates technologies, industry and trade. Our manufacturing facility is fashioned in 1983, and our company is set up in 1983, with 35 years’ growth, we have fashioned a strong and higher-quality administration team. The goods are largely employed in industries of metallurgy, mining, electrical power, coal, petroleum, chemical and so forth.Our items have exported to Singapore, Korean, Turkey, CZPT Asia and covering in excess of thirty countries and district with innovative technology, excellent gear and dependable high quality
With our big-sized factory, we professionally manufacture construction machinery components, particularly the hydraulic gear pumps and valves utilized in bulldozer, wheel loader (Komatsu,Caterpillar,CZPT,Volvo,CZPT,and Cummins brand). These kinds of as OEM Komatsu (D41,D50,D60,D65,D75,D80A,D85A ,D150A,D155A,D155A,D355A,D375,D455….) Komatsu WA series loaders (WA600,WA545,WA510,WA500,WA450,WA420,WA400 ,WA300 ,WA250,WA180,WA150,WA120….WA90,WA80….) HD180 HD200 HD465 HD785) PC50 PC60 PC100 PC400) and so on..  ZheJiang , Shan Tui, Huang He (TY130 TY160…SD22 SD42 ) Our pump kinds: H2o Pump Ass’y, Steering Pump, Transmission Pump, Gear Pump, CZPT Pump, Function Pump Ass’y. water pump  oil 

705-56-26080  705-56-26081  705-twelve-37571 705-11-38571  705-eleven-38011  705-11-38040 705-twelve-38571  705-twelve-38011  705-22-40380 705-11-4571  705-11-45710  705-22-40110  705-12-40040 705-22-40070  705-twelve-4571  705-eleven-38571 705-fifty two-30360  705-fifty one-31060 705-fifty one-three 0571 705-52-35710 705-52-30050  705-fifty two-30051  705-52-35710  705-fifty one-30110  705-51-32060  705-52-35710  705-fifty one-3 0571   705-51-30590  705-51-31160  705-51-31150  705-51-three 0571   705-51-31140 705-52-31070  705-51-31070  705-fifty two-30260  705-fifty two-31130  705-fifty two-30130  705-fifty one-30820  705-52-30080  705-fifty one-35710  705-52-32001  705-52-32000 705-51-35710  705-fifty one-30340 705-fifty two-31250 705-52-31170  705-fifty two-31210  705-52-30360  705-52-30390  705-52-three 0571   705-fifty two-3571 705-fifty two-31250  705-fifty two-three 0571 705-52-30190  705-51-30820 705-fifty one-30190 

705-52-42090 PUMP ASSY 705-fifty six-43571 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty two-42100 PUMP ASSY 705-56-44001 PUMP ASSY
705-52-42110 PUMP ASSY 705-56-44571 PUMP ASSY
705-52-42140 PUMP ASSY 705-fifty six-44040 PUMP ASSY
705-52-42150 PUMP ASSY 705-fifty six-44050 PUMP ASSY
705-52-42170 PUMP ASSY 705-fifty six-44060 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty two-42190 PUMP ASSY 705-56-44090 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty two-42220 PUMP ASSY 705-56-45571 PUMP ASSY
705-53-31571 PUMP ASSY 705-fifty six-47000 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty three-42000 PUMP ASSY 705-fifty six-47571 PUMP ASSY
705-53-42571 PUMP ASSY 705-58-34000 PUMP ASSY
705-55-24130 PUMP ASSY 705-fifty eight-34571 PUMP ASSY
705-55-34000 PUMP ASSY 705-58-43000 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty five-34090 PUMP ASSY 705-fifty eight-43571 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty five-34110 PUMP ASSY 705-58-44040 PUMP ASSY
705-55-34140 PUMP ASSY 705-58-44050 PUMP ASSY
705-55-34160 PUMP ASSY 705-fifty eight-45000 PUMP ASSY WA900-3
705-fifty five-34180 PUMP ASSY 705-58-45571 PUMP ASSY WA900-three
705-55-34181 PUMP ASSY 705-fifty eight-46001 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty six-17000 PUMP ASSY 705-fifty eight-46011 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty six-23050 PUMP ASSY 705-58-47000 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty six-24571 PUMP ASSY 705-61-22571 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty six-24030 PUMP ASSY 705-sixty one-26571 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty six-24080 PUMP ASSY 705-62-22571 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty six-33040 PUMP ASSY HM four hundred-one 705-sixty two-24571 PUMP ASSY
705-56-33080 PUMP ASSY HM 400-one 705-seventy three-29571 PUMP ASSY
705-56-34000 PUMP ASSY 705-73-3571 PUMP ASSY
705-fifty six-34040 PUMP ASSY 705-82-10030 PUMP ASSY
705-56-34090 PUMP ASSY 705-ninety five-5711 PUMP ASSY 

Factory Supplies Machine No: Wa200 Hydraulic Gear Pump 705-56-26080 with Good Quality and Competitive Price

Sunny Gear Pump Sunny Hg0 Hg1 Hg2 Hydraulic Pump for Injection Moulding Machine

Sunny Gear Pump Sunny Hg0 Hg1 Hg2 Hydraulic Pump for Injection Moulding Machine

CZPT gear pump SUNNY HG0 HY1 HG2 CZPT Pump For Injection CZPTing CZPT



Shipping and delivery Time:3~seven times following payment

Comprehensive Photos:

Business Details:



Our Companies:

Sunny Gear Pump Sunny Hg0 Hg1 Hg2 Hydraulic Pump for Injection Moulding Machine

Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor Pump for Injection Molding Machine

Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor Pump for Injection Molding Machine

Product Description

CZPT Radial Piston CZPT Motor (NHM1/two/3/six/8/11/16/31)

CZPT Piston Motor is 1 sort of minimal velocity high torque radial piston hydraulic motor. It can be widely applied in petroleum sector, chemical industry, mining, shipping and delivery, developing equipment, especially for plastics injection molding machinery, hydraulic winch, transmission ect.

Item software:
CZPT motors are commonly applied in agriculture machinery, fishing equipment, plastic business, mining, and construction machinery, especially equipped to decrease load purposes, this kind of as plastic injection mold machine, cleaner, grass cutter, and many others.

Design Displacement Pressure Torque Velocity assortment
Rated Max Rated N.m/Mpa
NHM1-63 seventy seven twenty five 32 248 eleven 15-1500
NHM1-eighty 91 25 32 335 13 15-1250
NHM1-a hundred ninety six twenty five 32 355 14 15-a thousand
NHM1-one hundred ten 113 25 32 419 17 15-1000
NHM1-125 126 twenty twenty five 371 19 fifteen-1000
NHM1-one hundred forty 138 20 twenty five 410 20 15-one thousand
NHM1-one hundred sixty 156 16 twenty 376 24 fifteen-a thousand
NHM1-two hundred 196 sixteen twenty 464 19 fifteen-1000

If you are interested in our hydraulic products, you should come to feel cost-free to make contact with us beneath:


Hydraulic Radial Piston Motor Pump for Injection Molding Machine

600kg 1000kg Rubber Pad Lifter Machine Hydraulic Vacuum Lifter for Sheet Metal

600kg 1000kg Rubber Pad Lifter Machine Hydraulic Vacuum Lifter for Sheet Metal

600kg 1000kg CZPT Pad Lifter CZPT CZPT Vacuum Lifter for Sheet Metal


Working basic principle of vacuum lifter:

The vacuum chuck is related to the vacuum gear (this kind of as vacuum pump) by means of the guide pipe, and then it contacts the workpiece to be lifted (this sort of as glass, steel plate, etc.), begins the vacuum equipment suction, so as to produce unfavorable force in the chuck, so that the workpiece to be lifted can be absorbed firmly, and then the workpiece to be lifted can be moved.When the workpiece to be lifted to the vacation spot, by means of the hand slide valve, make the vacuum chuck from unfavorable strain to zero pressure or marginally good strain, the vacuum chuck will be eliminated from the workpiece to be lifted, thus completing the process of lifting the transferring elements.

Main parameters of glass vacuum lifter

item&design size sucker diameter sucker number power method control model saftey loading lifeless load
HN-NE400-6S two hundred*1000MM 200mm six 380/DC12V electrical/manual 400kg 100kg
HN-NE600-8S 200*1000MM 200mm eight 380/DC12V electrical/handbook 600kg 100kg
HN-NE800-10S 250*1000mm 200mm ten 380/DC12V electric powered/manual 800kg 120kg
HN-NE1000-6S two hundred*1000mm 300mm 6 380/DC12V electric/handbook 1000kg 150kg
HN-NE1500-8S two hundred*1000mm 300mm 8 380/DC12V electric powered/guide 1500kg 180kg
HN-NE2000-10S 250*1000mm 300mm ten 380/DC12V electrical/handbook 2000kg 250kg


Assortment of vacuum spreader:

one, the quality of the parts to be moved: decide the measurement and variety of suction cups

two. Shape and area point out of the areas to be moved: decide on the type of chuck

3. Functioning surroundings (temperature) of the moving parts: choose the substance of the suction cup

four. Area peak of the taken off parts: establish the buffer length

5. Standard connection mode of suction cup: suction cup, suction cup seat, suction cup rod, spring, sliding sleeve, spring

Element components of glass vacuum lifter

Advantages of vacuum spreader:

Conserve time, labor and cost, straightforward to useSmall and light, solitary operator, non-damaging relocating parts, imported oil-free of charge vacuum pump, no require of external power supplyErgonomic design and style, seem and light alarm method, power storage unit, large protection, lengthy services lifestyle and other characteristicsCooperate with driving to kind a full lifting and dealing with solution

Vacuum spreader broadly utilized:

Glass processing, glass loading and unloading, glass curtain wall, plastic plate, sandwich plate, composite plate, steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, stone, and many others.Suited for all kinds of workpieces with easy and compact floor and regular shape.

CZPTtric glass vacuum suction cups package deal


600kg 1000kg Rubber Pad Lifter Machine Hydraulic Vacuum Lifter for Sheet Metal

Eco-Friendly Lube Oil Hydraulic Oil Compressor Oil Purification Machine

Eco-Friendly Lube Oil Hydraulic Oil Compressor Oil Purification Machine

Eco-CZPTly Lube Oil CZPT Oil CZPT Oil CZPT CZPT (TYA-50)

Collection TYA vacuum Lubricating oil purifier device is used to recuperate and purify various high-precision lubricating oil this kind of as hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, equipment oil, heat treatment method oil and so on.

one. Double main-filter structure, large potential for keeping particles, Multi-stage filtration method to make certain high filtration precision.

2. Particular polymer resources as filter medium with the capabilities of damaged emulsion, dewatering, eliminating particles.

3. Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technological innovation, equips with unique and sophisticated dewatering, degassing factors, can swiftly and efficiently eliminate h2o, gas, particles and volatile subject (such as alcohol, gasoline, ammonia, and many others. )

4. CZPT backwashing system, bettering operating effectiveness.

5. CZPT medium cooling method.

six. Higher high quality filtering factors, huge capability for keeping particles, anti-corrosion, good mechanical efficiency, prolonged life time.

7. Efficient electric powered heating program, heating uniformity, significantly less energy use, risk-free, and reliable.

8. Adopts interlocked protective technique, which hook up oil pump, heater and liquid degree sensor, keeping away from blank heating, blank pumping, oil leak and electric power leak. If there is any fault, machine will be energy off instantly.

CZPT Parameters

Parameters Device TYA-10 TYA -20 TYA -thirty TYA -50 TYA -100 TYA -150 TYA -two hundred TYA -three hundred
Circulation rate L/h 600 1200 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000
Vacuum diploma Mpa -.06 ~- .095
Functioning stress Mpa ≤0.four
Temperature degree °C ~a hundred
Electrical power provide   3Phase, 380V, 50Hz(or as required)
Doing work sounds dB(A) ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 ≤78 ≤78 ≤78 ≤80 ≤82
CZPTtric heating power kW 36 40 forty five 72 80 ninety one hundred twenty 135
Whole electrical power kW 38 forty two 47 75 87 one hundred and one 135 147
Inlet (outlet) caliber mm twenty five 25 twenty five 32 42 50 fifty 60
Size mm 1500x1000x 1600 1500x1050x 1600 1500x1050x1650 1600x1150x1700 1750x1150x1750 1900x1600x1950 1950x1600x1950 2100x1600x2000
Fat Kg 350 380 400 450 550 650 seven hundred 750

 Guarantee Worth

Merchandise Ensure indexes
Moisture articles ≤50 PPM
Demulsification value New oil≤15min,running oil≤30min
Impurity measurement ≤1 micron
Gasoline articles ≤0.1%

Detailed Graphic

Principal Oil Purifiers
one.ZY sequence vacuum transformer oil purifier
two.ZYA collection vacuum automated transformer oil purifier
3.ZYB series vacuum transformer oil regeneration purifier
four.ZYD series double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier
5.ZYD-I collection ouble-phase transformer oil regeneration purifier
six.ZYD-M collection trailer-mounted transformer oil purifier
seven.TY collection vacuum turbine oil purifier
eight.TYA series vacuum lubricating oil purifier
nine.TYB series coalescence-separation oil purifier
10.TYC sequence vacuum lubricating oil regeneration purifier
11.CYA sequence centrifugal oil purifier
12.TPR series waste engine oil recycling system
13.PL collection plate and body oil filter push
fourteen.JL collection moveable oil purifier
15.BZ series transformer oil regeneration system

About Us

Positioned at ZheJiang metropolis–a southwest electromechanical producing heart as nicely as nationwide municipality, ZheJiang Leading is a skilled major producer and supplier of oil purifiers and different connected testers. Our company consists of departments respectively for technological advancement, machinery manufacture, instrument manufacture and top quality handle and so on. On foundation of experienced advancement and manufacture engineering and hugely certified generation management staff, the goods have high high quality, simple procedure, excellent overall performance and long service life.

Top Oil Purifiers are common in the fields of electrical electrical power, petrifaction, mineral, shipbuilding, metal design, bridge, vehicle and railway. They perform a great position in minimizing strength intake for customers as properly as environmental air pollution. We provide you with trustworthy oil purifiers such as transformer oil purifier, turbine oil purification equipment, hydraulic oil purifier, lubricating oil filtration machine, gasoline oil restoration, oil and drinking water separator, oil regeneration tools, and squander oil recycling equipment and so on.

Prime Testers work on the advancement, production, market place, technical and right after-sale service for petrochemical analyzers, transformer substation electrical testing tools and circuit detecting equipment. Main goods are water content material testers, area/interfacial tension testers, flash stage testers, kinematic viscosity testers, oil acidity testers, insulation oil dielectric strength testers, transformer qualities testers, relay safety testers,and  high voltage screening gear and so forth.

Services Motivation
one. Prolonged-time period warranty of two a long time.
two. Provide ideal necessary spare areas at lower cost (some for free of charge).
three. Provide timely reply and technological assistance within 24 hours.
4. OEM is available for TOP CZPT.
five. Protect your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.

Safe and Timely Transportation

*Regular export wood case with high quality cushioning material ensures that the buyers get the product in good issue.
*Meticulously verify each packing element prior to supply to steer clear of any problems for the duration of the transportation.
*Appointed logistics organization could be utilized according to clients needs.
* Do our greatest to make certain customers can get their products in time.

Eco-Friendly Lube Oil Hydraulic Oil Compressor Oil Purification Machine

Supply Vickers Hydraulic Pump Pvh74qic for Construction Machine

Supply Vickers Hydraulic Pump Pvh74qic for Construction Machine


  PHV plunger pump:Large capacity, substantial performance pump. Suitable for industrial and engineering machinery applications.
  Higher quality manufacturing engineering and work characteristics, but more compact in dimension and lighter in bodyweight. The PVH Collection is specifically designed to fulfill the performance requirements of 250 bar (3625 psi) constant procedure for following-technology gear patterns. This pump is productive, dependable and has optimum adaptability of use with optional management. With a unique layout for hard apps, this pump offers earthmoving machinery, design machinery, equipment tools, versatile plastic equipment and all other vitality-mindful marketplaces in which productiveness gains and controllability advancements are just like all CZPT items. Equally, this pump passes the complete laboratory take a look at and on-site take a look at.


Business information
  Hongjun Group(HK) Co.,ltd .begin its enterprise from 2571.We perform mostly for providig hydraulic pumps and hydraulic pump components for these well-recognized manufacturers.This sort of as:CZPT,CZPT,CZPT,Parker and so on.

Our Services

one.  Delivery time:

  • We place your get into our restricted production plan, keep our client educated about creation procedure, make certain your punctual shipping time.
  • CZPT recognize/ insurance to you as shortly as your buy is delivered.

2. Following revenue services:

  • Right after acquire the items, We accept ur suggestions at very first time.
  • We could supply set up guidebook, if you have need to have, we could give you worldwide support.
  • Our Sales are 24-hours on the web for ur request

3. Expert service:

  • We value each inquiry sent to us, make certain quick competitive response.
  • We provide superior qualityand with competitve price tag.
  • We are a sales team, with all techinical assist from engineer team.

You should feel free to contact with us if you want to know more particulars!

Supply Vickers Hydraulic Pump Pvh74qic for Construction Machine

Variable Hydraulic Displacement Vane Oil Pump for Machine

Variable Hydraulic Displacement Vane Oil Pump for Machine

              Variable CZPT displacement Vane oil pump for equipment

  The company specializes in wholesale sales of numerous imported plunger pumps, vane pumps, gear pumps, hydraulic valves and a variety of imported CZPT hydraulic oil pump components, and offers different full hydraulic oil pump tests and servicing providers, and advice and advice on a variety of technical issues . The authentic accessories of each brand name make sure that the complex parameters of the hydraulic oil pump after fix entirely meet up with the technological needs of the CZPT manufacturing unit and attain the same use result as the CZPT hydraulic oil pump.

       We have been engaged in hydraulic oil pump technical services for many years. We have rich useful knowledge and exceptional skilled technology. We have been dedicated to offering expert solutions to clients for a prolonged time, and consistently update and build ourselves in expansion. The company’s strength, credit score, agreement compliance, item good quality assurance, multi-variety functioning traits and the theory of tiny revenue but fast turnover, has won the have confidence in of our buyers. The goods we offer are bought in the mainland marketplace, and we have established long-expression and steady cooperative associations with a lot of retailers and brokers.

  In variable displacement vane pumps, the pump is a unit that can transform mechanical strength into fluid power. Anson supplies high good quality variable displacement hydraulic pumps, like VPF series, PVF series, VD collection, and TPF sequence. Uncover out a lot more specification by searching the class underneath, and if you are fascinated in and need to have far more particulars about variable vane pump make sure you truly feel free to speak to us!
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Product Display

CZPT Assurance
Uncooked substance inspection(5steps)- Uncooked supplies screening is to make sure the uncooked materials conforming to the get demands.
Process tests(10steps)-Each and every processing phase screening is to guarantee each and every phase item certified.
Manufacturing facility testing(6steps)-Assure 100% solution qualified charge to fulfill customer’s specifications
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Variable Hydraulic Displacement Vane Oil Pump for Machine

Lubricant Filtering Equipment Hydraulic Oil Purifying Machine

Lubricant Filtering Equipment Hydraulic Oil Purifying Machine

CZPT filtering products hydraulic oil purifying device

JY Series Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifiers are commonly utilized for industries of energy plant, electrical power station, electricity firm, railway, petrochemical, metallurgy and transformers production and many others. It applies to purification procedure of insulating oil these kinds of as unqualified transformer oil, mutual inductor oil, circuit breaker oil, capacitor oil, cable oil and higher voltage swap oil etc to remove water, fuel and mechanical impurities and enhance flash position and dielectric power of the insulating oil. The device can be operating to take care of unqualified transformer oil on the internet with out electrical power-off and device-cease, no need to adjust oil, no filter paper and transformer on-load. It can be also utilized for vacuum oil filling and electric powered products vacuum drying as well as transformer vacuum evacuation operation.

Optional mode:

one. The customers’ request can be met by adopting PLC intelligent control, touch screen and dynamical display.

2. On line water tester is available.

three. Available in mobile option, immovable option and trailer.

four. Oil purifier can be made in hermetical, canopy-covering, open and frame style.

5. Can choose water-ring vacuum pump.


one. Distinctive large effectiveness dehydration and degassing program which adopts large location a few-dimensional flash evaporation technique to remove water and gas in the oil.

two.Precise filtration technique, higher-quality filtering elements and multi-stage filtration with gradual precision can assist to get rid of mechanical impurities from the oil effectively. While the filters are with self-inspection perform for the pollutant-containing standing.

three.The heating system adopts the most optimized pipeline style to ensure even heating and stable oil temperature.

4.Geared up with automated temperature control system, automatic liquid-level manage system, automatic defoaming handle method, automatic pressure protection system and high high quality major elements to ensure operation of the products with higher trustworthiness and excellent efficiency.

five. The machine supports on-line procedure with out supervision with indicators to present operation position.

six.With electrical handle inter-lock layout. Vacuum program, oil pump program and heating system are interlocked in control to keep away from negative effect of wrong operation.

seven. Outfitted with sign for altering filters and automatic stop gadget for overloaded filters.

eight. Equipped with emergency quit for electric leakage and power overload to protect the motor.

nine.With stage-sequence, section lose protection function and safety manage for sudden shut-down


one.How can I acquire this device?

1st, discuss all machines information with our income particular person, then talked about the value, after confirming the charges. you can select the payment phrases CZPT assurance/TT/Escrow/CZPT CZPT etc.

Then, you arrange deposit, following getting the deposit, we produce the equipment.

Very last, packing and shipping the equipment for you.

two.How do you promise that we can obtain the items requested?

We are a lawful company supervised by the authorities and also the Alibaba company as effectively as the 3rd functions, what is a lot more essential,honesty and trustworthiness are our fundamental theory. You should believe in us that we will offer you the greatest to our shopper you.

three.Can the motor perform with our neighborhood electricity offer?

When you spot the order, you could explain to us the electrical power source offered
to your country.If our CZPT motor can not work with it, we would modify
it for you, perhaps it will takes place few further expense.

4.What is your right after-sale provider?

Normally, for the simple devices, we offer the on the web instruction service,
if it is throughout the warranty interval(1 year), we offer the replaceable 
components for totally free demand, if it is our of the date, we will charge for value price tag.
for challenging equipment, we would send our engineer to mend the equipment, and fees should be undertook by the buyer.


Lubricant Filtering Equipment Hydraulic Oil Purifying Machine