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KCB 2cy Cast Iron or Stainless Steel External Gear Oil Pump

KCB 2cy Cast Iron or Stainless Steel External Gear Oil Pump

KCB equipment pump is ideal for various oils&comma these kinds of as gas&comma diesel&comma and lubricant oil&period The copper teeth can be utilized to transfer lower-frozen liquids this sort of as gasoline&period of time The media temperature shall not exceed 80ºC&comma if you need a pump resistant from substantial warmth&comma you can order for the supplies resistant from large heat for the pump&interval The function temperature of the pump resistant towards substantial heat shall not exceed 300ºC&comma vicinity 5×10-5~1&period5×10-3m2&sols&period of time 2CY equipment lubricant pump is primarily utilized for lubricant oil offer in the lubrication unit in a variety of machineries&comma the stainless metal equipment pump can transfer edible oil&comma drinks&interval The pump has compact composition&comma straightforward to use and maintain&comma appropriate for petroleum&comma seaport&comma shipping and delivery&comma factories&comma agriculture&comma mines&interval
CZPT parameters&colon
movement selection&colon eighteen&period3L&solmin~960 L&solmin
head selection&colon 30m~145m
Motor power&colon one&period5kw~30kw

KCB&sol2CY Solid Iron or CZPT Steel Exterior Gear Oil Pump Application

KCB Equipment Oil Pump applies to transfer non-corrosive lubricating-oil or equal liquid with no sound particle and fibre at temperature under 300oC and with the viscosity of 5× ten-6~one&period5× 10-3m2&solS&lpar5-1500cSt&rpar&comma this sort of as diesel oil&comma crude oil&comma motor oil&comma hydraulic oil and many others&period 

If it is coupled with copper equipment and ex-evidence motor&comma it is ideal for gasoline&comma benzene transfer&time period It also suit for consume&comma milk&comma honey&comma vegetable oil transfer if coupled with stainless steel material&period 

This pump is coupled with strain aid valve&interval There are forged iron&comma aluminum alloy and stainless steel pump physique for choice&period The seal can be oil seal&comma packing seal or mechanical seal at customer’s demand&period 

KCB&sol2CY Cast Iron or CZPT Metal Exterior Equipment Oil Pump features&colon
1&period of time Wise and influence composition&comma hassle-free operation and maintainance&period 
two&time period Consist of gear&comma shaft&comma pump entire body&comma bypass valve and seal&period 
3&period of time For high viscosity lubricant liquid transfer&comma minimal pressure&comma huge output&comma up to1200L&solmin&bsol
four&period Very good self-priming ability&comma so it is not essential to pour lubricant oil just before pump performs&period 
5&time period CZPTtric motor or diesel engine pushed&period 
6&period Bypass valve is created in to shield pump when pump functions beneath higher stress&period 
seven&period of time Carry out as transfer pump or booster pump in oil delivery method&interval Utilized as gas pump&comma lubricating pump as properly&period 
8&time period Relevant in oil reserviors&comma pipe transfer&comma ships&comma mining sites&comma factories and farms&period 

CZPT parameters&colon

Sort Diameter
Stream Outlet strain &lparMPa&rpar Suction
Motor power &lparKW&rpar
&lparm3&solh&rpar &lparL&solmin&rpar
KCB18&period3 2CY-1&period1&sol14&period5-two three&sol4 1&period1 18&period3 one&period45 5 one&period5
KCB33&period3 2CY-2&sol14&period5-2 three&sol4 2 33&period3 1&period45 5 two&period2
KCB55 2CY-three&period3&sol3&period3-2 1 three&period3 55 &period33 five one&period5
KCB55 2CY-three&period3&sol5-two one 3&period3 55 &period5 5 two&period2
KCB83&period3 2CY-5&sol3&period3-2 one&sol2 five eighty three&period3 &period33 five 2&period2
KCB83&period3 2CY-five&sol5-two one&sol2 five eighty three&period3 &period5 five three
KCB200 2CY-eight&sol3&period3-2 two 8 133 &period33 5 four
KCB200 2CY-12&sol1&period3-2 two twelve two hundred &period13 five four
KCB200 2CY-twelve&sol3&period3-2 two 12 two hundred &period33 5 5&period5
KCB200 2CY-12&sol6-2 2 twelve 200 &period6 five five&period5
KCB200 2CY-12&sol10-2 2&sol2 twelve 200 one 5 seven&period5
KCB300 2CY-18&sol3&period6-two three eighteen 300 &period36 five 5&period5
KCB300 2CY-18&sol3&period6-2 3 eighteen three hundred &period36 five 7&period5
KCB483&period3 2CY-29&sol3&period6-two three 29 483&period3 &period36 five 7&period5
KCB483&period3 2CY-29&sol10-2 3 29 483&period3 one 5 eleven
KCB633 2CY-38&sol2&period8-two 4 38 633 &period28 5 11
KCB633 2CY-38&sol8-two four 38 633 &period8 5 22
KCB960 2CY-sixty&sol3-2 four 60 960 &period3 five eighteen&period5
KCB960 2CY-sixty&sol6-two four 60 960 &period6 five 30
2CY-one hundred twenty&sol3-2
6 one hundred twenty 2000 &period3 5 thirty
KCB2500 2CY-a hundred and fifty&sol3-two six one hundred fifty 2500 &period3 5 37

KCB 2cy Cast Iron or Stainless Steel External Gear Oil Pump

SUS316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Honey Lobe Pump Gear Oil Pump

SUS316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Honey Lobe Pump Gear Oil Pump

SUS316L sanitary stainless metal honey lobe pump gear oil pump

 SUS304 sanitary stainless metal honey equipment pump chocolate pump is suited for transporting substantial viscosity, ensity and any medium made up of particle.Large force of out let makes certain the lengthy length and high resisitance transportation with steady capacity employed broadly in health ,food ,chemical, industial regions .

Content SS304 or SS316L
Ability -100T (CZPT)
Force -8bar
Viscosity one-1000000pas
Rotors sort butterfly rotors/Trefoil rotor
Temperature -200 celsius diploma
Reduction valve NO -3bar
Mechnical seal sort Sinlge mechanical seal Double flushed mechanical seal
Connection sort Clamp CZPT Flange
Inlet outlet route Left and right or Up and down
Jacket No hotwater
Motor variety Standard Planetary  inverter 
Velocity -1000RPM

1. Rotor pump is suitable for transporting higher viscosity, ensity and any medium made up of particle. two. The rotational velocity is reduced, usually preserve currently present good quality not modifying , any physics and chemistry houses won’t be changed. 3. CZPT Metal Lobe Pump can be also called colloidal pump. All liquid flowing elements are made of stainless metal. It can transmit substantial viscosity, thickness and with particle medium. 4. Substantial pressure of out permit helps make sure the long distance and substantial resisitance transportation with stable capability utilised extensively in foodstuff ,chemical, industial areas . 5. Suited temperature: -thirty °C to two hundred °C

CZPT Parameters 
Model Ability/For every centum rotate (L) Speed(RPM) Movement(L/H) Energy(KW)
RAY-3R 3L one hundred-500 300-800 .55
RAY-6R 6L one hundred-500 650-1600 .75
RAY-8R 8L a hundred-five hundred 850-2160 one.five
RAY-12R 12L one hundred-five hundred 1300-3200 2.two
RAY-20R 20L 100-five hundred 2100-5400 three
RAY-30R 30L one hundred-500 3200-6400 four
RAY-36R 36L 100-500 3800-7600 four
RAY-52R 52L 100-five hundred 5600-11000 5.five
RAY-66R 66L 100-500 7100-14000 seven.five
RAY-78R 78L a hundred-500 9000-18000 seven.5
RAY-100R 100L one hundred-500 11000-22000 eleven
RAY-135R 135L one hundred-500 15000-30000 fifteen
RAY-160R 160L a hundred-five hundred 17000-34000 18.5
RAY-200R 200L 100-500 21600-43000 22
We can customise the gear according to buyer requirements.

one.CZPT cap   2.Pump protect   3.Seal ring   4.Cap   5.Seal ring   6.Rotor   seven.Pump cavity   eight.CZPT seal (stationary ring)   9.CZPT seal(relocating ring)   ten.Seal ring   eleven.Bearing sleeve   twelve.Bearing include   thirteen.Seal gasket   14.CZPT oil seal   fifteen.Bearing seat   16.Seal gasket   seventeen.Bearing   eighteen.Higher shaft   19.Reduced shaft   twenty.Helicalgear   21.Stop washer   22.Cap   23.CZPT   24.Pump physique   twenty five.Bearing  26.CZPT oil seal   27.Seal gasket    28.Bearing go over    29.Pin
CZPT Rotary Lobe pump A lot more Photographs

one. Q: Are you company or investing organization?

A: CZPT is a professional company.

two.Q: How could we validate the details of the goods?

A: CZPT will supply the detail drawings for you to verify.

3.Q: How prolonged the warranty will be?

A: 1 12 months guarantee.

4.Q: Do you consider L/C?

A: Of course, we accept CZPT CZPT, T/T and irrevocable L/C payable

five.Q: Can  we  grow to be  your distributor in our nation?

A: Sure, we extremely welcome you! Much more information will be reviewed if you are intrigued in being our agent.


SUS316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Honey Lobe Pump Gear Oil Pump