Stainless Steel Food Sludge Filtration Machinery of The Plate-Frame Filter Press

Stainless Steel Food Sludge Filtration Machinery of The Plate-Frame Filter Press

CZPT steel foods sludge filtration equipment of the plate-frame filter push

This type of filter press machine is mainly consist of  frame,filter plate ,hydraulic urgent technique and electric management cabinet .Which has the advantage of  hydraulic force, automatic preserve stress,doing work stable ,compact structue,simple to use ,PP type durable use filter plate ,range types of designs ,large ability ,energy and labor conserving and so on.

The fitler push is broadly utilised in mining ,metallurgy,petroleum,chemical ,environmental safety,electroplating ,foods ,pharmacy,oil,biological,beverage,textiles,printing and dreing,papermaking,inorganic salt,coal washing ,sewage therapy,ceramics,leather-based this kind of industries

Quick introduction of th stainless steel filter press


This sort of filtration separator,the rack is created of  carbon metal with stainless metal wraped exterior,and the filter plae and frame is manufactured of SUS 304.It is appropriate for assortment suspension’s sound-liquid separation.Extensively employed in meals,environment safety,light-weight market,medicine,chemical industry,metallurgy ,oil and other industries.

It is specifically appropriate for massive portions of beer ,liquid,wine,cooking oil and other liquid beverage good filter or sterlization filter.


Main features of  the stainless metal filter push


Among the filter body and filter plate is sealed by cardboard or other filter content.It is a type of stainless metal substantial filtration fineness filter ,which filter spot of two squaree meter or much more(also recognized as stainless steel board filter), the adhering to configuration for placement of a fastened horizontal cardboard rod, and it is simple to put in straightforward to established filter substance.It can get to sterilization result with precision sterilization cardboard to process assortment of wine. 


Procedure theory of the stainless metal filter press


Suspension is pumped into the filter device with each and every closed filter chamber, below pressure, the filtrate by way of the filter layer and filter cloth, filter cloth by the fluid discharge port, the residues ended up held in the filter box to attain the solid-liquid separation goal.


CZPT parameters of the stainless steel filter press







CZPT cake





CZPT plate







Bodyweight Size
(m2) (mm) (mm) (L) (pcs) (pcs) (Mpa) (kg) (mm)
BAQ1/320 1 320×320 twenty five 13 four 5 1 300 1050×700×680
BAQ2/320 two twenty five 9 10 440 1405×700×680
BAQ3/320 3 38 14 15 600 1650×700×680
BAQ4/450 4 450×450 fifty one 9 ten .8 780 1680×880×900
BAQ6/450 six seventy six 14 fifteen 995 1980×880×900
BAQ8/450 8 102 19 19 1250 2180×880×900
BAQ10/450 ten 122 24 twenty five 1470 2430×880×900
BAQ12/450 12 152 29 30 1700 2680×880×900
BAQ16/450 16 203 39 forty 2170 3180×880×900
BAY4/450 4 51 9 10 850 2030×880×900
BAY6/450 6 76 fourteen 15 1070 2280×880×900
BAY8/450 eight 102 19 twenty 1950 2530×880×900
BAY10/450 10 122 24 twenty five 2170 2780×880×900
BAY12/450 twelve 152 29 thirty 2400 3030×880×900
BAY16/450 sixteen 203 39 40 2870 3530×880×900
BAQ10/610 ten 550×550 122 15 16 .six 2030 2180×950×1571
BAQ12/610 12 152 19 twenty 2290 2380×950×1571
BAQ15/610 15 189 24 twenty five 2610 2630×950×1571
BAQ20/610 20 250 32 33 3120 3030×950×1571
BAY10/610 ten 122 fifteen sixteen 2730 2230×950×1571
BAY12/610 twelve 152 19 20 2990 2430×950×1571
BAY15/610 fifteen 189 24 24 3310 2680×950×1571
BAY20/610 twenty 250 32 33 3820 3080×950×1571
BAQ15/630 fifteen 630×630 189 eighteen 19 2620 2325×950×1571
BAQ20/610 twenty 250 24 25 3100 2630×950×1571
BAQ30/610 thirty 377 37 38 4130 3280×950×1571
BAY15/610 15 189 18 19 2870 2630×950×1571
BAY20/610 twenty 250 24 25 3950 2930×950×1571
BAY30/610 thirty 377 37 38 4980 3580×950×1571
BAY30/800 thirty 800×800 442 22 23 5710 3150×1300×1300
BAY40/800 40 595 thirty 31 7126 3630×1300×1300
BAY50/800 fifty 748 38 39 8543 4110×1300×1300

CZPT steel filter press utilized for individual oil and wax, some specifics as underneath from our clients:

1. ability (per hour) for oil and wax remedy

  ten ton for every hour 


two. what is the temperature when separation, and what is the temperature wax can be reliable.


Temperature is -160c, cooling to place temperature , temperature of wax 70c

3. what variety of oil do you individual (materail)


  hemp oil

4.When static, oil and wax, tips can stratify? I  mean first layer wax, CZPT layer oil, maybe very first layer oil, CZPT layer wax, i dont know. Can they separate when static?

In accordance to what I see I will not see separation by eyes only when we design and style Centerifuge then will occur all I care about is to independent the oil from wax fats and tips .

Functioning theory the stainless steel filter press :


When the filter push is suitable set up, you can push the energy button ,and the urgent process is start as the device is routinely controled :

The cylinder piston of hydraulic device drives the push plate to press the filter plate and filter fabric between thrust plate and tail plate.CZPT chamber are shaped in between pressed filter plates and resources get into the filter chamber through the inlet of tail plate with the help of feeding pump. 

Sound particles are remainned in filter chambers forming into cakes ,even though liquid is discharged out of the equipment by means of push cake and filter fabric.

To clean the push cakes,washing h2o can  be introduced by means of the washing inlet of the tail plate.

Operation process includes the following

1. The hydraulic unit drive the head plate to press the middle plates and filter cloth between head  plate and tail plate. And chambers form between every two plates.

2. The pump will deliver the mud into the chambers. Solids retainled in the chamber to be cake,  and liquid flow out. Until the cakes is full. Then pump stops.

3. With about 10 minutes pressure holding. When you see there is no liquid flow it, the squeezing  process finishs.

4. The plate shifter device will help to pull the plates one by one, and cake will discharge automatically.

Our company and items

Our goods has handed ISO9001 CZPT CZPT Administration Program Certification and is exported to CZPTica, Canada, Chile, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.via, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, CZPTia, Sweden, Finland, and so forth. about much more than fifty nations around the world and spot. We have won very good reputation relies upon on our very best qualified products and following-income service. Warmly welcome new and outdated close friends all over the planet to appear our business for great cooperation with every other!


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Stainless Steel Food Sludge Filtration Machinery of The Plate-Frame Filter Press