SS304 SS316L Hygienic Stainless Steel High Viscosity Gear Lobe Rotor Pump

SS304 SS316L Hygienic Stainless Steel High Viscosity Gear Lobe Rotor Pump

 SS304 Ss316L Hygienic CZPT Steel Substantial Viscosity Gear  Lobe Rotor Pump

CZPT Steel Rotary Lobe Pump
Hygienic Rotary Lobe Pump

Foods CZPT:Yogurt,Clean Butter,Ice Cream,Cheese,Whey,Beer,Wort,Yeast,Comfortable Drink,Fruit Jelly, Fruit Consume,Ketchup,Fruit Puree,Vegetable Mash,Pudding,Fruit Jam,Jelly, Taste,Fruit Stuffing,Sweet, Yeast,Seasoning,Bread,Meat Gruel,Comminuted Meat,Meat Oil,Edible Oil,Sweet,Syrup,
Skinny Cream Dressing,Chocolate,Etc.

CZPT CZPTs:Cleansing Facial Milk,Hair Gel,Hair Dyes,Essence Oil,Toothpaste,Detergent, Shampoo,Shoe Polish,CZPTs,Perf-umery Compound,Soap,Balsam,And many others.

Pharmacy:Different Pill,Paste,Emulsifier,Syrup,Nourishment Liquid,Chinese Standard Patent Medication, Medicine Grease,Biological CZPT,Fish Food,Pollen,CZPT Jelly,Vaccine.
CZPT CZPT: Fat,Dissolvent,Resin,CZPTmer,Paint,Pigment,Dyes,Coating Substance,CZPT, Lubricating Grease,Oil Agent,Emulsified Asphalt,Adhesive,CZPT,Explosives,Glass Fiber Strengthened CZPTs,CZPT,And many others.

CZPT CZPT:Numerous Coating,Such as Indoor/outdorr Wall Coating,Corrosi on And H2o Proof Coating,Ceramic Coating,Paint Coating,Ceramic Glazing,And so forth.
Other CZPT: CZPT CZPT,Textile CZPT,Papermaking CZPT,Coal Floatation Agent, Nanometer Material,Biochemical CZPT

Operation Basic principle:
Rotor pump is also named rotary lobe epump,a few-lobe pump,sole pump,and many others.When the 2 simultaneous reverse rotating rotors(with two-four gears)revolve,
it creates suction pressure at the inlet(vacuum),which intakes the material shipped.The 2 rotors divide the rotor housing into numerous more compact parts and revo-Ive in the sequence of a→b→c→d.When it revolves to placement a,only housing I is loaded with mediumwhen it revolves to position b,housing B encloses element of the medium,when it goes to position c,housing A encloses medium,and ultimately it goes to place d,then housing A,B and II are interlinked and the medium is transported to the outlet.As this process is repeated,medium(materials)is transpor-ted continuously.

Primary Parameter

Product Circulation per one hundred Rotation(L) Recommendation Rotation Pace(RMP) Ability(L/H) Power(KW)
ZB3A-three three 200-five hundred 300-800 .fifty five
ZB3A-six 6 200-500 650-1600 .75
ZB3A-eight 8 200-500 850-2160 1.five
ZB3A-twelve twelve two hundred-five hundred 1300-3200 two.2
ZB3A-twenty twenty 200-500 2100-5400 3.
ZB3A-30 thirty 200-400 3200-6400 4
ZB3A-36 36 two hundred-four hundred 3800-7600 four
ZB3A-52 fifty two 200-400 5600-11000 5.5
ZB3A-66 sixty six two hundred-four hundred 7100-14000 7.five
ZB3A-seventy eight 78 200-four hundred 9000-18000 7.5
ZB3A-100 a hundred 200-four hundred 10000-22000 eleven
ZB3A-one hundred thirty five a hundred thirty five two hundred-four hundred 15000-30000 15
ZB3A-one hundred sixty 160 two hundred-400 17000-34000 18.5
ZB3A-200 200 200-four hundred 21600-43000 22

Real Pictures&CZPT for CZPT Steel Hygienic Rotary Lobe Pump
Port:ZheJiang Port or HangZhou Port,China
CZPT capacity:1,000 Sets/thirty day period
Payment phrases:T/T,CZPT CZPT, Paypal, L/C
CZPT:in seaworthy wooden cased
Supply time:Relies upon on amount
CZPT mode:By sea,by air,by express

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We specialize in sanitary valves,pipe fittings and pumps,which is utilized for  milk,food,beer,pharmaceutical and other fields.
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one.CZPT valve
CZPT Butterfly Valves
CZPT Check Valves
CZPT Ball Valvess
CZPT Reversal Valve
CZPT Diaphragm Valves

CZPT Sample Valves
CZPT Security Valves
CZPT Handle Valves
CZPT Relief Force Valves
two. CZPT Pipe Fittings
CZPT Elbow
CZPT TeeCZPT Reducer
CZPT Cross
CZPT Triclamp Ferrule
CZPT Pipe Hanger
CZPT Tank Cleansing Ball
CZPT Hose Joint
CZPT Sight Glass
CZPT Strainer
3. CZPT Manways
CZPT Round Manway without having Force
CZPT Spherical Manway with Stress
CZPT Sq. Manway
CZPT Oval Manway
four. CZPT Pumps
CZPT Centrifugal PumpCZPT Lobe Pump
CZPT Self Priming Pump
five.CZPT Tanks
Storage Tank
Fermentation Tank
Mixing Tank
Heat-maintaining Tank
six.CZPT Tube 
Seamless Tube 
Weldless Tube
7.CZPT Gasket
Silicone/EPDM Gasket for Triclamp
Silicone/EPDM Gasket for CZPT
Silicone/EPDM Gasket for Butterfly Valve
Silicone/EPDM Gasket for Manhole Go over

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SS304 SS316L Hygienic Stainless Steel High Viscosity Gear Lobe Rotor Pump