Plastic Rigid Net Geonet Machine Under Road

Plastic Rigid Net Geonet Machine Under Road

1. CZPT feeder                                      1 set
Feeding method                                        by vacuum
Hopper material                                         stainless metal
Feeding height                                          ≤5m
Feeding capacity                                       100kg/h/established
2. Single screw extruder                               one set    
CZPT dia.                                                 Φ75mm
L/D ratio                                                    28:one
Rotary speed                                             -75rpm
Main motor power                                     45KW
Frequency speed adjustment                     transducer motor
Heating power                                           approx. 30KW
Extrusion capacity                                     eighty-200kg/h
Heaters                                                      five zones forged aluminum heaters
CZPT & Barrel material                            38CrMoAIA, Nitrided
Nitrided depth                                          .four-.7mm
Nitrided rigidity                                        HV720-940

Methodl                                                            D-TGW75

1> Extruder                                                       1 sets

Raw material                                                 PP/PE-Hd

Hopper                                                          five hundred liters desiccant drying hopper,

removing the drinking water in uncooked resources and additives

Dia. of screw                                                 Φ75mm
L/D                                                               thirty:one

CZPT material                                                   38CrMoAlA high grad alloy metal processed surface area by nitriding

Barrel material                                                   38CrMoAlA higher grad alloy metal processed area by nitriding

Driving method                                              Frequency converter pace regulation

Driving power                                               45KW

Pace-change type                                          horizontal deceleration box unique for plastic machinery

Heating method                                              heating ring of stainless steel

Heating method                                              heating ring of stainless steel

Heating power                                                approx. ninety KW

2> Rotary die head and mould                            1 established

Material                                                         dedicated mould metal

Mesh forming method                                     Rotary forming with the patent

CZPT                                                           one established

Item width                                                 2m

Item thickness                                            3mm

Rotation type                                                  various directions rotary variety

Heating method                                              heating ring of stainless steel

Heating power                                                approx 15KW

Driving method                                              frequency management of velocity modifying

Driving power                                                7.5KW

Movement method                                              Gear push

CZPT                                                            one set

3> CZPT transporting system                      1 established

Driving motor                                                7.5KW

Oil pump                                                       Continual-stress variable pump

Content of oil-tank                                         CZPT metal

CZPT blocking protector                                  one set

CZPT accessories                                      1 set

Accumulator                                                  one set

Mesh molding control valve                            Substantial reaction servo valve,1set

Driving oil cylinder                                        Reduced friction resistance hydraulic cylinder

4> CZPT and calibrating system                      1 set

Calibrating method                                         Calibrator

CZPT method                                             By h2o

5> Cutting system                                              one established

Cutting method                                              Blade cutting in drinking water tank

Flatting method                                              Flatting shelf and Curved roll flattening

6> Geonet winding system                                1 established

Driving power                                               2.2KW

Winding torque                                             forty Nm – 5Nm adjustable

Metering mode                                              Digital meter handle

Measurement alarm                                       Seem and light-weight alarm

Efficient width                                             2000mm

Winding shaft                                                Φ35 CZPT reel

Plastic Rigid Net Geonet Machine Under Road