Multi Function Cassava Production Machine for Starch Flour Garri

Multi Function Cassava Production Machine for Starch Flour Garri

Multi Function Cassava Creation CZPT for CZPTch/Flour/Garri

Product Description:

Cassava starch device adopts mature technologies, superior gear, scientic and rational process a whole cassava starch processing line including washing and peeling–crushing–filer–concentrating and refining–dewater–drying–sieving–packing, these equipment are autoamtic operating, the entire line just wants 4-5workers, and all equipment speak to portion is stainless metal, which can meet the quality of meals producton.

Cassava starch device Introduction:

one. Cassava express, washing and peeling segment

The freshroots transported by the conveyor into the feeder of the cleaning machine, then cleansing and peeling  machine will take away the dust and other international issues totally, and then the cleaning cassava in a temporary storage hopper into the subsequent procedurethe grinding and rasping section routinely.


two. Rasping&grinding segment( hammer crusher)

The grinding is the most essential element of cassava starch extraction. Sida hasmmer sequence crusher is a good crushing device for cassava/potato roots, two measures crushing processdure are inclueded to make confident the substantial starch extraction.


three. CZPTing segment(Desanding cyclone, filter)

Rasping cassava slurry is pumped via the fiber pump into the desanding cyclone.When the slurry enters desanding cyclone, the light-weight phase of starch will come out of the top as overflow, and the large phase like sands will be discharged from the bottom, then cassava slurry will go into filter.


4. CZPTch concentration and refine section( starch hydro cyclone)

CZPTch hydro cyclone is another crucial unit which influences the cassava starch yields and quality. The cassava slurry enters the very first stage centrifugal sieve from desanding cyclone,the slurry is separated into starch slurry and cassava residue beneath the centrifugal pressure. CZPTch slurry is pumped by means of the de-foaming pump to the hydro-cyclone station for washing starch, and the cassava residue is sent to CZPT and third quality centrifugal sieves by means of fiber pump for starch recovery.thefresh drinking water enters the hydro-cyclone from the other conclude which washes starch. The overflow enters two grade recovery station torecycle starch, the bottom circulation is washed,by means of other grade washing cyclone to make certain that the starch slurry does not incorporate impurities and closing starch will be in accordance with national CZPT


five. CZPTch dewatering part( Vacuum Dehydrator and Overflow Air Flash Drying Program) 

The starch out of the cyclone station has 45% dampness so it need to be dewatered and dried. The starch slurry enters vacuum dewatering filter tank from the starch milk buffer tank. Beneath the vacuum fashioned by the vacuum pump, the starch slurry is sucked to the drum floor, then filtrate goes by means of filter mesh and enters the filtrate separating tank. The starch cake remains on mesh area and is scraped off by a scraper and transported by the conveyor belt into the air dryer. Then weighing and packing.


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Multi Function Cassava Production Machine for Starch Flour Garri