Huanggong Machinery Dirty Oil Pump Three Screw Type for Ship

Huanggong Machinery Dirty Oil Pump Three Screw Type for Ship

Technical specs FOR SN SERlES A few SCREW PUMP
SN SERlES Three SCREW PUMP Ability l&solmin Max&colon 5000
Stress&solHead bar Max&colon 40
Viscosity cst &period5-760
Pace rpm 750-1500
Temperature OC -20-one hundred twenty
Mounting Horizontal
Seal Mechenical Seal

1&period of time Software

Three CZPT Pumps of SN sequence and 3G series are utilized to transferring lubricant&comma no solid contained and non-corrosive mineral oil&comma animal oil&comma vegetable oil and other lubricant liquid mediums&comma such as lube oil and fuel oil&period of time Preferable viscosity of medium&colon three ~ 760 c&period S&period T Doing work temperature ought to be lower than two hundred centigrade&period of time

two&period Fundamental Principle

The a few screw pump is a type of good displacement pump &lparPDP&rpar and it is composed of 3 meshed screw axis and the pump human body which is made up of them&time period All of they form the sealing line which isolates the suction cavity and discharge cavity and also these two divided sealing cavities&time period When the screw axis turns&comma the sealing line will periodically make axial motion from suction cavity to discharge cavity&comma which continually drive the medium liquid from suction chamber into discharge cavity&period of time

3&time period Performance Functions

A&time period Secure operating&comma low sounds&comma without having agitation of medium&comma little pulsation in excess of flux and strain&time period
B&interval High self-priming&comma no need of base valve or oil-pouring prior to commence-up
C&period of time Lengthy existence&interval
D&period of time Equipped with protection valves to make certain operating safely and securely&period

4&period of time Structure

A few CZPT Pump is composed of pump human body&comma pump liner&comma pump include&comma driver screw axis&comma two pushed screw axis&comma mechanical seal and other add-ons&time period Security valve is composed of valve human body&comma seat&comma protection valve trim&comma spring and adjustment screw spindle &lparleft hand turning&rpar&comma it will be mounted on the prime of the pump entire body&period of time

Huanggong Machinery Dirty Oil Pump Three Screw Type for Ship