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CMK1 series gear motor

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CMK1 series gear motor

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CMK1 series gear motor

The CMK1 series gear motor is one of our company's leading products. It uses a high-strength aluminum alloy shell, a floating axial compensation structure, and a DU bearing structure with high load-bearing capacity.The pressure is 16MPa, the displacement is 4-25ml/r, and the speed range is 600-3000r/min.It has the characteristics of multiple displacement specifications, simple structure, small size, light weight and reliable operation.The shaft extension has four types of connections: flat key, rectangular spline, involute spline, and taper shaft thread. The CMK1 series motor can rotate in one direction or two directions. It can also be equipped with a safety valve when rotating in one direction. It can be widely used in construction machinery, mining machinery, lifting and transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, etc., as well as small and medium-sized hydraulic systems.






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