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CBK1 series high pressure gear pump

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CBK1 series high pressure gear pump

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● CBK1 series high voltageGear pump

CBK1 series high pressure gear pump adopts floating axial compensation structure, DU bearing with high load capacity, and high-strength aluminum alloy shell structure.The pressure can be as high as 25MPa, the speed range is 600~3000r/min, and the displacement is 4~25ml/r.The pump has the characteristics of high pressure, wide speed range, multiple displacement specifications, small size, light weight, reliable work, and convenient maintenance.The shaft extension has five types of connections: flat key, rectangular spline, involute spline, DP spline, and tapered shaft thread. The oil port is flange connection. CBK1 gear pump can also be composed of single pump and double pump. Triple and quadruple pumps, and can be equipped with safety valves, for the host to choose at will.As a power source, it is widely used in construction machinery, lifting and transportation machinery and mining machinery, and is suitable for a variety of medium and small hydraulic system pumping stations.









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