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  • Changjiang Hydraulic participated in the XNUMXth West Expo

    From September 9th to 20th, the 24th Western International Expo 2018 was held in Chengdu.For the first time, the West China Expo adopted the "one city double exhibition" model, that is, the West China International Expo City International Exhibition Center and Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center were opened for display at the same time, with a total exhibition area of ​​more than 17 square meters.The country of honor at this exhibition is Italy, with 26 foreign countries
    Release time: 2018-10-08 Clicks: 148

  • Technical analysis of gear pump and plunger pump in mechanical engineering

    In the hydraulic system of mechanical engineering, a certain power system is needed to transmit liquid to realize the normal operation of the machine.Commonly used power systems mainly include gear pumps and plunger pumps.This article mainly focuses on the comparative analysis of gear pump and plunger pump technology in mechanical engineering, and points out the technical methods to improve the performance of mechanical equipment.Firstly, the gear pumps are summarized separately
    Release time: 2018-10-08 Clicks: 331

  • How should the multi-way valve of a compressed garbage truck be repaired?

    The common fault of multi-way valve is operation failure. The straightforward point is that the hydraulic cylinder of the vehicle and the movement organization of the multi-way valve control handle do not move correspondingly. The other is that the movements are very small and the movements of the systems are very slow.Because the internal components of the hydraulic multi-way valve are very fine, the spool that controls the action of the compact waste truck is very fine, and its fineness is the same as our common needle tip thickness.
    Release time: 2018-10-08 Clicks: 209

  • The requirements for hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system must be understood

    Hydraulic oil, as the name suggests, is an indispensable transmission medium in the operation of hydraulic systems. In general enterprises, it is indispensable to have hydraulic oil with the following requirements as the transmission medium of the hydraulic system.Let's take a look with the editor of Changjiang Hydraulics!The specific requirements are as follows: 1. Not easy to oxidize.Reduce and avoid the formation of oxides when the temperature rises, add
    Release time: 2018-09-29 Clicks: 192

  • Hydraulic gear pump fault repair, bring you up knowledge

    With the increase of use time, the gear pump in the hydraulic system will have failures such as insufficient or even non-pumping oil. The main reason is that the relevant parts are excessively worn.The wear parts of the gear pump mainly include the driving shaft and bushing, the center hole of the driven gear and the shaft pin, the inner cavity of the pump casing and the gear, the end face of the gear and the pump cover, etc.When the main technical indicators of the lubricating oil pump fail to meet the requirements after wear, it should be
    Release time: 2018-09-29 Clicks: 197