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  • Learn the history of the party to honor the heroic martyrs and keep the original heart. The Party and Mass Work Department organizes the theme party day activities

    In order to further deepen the party history learning and education activities, on April 4, all party members of the Party and Mass Work Department went to the Luzhou Martyrs Cemetery to carry out the theme party day activities of "Learning Party History, Worshiping the Heroes, and Keeping the Heart of the Original". Some employees of the Party and Mass Work Department were also invited Participated in this event.Entering the park, the comrades lined up neatly, presented flower baskets and paid tribute to the monument with reverence, and expressed their respect to the martyrs.
    Release time: 2021-04-07 Clicks: 28

  • Learn from the history of the party and follow the party with the company’s party committee celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China? Series of activities kicked off

    2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. According to the relevant requirements of the higher-level party committees, the Party Committee of Changye Company will organize a series of activities to celebrate the 2021th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in accordance with the arrangements of the 1553 party building theme activities in 100, so that all party members will receive Deeper education.The company’s party committee series of celebration activities include:
    Release time: 2021-04-07 Clicks: 26

  • In the Mood for Love and Beautiful Life | The company's labor union launches floral activities to celebrate March XNUMXth

    On March 3, a flower art event organized by the company's labor union was held in the party building room on the first floor. More than 8 female workers had a wonderful date with flowers.The scene of the event was full of laughter and flowers.The florist gave an explanation from the aspects of pruning, flower selection and styling design, emphasizing the operation skills and precautions of flower arrangement.Under the guidance of the florist, the female workers were full of interest while listening
    Release time: 2021-03-08 Clicks: 32

  • Press the "accelerator key" for epidemic prevention and production

      Since February 2, Changye has insisted on scientific prevention and control on the one hand, safe and orderly resumption of production on the other hand, compacting responsibilities at all levels, optimizing service guarantees, and promoting the resumption of work and production in a classified, orderly and steadily manner. Until March On the 17nd, the company fully resumed work and production, initially realizing the overall stable and orderly situation of epidemic prevention and control and economic development.The company is doing a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic in accordance with its own reality
    Release time: 2020-03-10 Clicks: 86

  • Party members actively donate love and actively donate to fight the epidemic

      At present, the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has reached the most critical stage.In order to win the fight against the epidemic, the company’s party committee called on the majority of party members to fully promote the traditional virtues and dedication of “one party is in trouble, eight parties support”, and carry forward the pioneering and exemplary role of party members’ leadership and party members in the front, and organize well Voluntary donation activities to fight the epidemic to support epidemic prevention with practical actions
    Release time: 2020-03-10 Clicks: 87

  • Company employees watch the film "Environmental Protection Director"

      In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and consciousness of enterprises to do a good job in ecological and environmental protection, and improve the awareness of ecological and environmental protection.Recently, Luzhou City’s Eco-Environmental Bureau organized nearly 23 people in charge of 180 municipal-owned enterprises and units to watch the environmental protection film "Environmental Protection Director" in the marketing building of Guojiao Plaza.
    Release time: 2019-12-26 Clicks: 111

  • The Party Committee of Changye Company deepens the theme activity of "1553 Party Building Project"

    2019 is a key year for Changjiang Hydraulics to turn losses and get out of trouble. In order to further strengthen party building, stimulate the enthusiasm of party members in production and work, and promote the completion of the company's production and operation goals in 2019, the company's party committee decided to study and decide in 2019. The party members continued to deepen the "1553 Party Building Project" theme activities.Take the party's nineteen
    Release time: 2019-03-15 Clicks: 319

  • The company's trade union won the first prize of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions' work goal assessment

    Recently, the Luzhou City Federation of Trade Unions made a report on the assessment of the work goal of the union in 2018.Among the more than 2018 grassroots trade union organizations in the city, the Changye Company's trade union won the first prize in the work objective assessment. In XNUMX, in accordance with the requirements of superior unions, the company’s trade unions thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the XNUMXth National Congress of the
    Release time: 2019-03-15 Clicks: 254

  • Healthy life and happy work company union holds safety and health knowledge lectures

    In order to improve the health awareness of the company's employees, guide them to establish a healthy lifestyle, and enhance their self-care awareness, on March 3, the company's labor union held a safety and health knowledge lecture in the party building activity room, and invited lecturers from China Safety and Health Education Network. Give special lectures, and more than 8 employees from the company's production branches and departments listened to the lectures.Lectures are taught on the spot
    Release time: 2019-03-08 Clicks: 95

  • The company’s party committee visited the co-construction village on the eve of the Spring Festival to condolences to the party members

    As the Spring Festival is approaching, Miao Yanmei, director of the company’s Party and Mass Work Department, and Liu Siquan, member of the party branch of the electroplating heat treatment company and assistant manager Liu Siquan, on behalf of the company’s party committee and the party branch of the electric heating company, once again came to the Party Construction Co-construction Village, Dawen Village, Xuyong County, and Huang Pingcun visited and condoned party members in difficulties, and sent a affectionate and festive greeting from the company’s party committee and the party branch of the electric company.Before condolences, the party group
    Release time: 2019-02-19 Clicks: 147

  • Condolences to model workers and promotes the spirit of model workers

    On January 1th, Du Changjiang, member of the party group of Sichuan Federation of Trade Unions and secretary of the party committee of the organs, and Li Runping, deputy secretary of the party committee of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, led the consolation group of the provincial and municipal federations to Changjiang Hydraulics to visit and condole to the company's provincial model worker representative Li Canyang.Xiao Yong, secretary of the Party Committee of Changjiang Hydraulics, and Miao Yanmei, vice chairman of the company's labor union, accompanied the company.Du Changjiang and others talked cordially with Li Canyang and asked carefully
    Release time: 2019-02-19 Clicks: 94

  • The Municipal Federation of Trade Unions launched a series of activities to improve the quality of trade union cadres. The company trade union sent people to participate in the training of staff representative teachers

    Recently, the Luzhou City Federation of Trade Unions launched a series of activities to improve the quality of union cadres. On September 9, the staff representative teacher training was held in the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee, and the company selected labor union staff to participate in the staff representative teacher training.The training mainly focused on corporate democratic management, labor laws and regulations, and employee mutual assistance guarantee work and other aspects of counseling and business guidance, aiming to improve
    Release time: 2018-10-08 Clicks: 51

  • The company organizes and participates in the training of activists who join the party in the high-tech zone

    In order to effectively improve the ideological understanding of the party activists, better train the party’s reserve team, and continuously enhance the cohesion, combat effectiveness and creativity of the party organization, on September 9, Changye Company organized party activists to participate in the party activism organized by the Organization Department of the High-tech Zone Molecular training.Wang Xiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Vice President of Luxian County Party School, served as the main lecturer of the training.Teacher Wang Xiang
    Release time: 2018-10-08 Clicks: 84