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  • Contact strength and bending strength of gear oil pump

    In order to avoid the shortcomings of complex structure, the gear pump gear still adopts the common structure, while increasing the center distance and tooth width.According to the requirements of the manufacturer, the center distance and tooth width are the same as the existing 3M reducer (Soviet standard reducer).However, the existing 3M reducer has insufficient carrying capacity.Therefore, the main goal of the second phase of the plan is to make further progress on the basis of the original 3M reducer.
    Release time: 2021-04-02 Clicks: 27

  • Sichuan Yangtze River Hydraulic Parts: Classification of Hydraulic Valves

      A component used to control the pressure, flow and direction of the liquid in a hydraulic transmission.Among them, the pressure control valve is called the pressure control valve, the flow control valve is called the flow control valve, and the flow control valve is called the directional control valve.Pressure control valve: According to the purpose, it is divided into overflow valve, pressure reducing valve and sequence valve. (1) Relief valve: can control the hydraulic system to reach the set pressure
    Release time: 2020-02-21 Clicks: 165

  • What are the techniques to prevent the gear pump from clogging?

    The gear pump is a common positive displacement pump. It mainly consists of two gears, a pump body and a front and rear cover to form two enclosed spaces. The most obvious feature of a gear pump is its simple structure, light weight, low cost, reliable operation and wide application range. .Next, let's take a look at what are the techniques to prevent the gear pump from clogging?one,
    Release time: 2020-02-18 Clicks: 58

  • What is the difference between a gear pump and a screw pump?

    Gear pumps and screw pumps are both positive displacement pumps, because their functions are basically similar-they can stably deliver high-viscosity substances, and both have a higher delivery pressure.However, the screw pump has one of the biggest shortcomings, which determines that it is not practical-the non-streamlined surface of the screw pump and the numerous shortcomings in the chamber determine its short lifespan. It has never been that the screw pump can transport high-concentration and high-concentration liquids. Pump not
    Release time: 2020-02-18 Clicks: 131

  • What are the reasons for the gear pump oil seal being flushed out?

    This phenomenon is mostly related to the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil. If the oil is selected incorrectly or the cleanliness of the oil in use does not meet the standard requirements, it will accelerate the internal wear of the pump and cause that leakage.Therefore, mineral hydraulic oil containing additives should be selected to prevent oil oxidation and air bubbles.The oil viscosity standard is (16~80)×10-6m2/s filter fine
    Release time: 2020-02-18 Clicks: 58

  • Causes of noise in gear pumps

    If the improper design, manufacturing or materials used by the rotary vane against the cylinder wall cause the rotary vane to slide unsmoothly, or due to the exhaust dead gap, the incompressible oil causes the head of the rotary vane to not always run close to the cylinder wall. It causes the impact of the rotary vane to the cylinder wall to make a sound.Therefore, it is advisable to adopt a structure with a circular arc surface separating the inlet and exhaust ports.Use exhaust diversion groove to eliminate dead space.When using a line-separated structure, you should
    Release time: 2020-02-18 Clicks: 73

  • What are the sealing methods for Luzhou hydraulic gear pumps?

    Skeleton seal: It is a self-tightening lip seal with simple structure, small size, low cost, convenient maintenance, and low resistance torque. It can not only prevent the leakage of the medium, but also prevent the intrusion of external dust and other harmful substances, and It has a certain ability to compensate for wear, but it is not resistant to high pressure, so it is generally used in gear oil pumps in low pressure situations, such as KCB series gear oil pumps, 2CY
    Release time: 2020-02-18 Clicks: 38

  • Sichuan Yangtze River Hydraulics: 2 points to explain the points of attention of the multi-way valve test

      Multi-way valve is mainly a kind of equipment that is widely used in different industries and fields such as construction machinery, mining, metallurgy, etc. It is mainly load-sensitive proportional reversing multi-way valve with pressure compensation. People are designing and The multi-way valve is mainly designed and manufactured by adopting an overall unified modular design method, which can be better for the manufacture of engineering vehicles.
    Release time: 2020-02-13 Clicks: 25

  • The functions and common faults of various components of hydraulic cylinder excavators

      Control components include various valves, such as pilot valves, multi-way reversing valves, main safety valves, relief valves, and one-way throttle valves.Although the functions of various valves are very different, their common faults are similar, mainly including card issuance, loose closing, weakened spring force, internal leakage and external leakage, etc.Auxiliary components mainly include fuel tank, fuel pipe, radiator, filter and accumulator, etc.heat sink
    Release time: 2020-02-05 Clicks: 47

  • Sichuan Yangtze River Hydraulics: Application of Multi-way Valve Load Sensing Modular Equipment

      The multi-way valve adopts a unified modular design as a whole, which can provide reliable system solutions for manufacturers of construction vehicles.Users should make different combinations of valve bodies according to functional requirements, which is simple and reliable.It can be a simple load-sensitive manual multi-way valve, or an electronically controlled proportional hydraulic multi-way valve with non-saturation function that has nothing to do with the load and the pump flow.
    Release time: 2020-01-19 Clicks: 87

  • The working principle of multi-way valve directional valve

      Usually, the working valve plates are arranged in groups, and the inlet valve block has a built-in three-way pressure compensation bypass relief valve.Logic element. When the multi-way valve reversing valve stops operating and each valve is in the neutral position, the valve bypasses the main oil flow with compensation pressure (6-·12BAR).When a certain valve is working, the bypass port of the valve is reduced under the action of the load pressure to provide the required flow according to the load pressure.
    Release time: 2020-01-03 Clicks: 356

  • In which industries are hydraulic cylinders commonly used

    The hydraulic cylinder is an indispensable and important part of all hydraulic machinery and equipment, and it carries an important hydraulic conversion function.Good quality hydraulic cylinders are not only portable, but also can be used in a wide range of industries. As long as there are hydraulic equipment in the industry, it is indispensable to use hydraulic cylinders to cooperate.For specific industry fields it often uses, look at the editor below for you to analyze and answer:
    Release time: 2019-12-16 Clicks: 193

  • Hydraulic cylinder performance test method and test result analysis

    1. Test method (1) Test preparation The hydraulic cylinder should be tested on the hydraulic test bench.Before testing, an oil pressure gauge should be installed in each of the hydraulic cylinder without rod cavity and the oil port with rod cavity.If the hydraulic cylinder is not equipped with a pressure measuring interface, it can be connected to its oil port first
    Release time: 2019-03-12 Clicks: 106

  • The gear pump output flow is not enough, the solution to the pressure can not go up

    Gear pump output flow is not enough, and the solution to pressure is generally caused by internal leakage. Leakage accounts for about 5% of the total leakage of the gear pump, and radial leakage accounts for about 20%-25% of the total leakage of the gear. , The end surface leakage accounts for about 75%-80% of the total leakage of the gear pump, and the pump pressure is high and the leakage is large.In order to increase the working pressure of the gear pump and reduce internal leakage,
    Release time: 2019-02-28 Clicks: 197

  • Maintenance of hydraulic cylinders of garbage trucks and analysis of failure causes

    After the garbage truck has been used for a long time, problems will inevitably occur. Although its hydraulic system design is very sophisticated, some problems will inevitably occur.If we do a good job in the daily maintenance of garbage trucks, we can avoid the hidden dangers of possible malfunctions.The maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder of the garbage truck is also one of the maintenance items.Then Luzhou hydraulic cylinder manufacturers teach you how to
    Release time: 2019-02-19 Clicks: 174

  • The principle and function of hydraulic multi-way valve?

    The oil inlet and outlet ports of the traditional directional valve are controlled by a spool. The corresponding relationship between the two oil ports has been determined during the design and processing of the spool, and it is impossible to modify it during use, so that the flow rate through the two ports Or the pressure cannot be controlled independently and does not affect each other.As the cost of micro-processing controllers and sensor components decreases, and the control technology continues to improve, the
    Release time: 2018-11-19 Clicks: 162

  • The main factors of hydraulic cylinder seal failure

    In order to reduce costs, manufacturers of hydraulic equipment often do not consider the importance of hydraulic cylinder seals. They usually choose low-priced products.Due to the uneven quality of low-priced hydraulic seals and poor quality stability, they are often prone to failure of hydraulic seals. Once the hydraulic cylinder fails, it will immediately cause equipment failure.
    Release time: 2018-10-17 Clicks: 48

  • Common faults and troubleshooting of gear pumps

    Release time: 2018-10-08 Clicks: 35

  • Hydraulic cylinder fault diagnosis and treatment and maintenance methods

    1. The reasons and treatment methods for the malfunction or malfunction of the hydraulic cylinder are as follows: (1) The valve core is stuck or the valve hole is blocked.When the flow valve or directional valve spool is stuck or the valve hole is blocked, the hydraulic cylinder is prone to malfunction or malfunction.At this time, check the contamination of the oil; check whether dirt or colloidal deposits are stuck in the valve core or block the valve hole; check the wear of the valve body. (2
    Release time: 2018-09-29 Clicks: 32

  • Talking about the installation and maintenance of hydraulic motors

    The installation of the hydraulic motor must be very careful, and problems will occur if you are not careful; the same maintenance work must be done well. The editor of Changjiang Hydraulics will give you an example to explain the installation precautions and maintenance points of the hydraulic motor.XNUMX. Precautions for installation of hydraulic motor. When connecting the drive shaft of the motor to other machinery, ensure that it is concentric, or use a flexible connection.The ability of the motor’s bearings to receive radial forces, right
    Release time: 2018-09-29 Clicks: 37

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