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What should I do if the piston rod in the hydraulic cylinder leaks out?

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What should I do if the piston rod in the hydraulic cylinder leaks out?

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Hydraulic cylinderOil spill is a problem that makes flooding users feel a headache, but this title problem will still appear repeatedly.The problem of leakage title can be divided into the internal leakage and external leakage of the sealing structure and the oil leakage caused by the damage of the cylinder.For hydraulic cylinders, the internal piston rods often encounter various impurities, so they simply show wear.

Especially in some environments where the working conditions are relatively vulgar, the appearance of the piston rod is likely to adhere to a lot of dust, mud and other substances, and there are also some harder substances.Therefore, due to various factors, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder may leak out.The first reason for the appearance of external leakage is the unreasonable structure of the combined seal for the shaft.

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The second important reason is that the gap between the piston rod and the guide sleeve in the hydraulic cylinder is no longer within the reasonable range.For example, the blackening of the piston rod that many users encounter is actually caused by this cause.And from market research, we found that this factor plays a large part in the cause of piston rod leakage, which once exceeded 60%.Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to this problem in use.

A component at the end is equal to the appearance of the piston rod is damaged, which causes the problem of leakage.This is because in actual use, many situations can definitely damage the contour of the piston rod. How early will it increase the friction between the seal ring and the piston rod and make the seal ring wear effective.This situation is one of the main reasons for the initial leakage of the piston rod.

The above separation explained the main reason for the leakage of the external piston rod in the course of using the hydraulic cylinder from three aspects.I hope users and friends can take this title seriously and try to prevent the piston rod from leaking.

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