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Reasons for the motor heating during the use of the gear pump

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Reasons for the motor heating during the use of the gear pump

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Gear pumpMainly used in oil, chemical, metallurgy, mining, power stations and other industries, such as oil medium transportation, pressurization, oil injection and thin oil circulation in large-scale machinery and equipment, and can also be used as lubrication pumps in various machinery and equipment.

Motor overheating is a common problem in the working process of gear pumps.The specific analysis and testing are as follows:

1. The scope of service (flow, head) exceeds the design requirements of the gear pump: select the appropriate motor according to the series spectrum

2. Motors with a medium specific gravity exceeding the gear oil pump configuration: configure a suitable motor for the gear oil pump

Gear pump

3. The packing gland is pressed too tightly or the mechanical seal spring is adjusted too tightly: readjust the spring pressure of the gland or mechanical seal

4. The pump assembly quality is poor, and there is friction or misalignment between the motor and the pump shaft: check the assembly quality and eliminate assembly faults.

When the gear oil pump transmission is reassembled after disassembly and inspection, the teeth of the movable claw coupling and the fixed claw coupling are in the full-tooth engagement position, and then the two fixing bolts of the positioning plate are loose but not unscrewed. , Insert the positioning pin on the connecting rod assembly into the hole on the rear side of the gear oil pump on the positioning plate.

If the long slot hole on the positioning plate has been rotated to the limit and the positioning pin still cannot be inserted into the hole, you need to reinstall the coupling rod assembly, change its spline fitting position, and tighten the two positioning plate fixing bolts and fix the coupling rod assembly after adjustment. bolt.Finally, the joint rod assembly should be repeatedly pulled several times, and the movable claw coupling should slide freely.When viewed from the inspection hole, the teeth of the two couplings should mesh with each other in the engaged position and disengage from each other in the disengaged position.

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