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Changjiang Hydraulic participated in the XNUMXth West Expo

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Changjiang Hydraulic participated in the XNUMXth West Expo

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The country of honor at this exhibition is Italy, with7 foreign politicians, 42 foreign ministers, 13 ambassadors to China, more than 90 countries (10 ASEAN countries, all countries in Europe, Southeast Asia) sent delegations to participate, set up 17 national pavilions, 29 domestic provinces (regions) , City) and 21 cities and prefectures in Sichuan participated, more than 6000 exhibitors, 8 "Belt and Road" series of activities, 11 series of guest-of-honour series, and 20 special events, all reflecting the scale of the exhibition Unprecedented and its important position.

Luzhou City"China's wine city, the most beautiful Luzhou-a city for brewing happiness" promotes the image of the city. Centering on the positioning of "Sichuan opening an important gateway from south to east, and an inland open highland", seven major sections (high-end equipment manufacturing) have been established. , Liquor, free trade zone, electronic information, modern medical care, new energy and new materials, aerospace), 48 enterprises participated in the city, 280 exhibits, and more than 600 products.

As the only exhibitor of hydraulic components in Luzhou, Yangtze River Hydraulics and Rongda Group, AVIC Transmission and other well-known first-class manufacturing enterprise groups represented Luzhou's high-end equipment manufacturing to participate in the West Expo.Yangtze River HydraulicsGear pump(Motor), load sensitiveMulti-way valve, Military equipment cylinders and other products participated in the exhibition, and were praised by visiting enterprises, guests and leaders in the exhibition.At the same time, Changjiang Hydraulics, Luzhou Laojiao, etc.Seven companies participated in the Sichuan (Sichuan) Russia (Russia) Local Economic Forum of the "One Belt One Road" series of activities organized by the Provincial Department of Commerce. The participants of the Yangtze River Hydraulics had friendly exchanges with the general manager of the European Agricultural Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

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