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The requirements for hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system must be understood

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The requirements for hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system must be understood

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Hydraulic oil, as the name suggests, is an indispensable transmission medium in the operation of hydraulic systems. In general enterprises, it is indispensable to have hydraulic oil with the following requirements as the transmission medium of the hydraulic system.Let's take a look with the editor of Changjiang Hydraulics!

Hydraulic system

Specific requirements are as follows:

1. Not easy to oxidize.Reduce and avoid the formation of oxides when the temperature rises, accelerate the deterioration of the oil and block the oil circuit.

2. Good viscosity-temperature performance.In the use temperature range, the viscosity of the oil should change relatively little with temperature, that is, the viscosity index should be high.

3. The quality is pure, free of mechanical impurities and non-corrosive.

4. The water separation should be good and the gas evolution should be high to avoid emulsification and foaming.

5. It has good compatibility, no dissolution and other harmful effects on seals/hose, paint, etc.

6. Has good lubricity.Hydraulic oil (liquid) is not only a medium for transferring energy, but also a lubricant for mechanical movement.Good lubricity can ensure the normal operation of the machine.

7. When working under high temperature conditions, the flash point should be high; when working under low temperature conditions, low temperature fluidity is better.

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