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Ever Power adheres to the business policy of "customer first, quality first", and now makes the following solemn promises regarding the company's product quality and service assurance:

1. Ensure the continuous improvement and effective operation of the Sichuan Yangtze River hydraulic parts quality management system established in accordance with the requirements of the GB/T19001-2016 quality management system.Through continuous strengthening and improvement of management, the process is stable and reliable in quality.

2. In strict accordance with the drawings, technical agreements and technical data agreed by both parties, the company selects raw materials that meet national standards, carries out technical updates and technical process improvements, and formulates and adopts processing techniques that meet product performance requirements to ensure that qualified products are provided.

3. Relevant technical personnel provide technical support and services to customers during the whole process of production, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and operation, and provide oral and written answers to customers' questions.

4. The warranty period is 6 months after it is put into formal operation or 9 months after our company leaves the factory. During the warranty period, we will deal with all quality problems in a timely manner.

5. During the warranty period, if the company’s products are in normal use, according to the inspection results of relevant departments and actual operation conditions, if there is a quantity, quality or specification that does not conform to the contract technical documents, or the product is confirmed to be defective, the company will The parts (except imported parts) that are repaired or replaced within 5 days after receiving the notice, guarantee the normal operation of the product.

6. The company is responsible for providing cost-priced spare parts supply and maintenance and other related services if the product is damaged or invalidated outside the warranty period or due to non-product quality problems.

7. The company provides 7×24 hours hotline and fax support. If there is a problem during use, it is recommended to record the fault information and contact us through the hotline. After receiving the quality feedback from the user, the technical expert guarantees to reply within 4 hours Deal with opinions or develop solutions.

8. For problems that cannot be solved by telephone and need to be solved on site, our company guarantees to send technical engineers or service technicians to the site for service and maintenance within 24 hours to 72 hours (or the time agreed by both parties).

9. After the warranty period expires, or if further optimization, upgrading and updating of system equipment are required, our company is willing to carefully organize and arrange, and wholeheartedly provide high-quality upgrade, transformation, maintenance and other services related to this system.

10. Technical training can be provided.