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Yangtze River Hydraulics is composed of two major sections, Luzhou and Chengdu. Its headquarter is located in Luzhou National High-tech Zone. It covers an area of ​​321 acres and has a total investment of 10 billion yuan. It has a wholly-owned subsidiary and two holding subsidiaries in Chengdu Wenjiang Strait Science and Technology Park. 100 mu; Yangtze River Hydraulics has more than 600 employees, including more than 100 engineering and technical personnel.Yangtze River Hydraulics is one of the early professional manufacturers of hydraulic components and hydraulic systems in China, mainly designing and manufacturingHydraulic multi-way valve,Gear pump/motor,Plunger pump,Hydraulic cylinderAnd hydraulic integrated system.Changjiang Hydraulics is a national high-tech industrialization base for high-performance hydraulic parts, a Luzhou national hydraulic industry cluster demonstration base and a national high-tech enterprise.

Changjiang Hydraulic's leading products are high端的Multi-way valve, Gear pumps/motors, plunger pumps, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic integrated control system products, and provide complete system solutions for the specific needs of customers.Yangtze River hydraulic products are widely used in construction machinery and engineering vehicles, logistics machinery, agricultural machinery, construction, mining, metallurgy, petroleum, ships and major equipment and other fields. They are the first choice for famous-brand main engines and are exported to the international market.Changjiang Hydraulics has basically broken through the bottleneck restricted by foreign products in the core hydraulic parts of major equipment, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and national key engineering projects.The load sensing multi-way valve, high-pressure hydraulic cylinder, high-pressure gear pump developed by Yangtze River Hydraulics, the main torch tower and performance stage lifting hydraulic system for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Three Gorges gate crane grabbing system, Wanda Wuhan Han Products such as the hydraulic system of the Show Theater have won various awards such as the Ministry and Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Organizing Committee.

〇 Key enterprises in China's hydraulic industry

〇 Won the first place in the comprehensive strength evaluation of China's hydraulic industry for two consecutive sessions

〇 The first batch of certified national high-tech enterprises in the hydraulic industry

〇 National/industry standard formulation enterprises with outstanding contributions

〇 Author of China Hydraulic Components Standards

〇 Sichuan Province High-performance Hydraulic Engineering Technology Research Center

〇 The first batch of academicians (experts) workstations in Luzhou City

〇 The leading enterprise of Luzhou National High-performance Hydraulic Parts High-tech Industrialization Base recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology

〇 Secondary measurement unit

〇 ISO9001 quality system certification and petroleum API certification

〇 Enjoy the right to operate foreign trade import and export

The company’s development strategy goal is to achieve from a hydraulic component manufacturer to a hydraulic integrated control expert, a manufacturing company to a service manufacturing company through system integration control innovation and product upgrades implemented in the high- and mid-end hydraulic field and the "replacement import" strategy. The transformation of a large-scale enterprise.Yangtze River Hydraulics takes the revitalization and development of the national hydraulic industry as its mission, and will continue to carry forward the corporate spirit of "pressure to power". Under the guidance of the strategic policy of "derived from hydraulics, extend hydraulics, and go beyond hydraulics", it will contribute to the revitalization and development of China's hydraulics industry. Make a more positive contribution to development.